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what we’ll be looking at on this one
now we’re gonna help ADA right and when
we look at our charts the first thing
you want to notice we always chart to
Bitcoin right everybody has BK why do
you look at the Bitcoin chart why not
the dollar
why not USD and I tell you every single
time the USD ain’t done nothin but me so
I put my value in BTC long story short
as long as you accumulate more Bitcoin
by design you will accumulate more
dollars we assume that Bitcoin
deflationary economics will increase in
value over time the dollar inflationary
economics decreases in value over time
simple supply and demand right Wow look
at that chart goodness gracious
like I’ve come back from vacation and
I’m like oh my goodness what is this
this this language alright so what do we
say a toe is go dude oh wow
it’s holding up pretty good too what we
mmm-hmm so this is actually a chart I
made quite some time ago we actually
posted this one ideas my idea is only
let’s see I posted I posted this chart
to Ada not too long ago and since then
it basically continued down this
de-escalation triangle but I think we
have a support strong support level
right here so essentially I can see ADA
reversing course here pretty soon a lot
of these charts are built to where from
the beginning of February to about you
know the middle of February February 1st
to the 15th is kind of gonna be a bottom
out period and I don’t want to spend a
lot of time on this chart because we
just did this literally like a few days
ago like last week and the only thing
that happened since I made this chart
was that we continued to go down into
that red triangle and now you can see we
are starting to fill this kind of
reverse hilarious so basically right now
we’re like in limbo
we like crash at the bottom and now it’s
like we’re trying to swing back up to
catch ourselves so we can you know
continue up this red escalation triangle
once we get above you know 60 thousand
then we’re essentially in a continuation
breakout pattern you know and it’s
probably a good time to buy and go long
on it right now
I say just hold off for a second because
you may be able to pick this thing up if
we have another strong dip here which I
think could happen and in the next 10
days you may be able to pick Ida up
under 45 which is I think where I
speculated it was gonna go about two
weeks ago I said you can probably get it
at 45 I know I made a video on this day
that back here 112 where I’ll put that
green line I made a video and said don’t
buy ADA at the top it’s gonna drop 30%
if you were on one of our patreon or on
Steam it you saw when I posted that
video since then it dropped almost 30% I
say that look good all right down boy
boy BK
tell you what you know about them chops
well I know about them chopped so this
is what we got here this pretty much the
lowest we can go is about 37 38 I would
say anything under you know even if we
put this cap this right there yeah but
that’s gonna be the absolute low point
you won’t get it under 45 after February
seventh probably um but if you can get
it under 45 anywhere between now and
February 10th it’s free money you know
cuz it’s gonna swing up and we’re
hitting another wave another macro bull
market for these altcoins probably right
before bitcoin and that’s what we’re
looking at with this video we’re gonna
look at bitcoins macro but a lot of
these all coins have strong macros you
going into going into spring this is
just kind of a limbo micro that’s you
know kind of swinging us but if you
notice we’re not really losing like a de
is literally like flat but it’s all in
that one little box right so if we
actually zoom out to like even if we
look at it daily right I never do this
but sometimes to understand like what’s
actually happening to this thing look at
it daily let’s hide everything right
that doesn’t look like a bad bad setup
yeah I’m saying for like you know the
next couple months that’s actually a
pretty good formation to buy into it’s
literally stepping up right it like
breaks out sits flat breaks out sits
flat breaks out sits flat what do we
expect BAM just that easy to get paid so
eight is a good coin good technology
good product good community you know
it’s got everything that you want
I’m sure the dev team is up to date with
their LinkedIn profiles so I don’t
bother to look at those but some people
that do and you know oh yeah what I
thought its stuff is on the up-and-up
this is a solid coin solid technology
SoDo at a market the market will reward
it accordingly I just want you guys to
be able to buy it at a bargain and
where’s a bargain of bargains anywhere
you know that’s underwater temporarily
but it’s still not broken on the macro
right and so for us that bargain looks
to be right about there right that’s
where we want to try to buy it at again
about a week ago two weeks ago before I
went to Colombia I said that I thought
this thing was gonna do like a little
M&M formation and dip right down there
but it looks like it just took a little
bit longer but that’s still you know the
ground floor so if you can buy it under
45 that’s a good buy that’s a solid body
right there good corner right
what up shy yeah right it is looking
pretty amazing right so any coin that’s
holding its value right now is a solid
solid pickup right because this is
technically a correction Bitcoin is down
what 60% in the past month from nineteen
thousand to ten thousand under ten
thousand that’s a lot that’s a lot so
anything that held its value during that
time is gonna boom when Bitcoin recovers
that’s what we want to look for got a
target no I don’t do targets I do
momentum projections that stuff like San
when do you you got a target for it’s
bad but you got a target for dying no
you don’t you just live your life take
it day by day
respond accordingly to what happens
every day
et sees looking great to xlm big shot
shot pedia in the building what’s going
on all right so here we go number one Bitcoin group in
the world share that post right there we
are coming back to it in 30 seconds I
have one of them is clear board so to
everybody on this video live on the air
right now I can get in how many how many
likes do we have right now for this
video do we got more than 150 F is not a
bad coin right now anything that again
anything that’s outperforming Bitcoin F
is a good corner etc’ might be better
and the next you know microcycle but
yeah f is good bitcoin cash is good
moani’s decent aiden is good a lot of
these newer you know top 20 top 30 coins
that alright alright so let’s do it
that’s a hippy shirt I just got back
from Colombia man I’m gonna got my son
Bob’s I got some new crystals I’m sayin
imma imma Columbiana bracelet you know
I’m sayin got my frames own so hey hey
it is what it is
you know I’m saying here we go let’s go
ahead and make this money
30 seconds new trading tools everybody
patreon and steam it communities growing
right now every other day I post on both
of these platforms I’m doing a post
today on both of those so if you’re in
those communities make sure you have
follow me join me in that steam it is at
BK crypto trader link is in the number
one coming on this video and then if
you’re getting set up and you want to
cash out like a boss you go over to boss
of Bitcoin dot-com right as soon as this
page wants to load up you see we have a
few things available the number one
Bitcoin group in the world twenty
thousand members you can join now the
doors are always open and they encrypt a
police report this is the future right
everything is going digital everything
is moving to the blockchain Society is
being rebuilt right inside this crypto
purse and these ten coins are literally
paving the way to get us there
so again thirty five dollars that list
will be yours from this list let me see
I’ll give you guys a few few heads up on
this deal we just did a chart of number
nine if you count them one through ten
we just did number nine earlier today
number eight
we’ll just talked about that as
number seven wait on it it’s coming down
I think honestly I think number five is
probably one of the best buys on the
market right now Point Blank period if
you don’t have at least 10% of your
portfolio your long-term money and
number five you must not like money take
that to the bank
you know I’m saying Grif topple this is
real deal dream team next generation of
greatness a lot of these coins are still
going down right now I wouldn’t look at
putting any long-term money in them
these are turquoise to where they’re
built on the etherion block chain
they’re lower in market volume liquidity
you know a few billion maybe as opposed
to five ten twenty billion each so
they’re gonna take another sharp hit
when Bitcoin continues to go down to
hold off on those till they get to the
bottom and it’s still a legitimate list
right this is the next generation of
greatness these coins will break out
probably two hundred three hundred
percent over the next three months
however inside the next two weeks
they’ll probably break down another ten
twenty thirty percent right so hold off
go back on it you know hold the reins
let’s go into a safe haven let’s wait
this storm out it’s not done yet bitcoin
is going down probably below 9,000
inside the next week so just wait on it
and if you’re interested you know I
think I’m booked up through March but it
should be it should be a few more slots
in there I think I’ve freed up try to
free up a few more so if you’re
interested in a101 also this week I’m
gonna be upgrading this we will have a
beginners course in an advanced course
everybody to kind of separate
the information we disseminate to
community you know I’m saying it and and
just like that man you know that’s what
we do we come here to empower each other
to make each other money to make the
world a better place right we have the
power because we have the masses we have
the masses you know
therefore we create what we value and
what we don’t
don’t let the bobbleheads on TV tell you
you need the value keeping up with the
kardashians because the Kardashians
ain’t paying the bills their bills are
already paid right you don’t even see
them spend money they got so much money
they don’t even need to spend it other
people spend it for him that’s crazy
that’s crazy so stop Keeping Up with the
turn just just do this sometimes if you
ever in a room and you see something
crazy on TV these little music videos
now I don’t even know what these kids be
watching but just press mute and look at
the TV look at that garbage that they’re
presenting to you right maybe not you
more than likely not you but somebody
you know just you know just sit there
like sit there with them if they
watching you know vh1 and all these
stupid shows just press mute and don’t
just look at it is that what’s gonna
make you better is that’s what’s gonna
you know beat up be the next step in the
direction of your future it is a
distraction to keep you dissin form
disempowered disenfranchised and
therefore this interested in how money
actually works and changing your life
right this method will change your life
this community will change your life
these videos these words this energy and
my voice right now has already made an
impact right each one reach one reach
one teach one the minute you get 10,000
in the market you know I’m saying put a
hundred dollars to your best friend and
say hey I set up an account for you I
know you wouldn’t do it with yourself so
I just put down a hundred here it goes
you know I’m saying now you got to learn
how to use it I guarantee you you just
give somebody you love a hundred dollars
on the blockchain and say there it go
you know I’m saying that’s my gift to
you just for loving you you know that’s
what we need to do and so me giving
money away every day that’s nothing cuz
I know every day I give away money we at
least got one more coming right and so
there you go that’s my gift to y’all you
know Sam beautiful thing and we are
changing the world every day we wake up
don’t let them bobble heads on TV lie to
you and tell you you need them to stay
in power to work on your behalf if they
were that good at doing a job we
wouldn’t be in a place we got right now
so let’s rethink our values and then
maybe we can re reassign our worth back
to the people

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