Australian 1919 Halfpenny varieties and values

Australian 1919 Halfpenny varieties and values

hello and welcome back fellow coin
collectors this is Glenn back with another video a halfpenny video but
don’t worry it’s coin this is just some Maltese free meals like mint that not
really worth much money but anyway the 1919 penny so this no not penny
Halfpenny God where am i I’m not here so this is the 9/10 coin actually minted so
we have 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 yeah the tenth coin have actually
amended so I had to use my fingers because I can’t count and at this period
the opinion was well established it was probably quite a lot of a finger
population once about five million at this time and the numbers of half
pennies had actually increased so this year had a mintage all three million
three hundred twenty-six thousand and this was the first year the half pennies
were actually minted at he Sydney Mint yes Sydney actually had a mint the
pennies were not meant to that Sydney on to 1920 and the other denominations were
pretty much minted in Melbourne so so the Sydney mint produced
pennies up into 19 I have pennies up until 1922 and then I had a year in 1926
and after that and they actually pretty much closed it down so I’m just looking
at the coin book the seen if there’s anything ever 1919 coins minted at
Sydney no all in Melbourne so because it has that you cannot actually find much
variation or official variation I’m not talking about errors talking about
different mint marks or a variation in the N on the back so
unlike the penny this one didn’t have a Calcutta in a London obverse so all the
end should actually go in between the actual bead but this one does I actually
have a lot more for errors then actually the previous coins so no Phoenix about
fifteen or sixteen so let’s have a look at one by one what you need to look at
is the last digit is tilted thirty-nine let’s have a look at the other coins if
we put them together so these ones look like they’re actually pretty much Dean
normal so if we can line up the nine the one I mean it’s pretty hard to do that
you can see they all might actually be hmm
so it’s actually a bit hard to do this so line up the ones looks like might be so when you got more than two coins
actually comes quite hard so anyway need to line up the ones and just do two
coins so then you can check if the nines actually rotate so they actually look
pretty much the same same rotation so you got tilt the left tilted right so these ones actually pretty nice so these
ones the actual tilted tilted to the left so actually pretty common
you’ve got die cracks fruit Australia so do you have a diet coke for a day
no I don’t see you you got die crack fruit all of pretty much tea come off
her straight side but I don’t see any dye crack stare at that time get focused
this one’s actually quite worn what else we’re looking for um you also got diet
coke fruity side as well so there die crack at all a bit up there could be a
small dark rat all very thin one what a month coming for where’s the pen I’m
looking for up here you can see there’s a line going strides along there it
could be a dope dope dope yep it actually does have a die crack
through that part and you got dots as well so you got a large flat dot after
Brit so she’ll be it dot there should we large so I don’t see it what
else you’re looking for small dot inside of Peel imp so we’re talking about in
there P in the circle part there so don’t see you got there but you know I’m
not really I think that just might be circulation not a diagram but I’ll get
on the magnifier and see if I can actually find anything else
and as you can see the reason I meet Matt there because it wasn’t minted in the India
that’s the country so here we have another one any type of errors in city
dire cracks no I don’t think I’ll get any I’ve only got free coins but you can
see that’s pretty thin but that’s just worn
same as there it’s pretty much just wear that’s what I put it into and then we
look around any door cracks no it’s just a line there but it’s a postman damage
so when you actually get these coins you need to learn if it’s postmates damage
or if it’s actually just an error so hey you know is pretty much the era the
weirder actually is all over the coin so he’ll I know this is uh just where you
can see that all the jelly’s actually worn down
lots of our lines and lots of the dashes so and a lot of the air for part of the
coin is actually worn as well and also you can see that the crown is
actually quite worn it’s always the actual beard so that’s all know that
these worn so let’s have a look at the last one
ving Tsun these are all pretty much worn probably in very good grade and no I
don’t see anything on that one I do maybe there might be dark oak or might
just that a cleaned area but no it’s just hard to tell when the coin is
actually quite dirty so I don’t have anything so what would you be expecting
to pay for a coin in this condition so this is a very good good – very good
now you’re pretty much pain like $1 in fine condition probably
$2.00 very fine probably five extremely upon fine probably 25 and uncirculated
probably looking about $200 so considering at this time period these
are only worth probably 20 cents in circulation values that’s that’s
equivalent they can’t really buy anything at that time
all manufacturing had really taken off at that time so everything was pretty
much not manufactured in a large facility but manufactured in a or Meho
made in a small shops or whatever so a lot of things would have been quakes
more expensive dinner what you can actually get them for these things so
anyway I hope these beers up D 1919 Halfpenny
so when you go out and you get some 1919 halfpennies these sort of things that
you actually have to look for so please gives you a fun time subscribe to my
channel I have awesome coin collecting time thank you and bye bye

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  1. That was great currency Glen I was right into the old currency when I was young. I had a few nice ones that I sold Melbourne Florin 1925 Penny 1923 half penny..Very good coverage mate Hope you have a great weekend

  2. Good coins solid currency back in Imperial currency days , most minted in other countries so plenty to lookout for.🧐

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