6 reasons why Litecoin is a good speculation

6 reasons why Litecoin is a good speculation

hello i’m adam Meister Meister talk
about six reasons why Litecoin is a very good now I’m not saying it’s a good investment I
don’t throw your money and it’s why it’s so good risk to take now if you’re listening to you really
should get $5 can’t right now at $3.08 will it ever be
useful I had that next time we could be the beginning tomorrow feel like I’m praised out of Bitcoin is
50 only always brings a lot of people next time
around we’re getting so much over the years Litecoin must be the next thing
and one percent of their son their minds so next time he get popular again some people see a lot of upside the
number one so they’re clearly and there’s like 500 others out there chance that people who want something
other than first so today who does the future once I huh based on speculation I don’t know what’s
going on when I heard that it’s actually use it for a lot of other things I have
no idea but the chinese have pumped up the price is reasonable and then should
I could it be easy yeah she might be another United States
gay like wine stoppers in the United States just like that happens the price
will go up so again now I mean think about that one never ceases of buying
online there’s some countries that are so you know you’re talking about banning
be making an appearance but it’s just not going to stand out there and the
people that country then I guess that’s how they’re gonna realize my sister my
sister I think like when you talk to you later

5 thoughts on “6 reasons why Litecoin is a good speculation

  1. "Litecoiners gather on the low plain of expectation, hours turn
    to days and days to weeks as Charles lee makes the long decent down
    mount satoshi holding the two tablets inscribed with the roadmap."

  2. Do you see the price of litecoin rising significantly this July when Bitcoin is expected to push higher?

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