Anti-Gay Ranter vs. Anderson Cooper Part 1

Anti-Gay Ranter vs. Anderson Cooper Part 1

we begin tonight as we always do people
honest with the arkansas school board officials were shocked the nation his name is clint mccance use the school
board vice president for midland school district in history arkansas that’s the picture
we have him from his facebook page he set off a
national uproar when some of his facebook postings about bullied a kids
in suicide were made public before hearing from mister ricks hands i
want you to hear what he wrote is apparently ticked off about a
nationwide call by activist last wednesday to wear the color purple in support of tickets the words as you might imagine a pretty
rough to take seriously he wrote they want to wear
purple because five queers committed suicide the only way i’m wearing it for them is
if they all commit suicide i can’t believe the people of this world
have gotten this stupid he went on to say in what she sees his
spelling not ours we’re all in the fact that they c_n_n_
killed their cells because of their sent really people some who read is posting challenge him
on the page the page and he responded them with this it pisses me off though
that we make special purple fag day for them i’d like that fags can’t procreate
also enjoyed the day off and give each other aids and die then he wrote i would just on my kids they were gay
they will not be welcome in my home or in by the senate i watch absolutely run
them off course my kids will know better my kids will have solid christian
beliefs c it infects everyone so those were the words that set off a
storm among parents of kids have been bullied among parents who’ve lost
children gay and lesbian groups and everywhere from face book to arkansas
the school board condemn what clint mccance said but refused to call him to
quit is an elected official under local laws
can be removed for absenteeism but apparently not for this state officials
in arkansas also issued a condemnation but they too did not ask him to resign then today this from federal education
secretary or a junket i kalyan house stocks monday night and final statements
mandell who looked into it this is an elected positions not appointed
positions but the question for misunderstands request for the community
suitable today the position of educational leadership and that we have
to question do you think is the question his suitability took well if it if the
statements that show that he said and up but from everything out here they are
choked probably is no business being as
efficiently there armageddon that school district would
readily candice dot bullying to stop a respite to make sure that all of our
children to grow up free of fear and to have been told that did educational fish
ill stallion off that kind of updated is our have simply on the matter with me
and said and i don’t think you some of that decision that was earlier today late today we heard from amending steven blackwood
he’s a suicide prevention counselor in little rock his son alex took his own life he was in
gay but in he wasn’t bullied by the loss of course was no different alex which is
nineteen years old moved by his own tragedy wounded would by what mister
mccann setting concerned about the effects of his words and other at-risk
kids stephen got in his car to go see clint the camps assault took place today mister cancer reach out to us a short
time ago he said he wanted to talk by interviewed him and steven blackwood
just moments ago you’ve earned some really terrible
things you called gay kids who kill themselves for the bullying fags
inquiries you wrote that you like to see gay people died do you and you really hate gay people
that much do you like to see them dot at a notional mentioned radeon comments uh… denies realize just how ignorant but where av the only american motorists a i’ll never supports assignment internal
support bowling and pizza posted them on their own further in my
house uh… that i did it you know for those
for those kids that they felt so hopeless but this sounds like senator but as you
know i mean in in the writing you sound like a bully yourself and calling using employees are taxable years that’s those are the words of both was you know like i said i use them asia really you know strong language that you know way and it
was incorrect in and it was who still motion i don’t you know i’m mad i’ve got two children myself and i love
them dearly uh… i’ve got a lot followed merely
adding you know i i don’t agree with morning in any shape form or fashion agree with it for any children and you know the words are you sure
grand portion of men and their you know i i should’ve big difference
both it can’t be taken back in and uh… all i can do now is is uh… extend my apologies for months montfort before speech what do you what do you feel like you’re
apologizing for it was over the top anderson it was uh… i was going to forward united i don’t really believe anyone should
commit suicide i i know i don’t feel that way questions of some of the specifics of
jamming use those words like faggot queer city
for those words you use a lot and you think is acceptable to server orgy understand the why those words
might hurt of the day here in your school district
or orchid is not gay but is being called those words juror hike i completely agree with
animal another hurtful words like i said i am you know how to take the wrong word she
used and in using poorly i didn’t know anne-marie owner to to what i was so i was about do you obviously you’ve you’ve you thought uh… about you know the words in the u clearly
reread this now but would you have any idea of the pain
that that you may have caused much of the families and friends of kids who
kill themselves but the pain and fear you’ve caused two kids
maybe even your own school district who are being bullied or who are gay or
who don’t feel safe telling anyone that they’re getting you know initial mentions essay of what if i don’t know uh… i know it was a like i said before i know my statements we’re too harsh i don’t elaborate with with the language i used to she was
uh… out of control you know what it does look like downs no hate monger alamo herbal person and
that’s uh… that’s not me at all because you did say you like it when gay
people get a’s and dot and that was really you know uh…
annisten once again and that was in response to uh… to some comments are made and like i
said diet you know i i’m going to al used the wrong language fastest record-setting wish our new ways
to get on anyone because i was going to ask do you want
the people that are no no one else there are some we’re going to see this
and say okay look you’re saying you’re sorry but are you just sorry that you’ve
got caught and if no one has said anything about
this facebook post you know would you have reread it today
and said guys you know this was horrible anderson before the severed b_i_ two
words and i looked at it and i’m just a concern you know something eles i’ve gotten home some posts on there you know after i like to take a but look at myself and uh… you know i’m big enough and admit when i
when i say something earlier more no rock added this time you know i have made
some some pretty bad statements and uh… and i’m too shrill whatever that we talked about and before
we do this in a rear talked on the phone and when things you said to me is this is not who i am would you mean by
that well uh… anderson you know like i said
i’m a father myself and uh… all of my children with all that player
martha there everything to me and and i’m really you know i give everyone a chance in and and try
to live every you know i lost my own oc presumably ceo i still love everyone
you know people is in this are going to say that’s hard to believe given that the kind of stuff you set i’m in watched some believe right well i’m sure everyone at some point you
are finished made a statement hateful thought it would be that they would take
back it like it that you know people made mistakes all the time with their
speech in indiana i’m sure a lot lots of people don’t know if not
everyone uh… from a local reporters that
proceeded to talk to you briefly today or yesterday you you told him that has
been blown out of proportion do you do you still think that has been
blown out of proportion not spoken to me reporters you’re the you’re the first news media than usual just like his dad out of proportion uh… trimming it has what i’m getting
the in a thousand of phone calls hate mail
people are threatening to kill my family many hams and my wife and kids out of state
for their safety uh… installed security system she asked that
i think it should instead that in that it has gotten out of
control some of the no clearly you know the
response to this isn’t just because you said these urges because of who you are in your the vice president a school board
meeting you oversee terra kids in your school district and i i
think that’s clearly what’s at the core of the
reaction to this digication officials in your state at
all levels has to have condemn what you said is that it doesn’t reflect their
values and what they’re trying to do in the schools they said they can fire you but you can resign are you going to
resign from school board but i am going to resign from the school
board is to uh… to help my community to help my school i don’t want them to received bad press or have a distraction
because of some uh… if your income instead of the
island alum if they decide what you’re you know here five years seniors from animal midnight and it’s my
constituents want that the long run again clearview dumb intention what happens you obviously
over the last twenty-four forty-eight hours alan you’ve met a guy who came to to see you today who’s
actually with you tonight during this interview whose who lost his son to suicide was
invalid not his son was in day on this i was nineteen and um… steven why did you seek out clipper how did you hear about
this how do i feel about a special commando
how did how did you hear about it and how why did you seek cleared out baghdad man on the board with the
american family should set aside for mission here in arkansas and uh… and feel bad because for the national
office uses of prevention under a lot of work to raise awareness of suicide and win my
attention was brought to the face book post and i read it but i thought this guy cannot mean what he’s saying surely he doesn’t mean this and i’d die i had to find it i’d buy it i thought either we have
somebody who needs help or he has said something that he needs
to retract because he has no idea the type of damage that he could be due into
people that may be contemplating suicide are struggling with emotions are
depression suggests that it would be okay for them
to go ahead and in their lives so-called simply when students showed up
anti-business true drove tracked you down when he showed up would you think in and and you clearly started talking to on what
how did that that impacted but it’s a set of phenomenal impact on
the you know all this has been done immigrants to the
fact of the suicide i had no idea is as i’m sure most people don’t how big an issue that suicide is in this
country uh… huh high command stevens birmingham been such a big man to do
that and i think that’s uh… speaks volumes for each character to
come and find me an offer you know i’m going to tell me about
suicide in and and and the danger zone in hand henderson here with me tonight that uh… you know after his son’s
passed away with the comments on mine pat i think sixty themselves something there that everyone else was skipped over i
think he can nominees somehow could tell i was in wasn’t
amount rather than men down to me clint you also said in that case for
posting about your own kids and you said mike wrote i would assume my kids they
were gay they will not be welcome my home remind
us in a largely run them off of course my kids will know better make it also
appreciably c_n_n_ thanks everyone is that something you really believe
that if that something also a lot of people
commented on that if you could feel when your kids felt they were gay that they do around
the mall nowhere animal model of the year uh… you know that the time will tell

100 thoughts on “Anti-Gay Ranter vs. Anderson Cooper Part 1

  1. “My kids know better.”

    This is the Cruz of the problem.

    Stop giving a pass to people who assert sexuality is a choice. I don’t give a fuck if they are “is support,” call them out.

  2. This man I wouldn't believe him if swore on a stack of Bibles. He says this isn't me O please those filthy words came out a your mouth. Your only sorry because somebody outed you. I'm sure this man is a Christian. So with Christ ever does come back which I doubt. If there were a hell that's where you would be heading buddy.

  3. He believes in everything he wrote, the shit has now hit the fan and he's now backing down. Too little too late, you're an animal.

  4. I get the feeling that off-camera, this guy is gonna get hammered, go on a huge rant, and beat the crap out of his wife. Then he'll go to church the next morning and be reaffirmed in his hatred.

  5. Watching this man squirm and hem and haw from Anderson's questioning is the most hilarious thing to watch. I wonder if he needs a glass of water for that serious case of dry mouth.

  6. If your religion teaches you to hate, then there is something wrong with your religion. People tend to think that religion/belief systems are not to be questioned. They absolutely are!

  7. The irony of wishing death on people and then getting upset because you're getting death threats is just so good I can taste it.

  8. What is he doing on the school board , I think he is a suppressed homosexual , Clint McCant is no Christian, Clint Jesus wasn’t white !

  9. He’s only saying that because he is probably gay and does not want to admit it and saying things to try and make himself feel better

  10. You ARE a bully. You ARE ignorant. You ARE a homophobe. You ARE a Christian… Ahhhhh, it all makes sense now. I’m not gay but I’d rather be gay than be a Christian. At least I have a CHOICE not to be a Christian.

  11. This would be a good situation for restorative justice (given that this is hate speech). In restorative justice he would go through counseling and education with the intention that he better understand the ramifications of his words.

  12. If one of his kids was gay then just tell this guy it's of his own doing, and see what he makes of that. For all the ignorant people out there being gay is not a chosen life style. It is genetic!

  13. No worry!
    I will not kill myself, but i will for sure to send the religion pigs to see their gods, if it is necessary!
    For the ones who kill themselves, they are stupid!

  14. Can you come up with something else bro ALL HE SAID IS THAT HE IS SORRY FOR THE WAY HE PORTRAYED HIS MESSAGE but he really got around having to admit what he said was wrong

  15. If this is a Christian THANK YOU FOR resigning you simple minded clown. ThIS Ass SHOULD not be within 1000 ft of any child.

  16. Boy is he in Trouble you can talk about any body you want but don't say nothing about nobody gay, He's going to lose his job, house, friends,, wife,kids, everything.

  17. seria tan amable y cordial si pone un intreprete de lo que me acusa y porque me acusa y porque tavien me amesa evano y pprque no an llegado en dulce hogar pormi asi hno fiel viajes

  18. si ablado con ustedes en esta pajina de yuotube es privada por respecto pero ustedes hombres son mas chimosos y falsantes de criticar una dise hombre y ni siquiera an estado conmigo intimo asi es

  19. perdon yo cree mi pajina de CNN y luego se encrivo anddreso y luego trump y asi se fueron esclibiendo pero mi paina es detetivi previbrado y porque descubri donde meghan estaba robondo informacio pero no crellero y porque usted anderson se quedo con ella

  20. porque CNN notenia anadin yo la primera elvia y anderson y trump yse fue uno escribiendose y depues que es un megocio me orillaro asi es

  21. diga y ensene algo mio no ay nada y porque soy intraga en mis convenios con nuestro padre celestial Jehova creador y con su hija elvia la luz de la verda

  22. solo lo que si me dicuenta de que tengo el me proteje y porque me tendiron una tranpa y callero solos y porque ustedea son los put

  23. asente su realida secretario eso son los que estan travajando porque ustedes estan trabajando y una hija de Jehova esta abriendo pajinas

  24. If everyone's private thoughts were made public no one would have a job with all this "they should be sacked" culture. I would bet a massive percentage of straight men find trans women disgusting but wouldn't say it publicly. If you're honest I think most people laughed at the guy from the "it's ma'am" video.
    He can have this view (right or wrong) but still do his job properly. To try to get him sacked is quite hypocritical because if he has kids you are also making them suffer and they clearly altready are. If you give this reaction to someone's honest opinions every time, all it will do is make them keep quiet. It won't change their opinion or the way they feel about someone. If anything it will make them hate you more. Sometimes whether we agree or disagree we have to hear what people have to say. This culture of shutting people up is dangerous because those feelings are still there bubbling under the surface.

  25. “I picked the wrong words.” So what words WOULD you have used? He’s sorry but totally not sorry. Kids who are bullied. Find a trusted adult, friend. There are people that will hear you. Many lgbt advocate groups. Pflag, GLSEN, lgbt centers in larger cities. Crisis and suicide hotlines. Hugs.

  26. It is an absolute disgrace that in the 21st century a piece of human garbage like he is, is an elected official in our school system and is allowed to make statements like the ones he made and is not suffering any consequences from his superiors! My brother died by suicide and the suffering associated with an act of this kind is unspeakable.

  27. Seriously? Those captions?? SO funny though. Oh, and he totally believes what he wrote and is just trying to cover his ass now. The reason they're not sacking him is because some of the people of the town also believe the same thing and it's freedom of speech. At least we all know who he is now. Let them keep speaking up so they're not hiding in the shadows.

  28. I will give him a little credit, at least he realized later that he looked bad and tried to apologize, even if not believeable. Mr. Trump won't apologize for nothing and doesn't care he makes America look bad.

  29. In a free society you start by granting all the rights and freedoms to everyone and then start limiting those rights and freedoms based upon sound reasons. Someone's religious beliefs are not sound reasons. I don't believe this guy for a second. He's sorry because it has put him in the spotlight.

  30. I don't understand why someone who would tweet those things would then apologize. Some things are so far on one side that backtracking is impossible. What is really going on here? Did his pastor pull him aside and straighten him out? Cause a Christian is supposed to be about saving people, especially kids, from their sins and the pain those sins cause. Maybe his wife put a bug in his ear IDK, but what a 180!

  31. The truth is the more a person acts out about gay people, they are usually closet gay or it turns them on and they can't admit it. We have seen this with Military and Policemen.

  32. He is obviously a Christian.  I wonder how some other Christians would view him or his comments.  Even many Evangelicals would be horrified by these comments.  Though they have to realize that their bullshit about loving the sinner and hating the sin has a consequence that people like this prick are emboldened.

  33. You mean he's an elected education official and he doesn't know the meaning or effect of his hateful words? He's just trying to varnish his unacceptable comments and pretend that he didn't mean it because he's concerned about his safety and well being. Not thruthworthy.

  34. His poor grammar alone makes him unsuitable for office or an education position—let alone his disgusting bigotry, homophobia and lack of morals

  35. I’m against gays because I’m a Christian and I don’t believe in the LGBTQ ideology and I believe when god created humans I believe he created it to be man and women instead of man and man

  36. And this is the definition of a coward talking horrible and when confronted backs away .The apology is fake if he was such a badass online he would of stuck to what he said when confronted. He's saving his job or he's scared it went viral now and the whole world will know what a jackass he is

  37. These people need to be wholely ignored, their views are not to be taken seriously. Talking about them on CNN is ridiculous.

  38. So does anyone else find it’s a little ironic that he felt bullied and had to move his family for bullying and wishing death on others. I’m so thankful my brain doesn’t function the way his does. I wish somebody would infect that pile of shit with aids and Yes I will 100% stand behind those words if Anderson wants to interview me.

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