🔴 Is A U.S. Recession Coming? with Raoul Pal | Recession Watch

🔴 Is A U.S. Recession Coming? with Raoul Pal | Recession Watch

100 thoughts on “🔴 Is A U.S. Recession Coming? with Raoul Pal | Recession Watch

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  2. The underlying factor in many economic downturns is the continued and accelerating diminished variety of products and services and the centralization of the producers and marketers of them. Where did my White Grapefruit Juice go??? Hey, where are my plain ol Fishcakes? Hey, how come there isn't really much of a local or small business anything? Where is the baker, the elderberry wine maker, and other non-digital personalities? Taken out by the major marketers who offer little choice…..ours or nothing, eventually. 5 media companies now account for 90% of the propaganda, and you can have 13 varieties of cheez it, but all made by the same company. Where are my cheese nips, and does "Sono Buoni" now ring hollow and of plagiarism ? God grant me lots of grants…otherwise the KIngdom is at a loss!!

  3. Glad you pointed out that low unemployment rate with cut rates has preceded each recent recession. Important point to understand. Great vid!

  4. Since 2008 I have been living my life, while watching the global financial system teeter on the brink, knowing deep down that there is something terribly wrong. Just hearing the euphemisms roll off the tongues of our central bankers, our elderly unable to rely on interest income from savings, negative interest rates, the abandonment of FASB, etc.is all pointing to a sick system. When this all comes crashing down around our ears we will all have no choice but to rely upon ourselves and our sphere of friends and family to re-emerge on the other side. A new financial system will need to be re-established using sound financial principles and a return to the rule of law.

  5. I came across you yesterday . I have been following the market for years . You lay it out very well . What a great video . I am a Sub now and am looking forward to future content

  6. Raoul Pal , this was an excellent presentation . I differ with you in that I see the environment in the USA under Trump as a phenomenol opportunity for business . The deregulation , the lowering of taxes , the lower interest rates , the quantative easing , the low unemployment, the return of the manufacturing sector, surely the middle class will boom and grow and the small business index is off the charts with optimism . As business increases and people make more money and are hired what does this mean for ATand T . More phonecalls and more cashflow . The Fed will lower interest rates and ease QE pumping US dollars into the economy . These are Trumps words this week to reporters at the White House : " It will be a long period of wealth for America . " And today 18th August 2019 Trump said " There is a global recession , but no recession in the USA " Larry Kudlow who works with the Trump team said today : " There is NO RECESSION in sight . " Overall you have been the best presenter of information I have come across, I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation . Thanks for teaching us about the TWEXB the US Trade weighted broad dollar index . You asked us to look out to see if it breaks 130 . Well I looked today and it is 129.65 You said if it breaks 130 we will see the rise of the US dollar that could break the rest of the system .

  7. All I know is that "HISTORY REPEATS IT'S SELF" just follow the first time any, CURRENCY-was created and used.

  8. interesting charts i am trying to wrap my head around the current state of us and global economy. a lot of information is contradicting. i think charts are truth but who knows.

  9. Interesting chart reading but I see a huge blind spot in your analysis. That being, you are not actually taking into account the underlying reasons why non-USA countries are having economic downturns due to the Trump trade reset and exposure of prior one way trade deals. For instance consider three example: Canada, Germany and China. For past 20 years Canada has been profiting from the NAFTA loophole which is effectively being closed (even though USMCA has not passed yet, businesses are leaving Canada because they realize the scam is over). One might argue that Germany became less competitive compared to USA because of USA pulling out or the Paris Accord. The smart money is pulling out of China because suddenly the entire world realizes that China is a dictatorship and any company inside China is completely under their control.
    BTW, you sound like you have the viewpoint of a globalist and are likely tainted with TDS: 28:50

    Here is are recent interview with Mohamed El-Erian where his key concept is the insulation of the US economy from the ongoing deglobalization:

  10. Save yourself an hour of your life & ask the common sense question to the title = DOES A BEAR SHIT IN THE WOODS?…..Answer: YES…….Move on….NEXT!!

  11. Excellent video. Not sure if you will see this, but I have question.

    What type of capital controls due you see national and multi-nation governments implementing to prevent capitol flight and how do you see them implementing them without startling market participants, as well as, sequence of implementation?

  12. its an interesting video. I am 59 in the Uk and I don;t know what to do with my pension. I have had a sense that the system is rigged. and you have confirmed it !

  13. Raoul fantastic explanation of the macro economic factors, looking forward to hearing the opion of all of those experts in the different fields! That free subscription would be great! Real Vision keep up the great work!

  14. The first video from the channel i've watched, it's very interesting to listen to and it is helping me build rationale – fingers crossed i will get that premium account

  15. By recession you actually mean complete and total fucking implosion, and while it happens stocks will hit new record highs

  16. The Russian collusion has collided next is Recession. Truth is America under Trump will see great significant growth going forward.

  17. I think a globalization will continue but without U.S. as Americans are isolating themselves in many aspects from the rest of the world. Of course it will go through some tribulations first.
    At the end of the video when Raoul Pal spoke about a corporate debt I felt he talked about GE….

  18. Brilliant content. I wish this was a mandatory educational video for people to really understand what's going on globally.

  19. Yet again, stella insights, clear headed thinking and presentation.
    Deeply appreciated by myself and those members of my family and friends who are open to believing that all is not as it appears.

  20. A lot of people will make a lot of money who are preparing for a global recession. Smart people with money won't be caught with their pants down, they will be ready and making sure the government keeps their greedy hands off the money that was earned. I know for a fact the American people are also preparing just in case a democrat wins the election. They know they will take a financial hit in ways like they've never experienced it they don't take precautionary measures

  21. Hugely interesting. Thank you very much for your efforts in this macro area. I discovered your channel through my interest in Bitcoin and I now find myself down the Rabbit hole of this channel and its contributors. I'm just an average Joe trying to grapple with this whole new paradigm of the old debt based system and the transition to something new and perhaps crypto/Blockchain based. Here's to hoping I win one of those subscriptions. I need to learn a lot fast about how to preserve what little I have.

  22. You should interview Naval Ravikant and Chamath Palihapitiya. You should also hook me up with that premium sub 🙂

  23. May I ask, with Negative Yield Rates, whose money are ECB and the banks burning? EU taxpayers, Banks own equity or?????

  24. I believe that first we are going to see a collapse in the stock market then it will spread to real estate and then we will have the cheap money airdrop. Then people would realise the truth of Fiat system and then bonds will collapse and confidence in dollar would be shaken.

  25. This is the most in-depth analysis I've seen on Youtube. It will be great if you can make a video about the similarity between the 1930s' monetary and central banking crisis and the current condition. Thank you!

  26. The question is, when it all blows up whose money they'll come after. Give a "haircut" to money in the banks? governments buy up all the debt and turn into socialist/communist countries? As a person living in a country whose economy has failed multiple times these signs you describe feel a lot more real to me than to probably most people living in developed countries

  27. If Trump loses the election, the Dems will let their allies at Google and Facebook off the hook, monopolistic or not.

  28. Hi. Thanks for the analysis. Great job. I also listened to the video about the pension crisis in the States. Great and in-depth. Thanks

  29. This was a superb presentation. The slides near the end did a great job of summarizing and laying out a sequence of events. This was quality work, A-Z.

  30. Raoul, I've watched " Is the U.S. Recession Coming?" 2x! I find your in depth analysis and charts illuminating. Thank you & keep the videos coming!

  31. Great quality content and glad to have discovered this channel – where have you been all my trading life Raoul? 🙂

  32. Awesome job, it's great to see someone in the media actually cover a possible recession in detail instead of just giving an opinion with no data to back it up.

  33. So the Fed wil underwrite the pension funds in the end. If the Fed comes out now and says it insures the pension funds then won't that spoil the run on equities to a degree.

  34. Thanks for this really interesting content. It is very helpful to have first class commentary as it enables traders and investors to formulate understanding of the bigger picture and enable better risk management through good global fundamental analysis.

  35. I used to think that market macros could be studied for a heads up into the the future but then came D Trump and this man is a black swan event creator if there ever was one, I'm totally clueless as to the future.

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