100 thoughts on “100 Trillion Dollar Bitcoin Catalyst

  1. with Bakkt coming in, the institutions will suck up everything they can get. The retail buyers hopefully will not fade but, if they do it will be at their own peril. Institutions, once entered, probably will not allow the price to dip much at all. In this way they hold off retail buyers and in turn maximizes their holdings. Once in institutions hands they will ensure their investment performs as expected coming from past Bitcoin results. Strong and useful altcoins will rise to historical highs and the world will begin to adopt crypto in major ways.

  2. I like bitcoin and own quite a bit but this just shows how you and the entire comments thread have no idea how much 100 trillion dollars is.

  3. Top video Mineable! Very well put together, enjoyed every minute 👌 Long term bitcoin bull crew… p.s subscribed 👍

  4. Your videos are ALWAYS so well put together, researched and informative!! This one is like ….amazing!! Thanks for taking the time to create! I WILL be sharing!! Thank you! 😊😁☺️😆🥰

  5. What amazes me, that people still think that they can avoid the goverments & banks intervention in the LONG run. They have all the money, and power of the world, literrally. I believe in Bitcoin, and in some of the other crypto aswell, sure, they have a future, but delusional people who thing, Bitcoin will erase central banks, and the monetary control by the goverments are just…well…i said, delusional. IMO 😛

  6. For those who have had the crusty illegal 3 letter bill collector for the fiat reserve crash your public bank account thrown under the bus by your friendly banker with no warrant You should embrace private banking crypto when you cut out 150k bankers siphoning off your commercial energy that your savings provide You see the real power of your surplus money 💰. It’s always been there you have just been looted for over a hundred years it’s why most of your family’s don’t own businesses why you are born into slavery why You put away $5 for a hamburger today only to find out it’s costing $20 when you retire. With crypto and everyone using it You will put the $5 in and have $50 when you don’t want to work any longer … which will be in only ten years The way it should be. The way it really has been all along Your just made to keep paying in and the spin doctors devalue your saved dollar 3 % every year ! Don’t look at the volatile nature of crypto unless your a day trader it’s going to be the future monetary system banks are switching over even Circle K bought bitcoin ATMs to go in they’re stores. Germany they are using it to buy Starbucks coffee Since You are always the last one to get the latest trends in America ( a decade behind ) it won’t be long Before Trump sends another Tweet “America phase 2 of the transition ! Open a crypto account put some eggs in there diversify these are different times” ( you can bet that we will be at that point going the way Venezuela has ! The IMF is broke. All five major currencies don’t work any more there is not any more room to devalue. Lite coin Ether bitcoin even XRP will all be required to run the system. You will see corporations creating their own tokens to replace stocks wait for it. Wait for the six satellites up now that will broadcast WiFi so everyone can access the web ( with your own named personal AI assistant that is always giving you the right answer / 15 moves out to infinity . You will see long lines of people selling gold as that will cost you a fortune storing it. Because of its value could be making you money in crypto you will want to have a garage sale to ( why not now ? Because you have not considered the big picture if you did you would be having a sale. Even a bake sale.

  7. Oct 2019 – USD 16,000, Feb 2020 – USD 29,000, July 2020 USD56,000, Nov 2020 USD 87,000, Abril 2021 USD195,00, July 2021 USD 250,000, Nov 2021 USD 350,000 and then the 4 yr cycle closes, all the way down to a correction of 80 pc ( USD 70,000 ) watch Bob Loukas, 4 yrs BTC cycle.

  8. Yes I did mean like a serial number thank you .
    why cant these serial numbers be used to stop a hacker from using stolen BTC if indeed the BTC were hacked ?
    That's why I asked about serial numbers ,Cheers

  9. Bullish… super funny to see Greenspan followers facials reactions 😂😂😂😂 once bitcoin takes the dollar over .. they are trying really hard counter with libra ♎️ but it 10 years to late

  10. 2029 is the year the big boys get in – all aboard ! Last chance for the mass to get a fraction of this – be smart get in while you can

  11. PGP gives people privacy, and it's free, and people like their privacy, but only some technically savvy people use PGP. Most people waiver their privacy for the convenience of communicating without it. Bitcoin may be the same way about most people choosing easy fiat at the expense of better money.

  12. Bitcoin will go up because the world is an utter mess. The more we print money the worse it gets.

  13. President Trump said what he did because he and his group plan to bring the privately owned "Federal" reserve bank and ultimately ALL Central "banks" to their knees with a new currency. He only said it to VALIDATE Bitcoin. You may hate him, but he is actually on our side. Remember, he is one of very few people who has the ability to play 4-dimensional chess and WIN at it 😉 He is playing his greatest role at the moment. He acts at times like he doesn't know what he's doing. He tweets out crazy things and his opponents take them at face value. The news media, which is controlled by people who are at the top of the old system, spend every day attacking him because they have been instructed to do so. It is ALL part of the bigger game. In 1991, Barack Hussein Obama made the remark, "The American dream is to BE Donald Trump". That was before Trump was a THREAT to the system that made Obama a President. There will be pain for those who hold on to the old system based on slavery-through-debt. Abraham Lincoln and JFK both tried and failed to do what is about to be attempted. The controllers of the debt based system could not have alternative currencies. Now there is an alternative they CANNOT control, ban, or stop. The debt based system, like all fiat-based systems, WILL fail. It is a CERTAINTY. It is not a question of IF, but of WHEN. The end of fiat currency is getting closer by the day. Be prepared. 😉

  14. I'm bullish on BTC but I'm curious as to what will happen if the masses find out about XRP before the lightning network is fully functional.

  15. Thats some quality content right there my friend! Keep it up =) Do something on XRP please, plenty to talk about too =)

  16. Once in a lifetime oppurtunity .
    Paradign shift .
    Patience will be rewarded to those that believe and hodl .
    Our time is near

  17. Thanks for the video you make me glad I own some bitcoin.I dont know anyone around me that owns bitcoin.When I try to talk about I get really strange look or they laugh at me.But I am still going to buy more as much a i can afford and keep hodling Thanks so much the video.

  18. Overall bullish and to people not interested or unbelieving I suggest buying even a small amount just in case!

  19. I'm a Professional Trader and trade Cryptos regularly and I see now that BTC is in a consolidation phase by the Market Makers and other institutions, they're getting their base together now between 9500 and 13,400, the price is destined to move up because of the halving that will occur in May 2020, they know this now since they've made BTC into a commodity. You just don't make an asset a commodity for nothing, they know it will be around for a long time and won't finish mining until the year 2140 so of course, they would make it a commodity. Prepare now for the boom of next year. Do not be discouraged, that's what they want you to do.

  20. Thats why the next step is to stablish socialism in the US, and destroy the country economic system, once the country is destroyed, one coin will rule them all..

  21. Excellent update! Very well done … thankyou. With perhaps 98% of the world still in the dark, there's going to be a phenomenal explosion of interest in Bitcoin & cryptocurrencies!

  22. They are talking about BTC, but it is a diversion. It is Ripple XRP which is accomplishing the Great Vision of Satoshi Nakamoto. BTC is not scalable. The lighting network to make BTC fast for payment failed. XRP will be the standard not BTC.

  23. If you are new to learning about bitcoin: be careful, there are many altcoins (all inferior to bitcoin) pumpers trying to misdirect you.

  24. Like many. Trumps tweet only showed he doesn’t understand the technology yet. Once he does he’ll be very bullish guaranteed. President Trump is also a huge gold bull so. A lot of us old school PM bugs instinctively love our metals until we actually learn the true understanding of crypto’s and blockchain.

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