Bitcoin Cash Upgrade: What’s New?

Bitcoin Cash Upgrade: What’s New?

Welcome, welcome to One Minute Crypto!
I’m your host, Chronos, and today I want to
cover exactly what’s coming up in the Bitcoin
Cash upgrade on November 15th.
We have two new changes with this hard fork,
but I wouldn’t say that either of them a huge
game-changer for the average bitcoiner — you
probably won’t even notice a difference.
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So the first new feature coming in the Bitcoin
Cash upgrade is called “Minimal Data.”
Basically, this tightens the rules on how
your transactions are built behind the scenes,
which allows new kinds of applications to
rely on the blockchain.
By reducing transaction malleability, this
even makes the Lightning Network possible
on Bitcoin Cash, but I wouldn’t expect it
anytime soon.
The second new feature brings Schnorr signatures
to OP_CheckMultiSig.
OK, let’s try that again in English.
Schnorr signatures are named after Claus Schnorr,
and they were invented a long time ago: their
patent expired in 2008.
They make crypto transactions smaller and
more efficient, so they reduce the need for
bandwidth, processing, and storage, all at
This is a nice upgrade for scaling Bitcoin
Cash to support more users.
Post any questions below the video.
I’m Chronos.
Thanks for watching!

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  3. Are you a real supporter of bcash? Or they pay you? Ive been a btc maximalist my whole life but now ive read some things about lightning being controlled by the banks and now im starting to think rogerk was right all along

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