3D Printing OpenRC Axle on the gMax 1.5XT+ // On Location with gCreate in Brooklyn New York

3D Printing OpenRC Axle on the gMax 1.5XT+ // On Location with gCreate in Brooklyn New York

I’m in New York, which means I have to stop by G Create the home of really large 3d printed things and 3d printers I have a problem with my open RC build the axle had to print three pieces They have a machine that can do it in one let’s go check it out. I’m Joel This is 3d printing nerd three different pieced axles axel I just stopped by G. Create. They said they had a solution for printing my excellent three pieces hey, Gordon. Hey Joel How you doing doing really great? So I see this large machine And and I had to print my open RC axle with three pieces because even on a GMAX build plate It wouldn’t fit this is a little larger. Can you talk about it? Yeah? Sure, we saw your videos so we figured we have a large printer We actually built the RG max big actually it’s in a house printer But we built it and we can print your racks all in one part now. That’s insane and just looking at it It’s it’s crazy to think that such a large piece at all wouldn’t fit now would fit Can you talk about how you’re printing it? What are the settings of material? Yeah sure it’s um actually funny enough We actually have room in the edge to so if you want to go bigger in the future Now board we’re printing at about two hundred seven degrees Celsius. It’s a matter a KERS a bill or pro PLA popular Yep, so about a 25% infill triangular infill more perimeters three top Yeah, we actually had a lot of time for larger prints to we’ll add these kind of elephants feet in the corners Just to make sure it sticks. Well a Stick great yeah, and this is just acrylic right. Yeah, it’s not heated Acrylic acrylic plates on top of all this really thick aluminum bed carriage custom for sure, but what’s huge? Oh? I love it well and right next door. You’ve got it looks like something else cool printing Yeah, what’s this because we’re printing an axle. We figured why not print a car rim – is it an open RC rim It’s not quite yet. Okay. I could transfer, but uh I actually I designed this many years ago We’ve been dying to try it again, so we had some of the matter lacquers nylon X the carbon fiber nylon okay You figured what a perfect print for it, and this is going to be just a rim in the end Yeah, is that is that it right there? Yep? So eventually it will be just the rim for this And you’ll you’ll have to print a tires. Well, right We’re figuring this this is just obviously a TPU tire We want to do an airless TPU tire next and because of the size of the room We can make as large as we want so you can go huge Oh great And this is I see you’re using supports so on a nylon material using supports can be kind of Because it sticks so well to itself. How do you know that’s gonna release? We’re curious to our first test really funny enough With the nyla necks so we figured why not go for something has support and a you know good sized object so I think with the CF embedded in the nylon I think it will it might help with the stiffness when regarding with with regards to the the supports breaking. That’s our Hope yeah, that’s what I’m hoping, but it’s gonna be great It’s about actually about sixty percent through now, so I guess we’ll find out shortly done soon, okay What don’t you get to show me great? Actually, there’s a couple of things but Anna can actually show them to you if you want to check them out over here sure great Hi Anna hey, how’s it going great Gordon said something awesome was going on over here, can you talk about this? Yeah, sure So this is a bridge torture test that we’re connecting on the G max It is about 19 and a half hours in and only maybe 15% done Um ultimately this is gonna be about 20 inches tall and it’s going to have over 5,800 Individual bridges in say yeah, is there something special that you have to do to be able to print this I mean you really just want to dial in to protraction settings. I think that we style this in about like one millimeter and We’re using really good filament. We’re really happy with the matter hackers Pro Series, okay? So we’re printing that at about 200 C at the moment so yeah and cooling Jeez, how much filament is this gonna use when it’s all done ultimately actually. Let’s add a spool just the spool I guess it’s mostly open space yep, but this is incredible And this is a great showcase of why 3d printing is fantastic because I don’t think any other Manufacturing method could make a twenty inch tall massive open-air, cube like this. Yeah, it’s true This is something that you would probably not get injection-molded is it will be strong at the end will someone be able to hold this or do you have to just place it on a Shelf no absolutely uh it’s definitely meant to be held And you know looked around and played with so we’re gonna be bringing it to mirth. Oh you. Will yeah Oh, I look forward to seeing that Wow well. Thank you Anna yes a Big thanks for gee create for letting us stop by and take a look at three different machines that bridge test is awesome That RIM is gonna be cool in the nylon axe and I can’t wait to play with that Axle that’s been printing in one piece when I’m at Murph, but for now we got to get going a big Thanks to everybody who watched Pharr if you want to support what I do There’s a bunch of links down in the description you can tickle those will directly benefit the channel and make me smile 10% more each day, but finally don’t forget to hug each other more because I love you guys as always high-five

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  1. "Dial in the retraction settings", hmmm, the print looks like the retraction settings aren't that dialed in…

  2. This was a great example of how 3D companies do reach out to their user base, and meeting Gordon in NY at FatCat Lab MakerSpace I can attest, he is a really cool dude. Happy Extruding – – -More of these Joel !

  3. I have had the opposite experience with nylon. I have found supports to always remove super easy compared to other materials

  4. Hi Joel,
    I'm wondering about this 3 part Axle. It could probably work fine, if you added some kind of rectangular or triangular connection pin in the middle part (lego technics style). When glued together that would definitely counter twisting problems and should also add some strength to the connection point.

  5. Want that big 3d printer. Mine has a max volume of 140 by 140 by 140 mm. which is good for smaller things, but not larger 3d prints.

  6. What if you were to take the 3d body and use fiber glass or carbon fiber and make a skin around the body and Frame to add structural rigidity to the whole car

  7. Man, that bed looks scary heavy. Reinforced belts and fat motors for sure if I ever did something like that. Been thinking about doing a scratch build someday, and that only makes me want to do it more.

  8. That's a really impressive, wide printer! I keep saving up….I'd love to have a gCreate in my shop! Keep up the great work! High 5

  9. Awesome video Joel! Very cool to see the interworking of the @GCreate3d Facility, and see all those cool toys, aka awesome printers. Gordon and Anna are great people, so glad I had a chance to meet them. Thanks for sharing your tour of the gCreate Print Farm and all the cool things they are doing there, and that massive printer Gordon built is so stellar. #HIGHFIVE #TeamgCreate

  10. Hi Joel. For your next big/bigger project you should make an airplane. e.g. a380 airbus or a 747 boeing. That would be awesome

  11. Nice video – feels like a news report in a way. Maybe you should say "Joel -3d prining nerd news" at the end?

  12. Great video, hopefully you made it out before the storm hit us. If you are still in NY hang out with us at fat cat fab labs on Thursday 7pm. ‘Tis 3D printing night. 😄

  13. holy crap that is nearly identical to my big custom printer im building right now except im building a stationary bed that does not move… but the design is nearly the same.. mine will have a build area of 800x500x500z

  14. I just noticed, the filament for the printers is held by an even bigger printer, even bigger than the one which prints the axle 😮

  15. I really like this video Joel. It was a nice break from the Matter Hackers ads you've been producing. The focus on Matter Hackers has been wearing thin lately. For you, that stuff is probably great because it's free. For the rest of us who are buying our filament, MH is crazy expensive. The rest of us are using Hatchbox, eSun, 3D Solutech, and all the other quality mid-range filaments we can get on Amazon for half the price. I get that you need to pay the bills, but please diversify your sponsors. I know that for me personally, I have no interest in hearing about Matter Hackers filament anymore.

  16. Excellent visit. While it's nice having friends with big machines– this again causes me to bring up the need for a little engineering when cutting large pieces into parts. You could'a done a little this n that to the mating surfaces so they really would be strong enough all on their own.

    It is fun seeing what's out there.

  17. You were going to use the plastic bearing, using the layer lines to keep it lined up and turning smoothly. With the print orientation being different on their "G-max-max" are you going to need to change your bearing idea?

  18. Can you please do a review on the Delta Rostock mini G2S pro DIY kit. It an amazingly cheap dual extruder printer.

  19. Hey Joel since you've been using an ulson ruby 3D printing nozzle for a while now what are the updates on it

  20. Joel, please interview e3d at MRRF, their tool changer platform is very exciting to me and I think others would like to learn about it. https://e3d-online.com/blog/2018/03/21/tool-changer-q/

  21. Ever thought of making that bacon filament on a holiday like your sons birthday maybe get proto pasta to go along with the idea but the filament is only purchasable for 3 days

  22. Thanks the 3D printing Nerd
    and I'm starting a youtube Channel and want to do 3D printing that why i was asking if i could use the CR-10 on the Mac.

  23. I built a similar machine.
    I have:
    Prusa I3 MkII (my version)
    Prusa I3 MkII (Original)
    Prusa I3 MkII MEGA (my mod) 600*600*600 mm
    Anet E10
    Lulzbot TAZ6
    Lulzbot mini
    And I am debugging my I3 terminator that has a print volume of 120*40*20

  24. Nice Video!
    Have you seen any 3D printer based on PLC controller? If yes then where?
    If you know how we make 3D printer with PLC controller, help me i will pay your total fee.

  25. Ok we need a comparison of all your 3D printers & which one is Best.

    Best for: Price, Build Quality, Production, Hobby, Print Quality, etc.

    I'm seriously thinking the Gmax 1.5xt is king overall, but still researching. Thanks for all your help with your great videos.



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