Best Australian paper banknotes to collect

Best Australian paper banknotes to collect

so hello fellow banknote and coin
collectors so ty I’m just gonna show you some of my strained banknotes and well
most of them will be the paper type but some of them will be polymer so let’s
get into it so my name is Glenn and I don’t think I’ve actually shown the
whole series of paper banknotes before I’m not too sure no I’ve done
denominations but but not normal banknotes but if you collect this stuff
I recommend that you get one of these books Rennicks catalog values there are
ever catalogs I think there’s another one Mackie’s or something I’m not too
sure but I’ve only got a Rennicks one this is the latest edition 27 for I
believe 28 she’ll be coming out in a year or two yeah because well this is
good it gives you information I have done another video gives you information
like this one has D let’s see if we can fix this up a bit more so this one has
the bullion the act bullion acts so pre Federation it has the what are these
called again proclamation coins so these are foreign coins are proclaimed to be
legal tender in Australia and it gives some history gives the actual act there
and gives the values they’ve actually taken it tokens they’re giving our coins
all commemorative coins banknotes so these are the state issues then you have
the over printed version so these are australia’s first banknotes these are
very hard to get a look very expensive as well and then you have the
pre-decimal issue and you have the decimal issue so yeah
it is good to actually get this book so if you have these type of banknotes like
these are are pretty circulated so these do not actually increase in value that
much so here we have a phillips wheeler so this is a 1972 and there Phillips
Willard type has both Commonwealth Australia and Australia so they changed
this in what they are 1974 obviously it was put into regulations beforehand and
they also changed it then here so it says Commonwealth Australia here it just
says Australia and this one is a centre for it and as you can see the center
fret is too close to where people folded the banknote so you could actually tear
a lot easier now since some countries put the thread right in the centre
really bad feeling so this one’s 1972 this one probably has a value of I know
it has a book value of $50 because I’m probably powerful and I’m 40 depending
on what everyone wants a boy and so here we have Fraser and Cole so this is a
1991 these ones hmm considering they’re 27 years old
they’re still only worth about 30 $40 so they’ve probably just kept up with
inflation but over the long term like a 1966 banknote like this in this
condition yeah it’s only worth about 30 $40 and with inflation should actually
be worth $200 this bank note here which inflation should have a value of 200
so did 1966 should have a over $200 this one’s about $200 pair yourself $40 it’s
really not worth keeping banknotes in this condition so if you got banknote in
this condition a current banknote then just spend it it’s not worth keeping
unless it has a special what first the last serial number or has good numbers
this is to have good numbers oh yeah one free seven three one that’s okay
it’s like a letter or something oh no not letter I write up new cuz it it goes
forward and back forward a Mac and it a $20 night so replaced in 1994 yd
cartman’s which are going to be replaced probably next year so I have wait so I
have banknotes and don’t worry bet that anyway so I’ve just moved details away
gives the value and I don’t really want to show most people one dollar coins so
I had one dollar banknotes these ones a 1979 just on so a lot of 10 single not
bad and here is the last one dollar banknotes issued 1982 no he’s using two
non an 84 and we have two dollar banknotes 995 series
Johnson freighter then we have my favorite banknote the five dollar bank
note I actually remember using this that’s awesome bank note to actually use
be paper one Johnson phrasing on 85 again and here we have two Johnson
Fraser so we have one with the Gothic and one we
Oh OCD I believe it’s called OCR be that’s it can’t remember it’s really not
important to remember all that crap just as long as you know the differences are
and mr. $5 note which ones you can get these two versions and this one is
actually worth a bit more than that one but they’re all uncirculated and you
have johnson fraser again if you go to the other side we have 1979 as you can
see wonder if you can see there and see there’s a color differences the actual
white line it’s more prominent in the earlier banknotes then in the later one
so johnson frozen on 81 1991 and I actually like this banknote better
because I know the difference in the color is just awesome
so it’s Joseph banks and all the botanists and these are all the flowers
I remember going to the note printing branch in them I can’t remember when
when I was kid and actually had all the plants there that were actually featured
on this banknote and they’re all native well Bank she looks like she oak grass
tree gorilla you collect this and is there any bottles
no that’s any waters there owl awesome a stream bank notes and here we have the
$10 oh sorry this one was replaced in 92 for polymer
he’s $10 replacing 93 so if I freeze a coal and that is 1991 my phrase a call
as well nice one so these are two to six this has good number series Oh
Fraser Keegan’s so 1990 so 1999 you won and there’s actually quite a lot printed
so just because those issued for one year this I mean it’s actually rare it’s
actually quite a common bank name they just would have printed a lot of
banknotes and then when a phrase a call I’m cold took over they just would have
started printing these bank notes and issue them when as needed ooh left that
there you know and it’s just the estimated bit as a book value it’s not
the actual value of the banknote but it’s gothic and it has decide Fred 1979
I don’t know why it’s got side for it on it okay so here we have lighter
banknotes here we have a Philip Willa believe let’s have a look and that is
the night we love ain’t that so here’s a Philip wheeler so as you can see Philips
it’s just sometimes it get confused at that banknote signature uh Johnson
phrase r-985 1976 this one’s a pretty good condition
paint nite for its age and I actually like $20 banknote as the Charles King
system if I just made a video because I had a coin in 1997 to commemorate 100
years of his birth and you actually put uh just be a somewhere around Burma and
here we have Farah obviously he was a pioneer in aviation
it might be physics not aircraft can’t remember remember everyone and we have
the $50 banknote so here is the 1990 today and these are uncirculated
condition 1979 soda $50 bangers issued in 1973 so
this is the 1979 version pretty hard to get an uncirculated but not too hard
because well 97 950 dollars worth a lot of money and as you can see both of
these the white lines are actually more prominent on them then on the later
versions but I actually quite like this part near 50 and this is gothic and it
was OC RB and that’s just a mid prefix so it’s just uh whatever you mean
perfect ease and here we have 1979 one or two dollar
I’ll sell as a set yes all these banknotes have to go not in that much
hurry for money so oh this is money so here I have a golden
trove of my collection and why do I have these about a $50 cause it’s wzc for
some reason it’s not the last prefix but some reason it’s just bad more idk idk
so last prefix off the $20 and be sued so 1993-1994 that woulda been exchanged
for the polymer so this is probably printed I know in 480 case the last
prefix and we don’t know I don’t know what number was the last bank note but
this one is worth more than normal prefix and what’s the goal just ten
dollar bank no mmm let’s go this one well that’s the same with the $20 m uh
uh it’s the last prefix ever issued foolish bank note so this one this one
also comes if with or without a plate letter in the ones in further plate
letter and with a lot more then the ones with a plate letter
it’s this one have a point letter looks like it does so last Bank last banknote
special not letters awesome so I hope you like Australian bang nice yep
awesome it would be collect you know circulated condition but not in this
condition so I hope you have an awesome banknote collecting time people and uh
be cool bye bye

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  1. Stop just stop talking seriously subtitled would be better ..tryin to give a funny sense of character when really it’s coz you don’t know what to say can tell you make up so sloppy swirling words coz brain getting stuck sis that I’m gona subscribe coz your a diKHead

  2. Yes it is advisable to know the difference between gothic script and OCRB. There can be a huge difference in value.
    NEVER EVER touch your notes with out cotton gloves on. The oils on the skin can degrade the paper over time. Not a bad video but have an idea of what your saying.

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