7 thoughts on “Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency – Game Over Podcast EP. 3

  1. This episode we will be focusing on the Blockchain Technology also known as the Cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is a type of Cryptocurrency and it is very well known among the world, let's see what do we think about it!


  2. The mining process Is more Encryption for Cryptocurrency and the way you do It : u use graphic cards to mine and u connect It
    to the Blockchain network so with this process u provide more encryption to the cryptocurrency and you get paid for that

  3. mining uses your graphic cards and does all the work because the capacity is much more larger then then cpu processor and it will not make the computer lag when it takes all the processing power ..mining in cypto concurrency is by handling the transaction ledger, for example ..person A transfers money to person B ..that transaction is added to a ledger and then added to the blockchain(millions of transaction all around the world) ..and then a miner, person C takes that ledger from the block chain and asks other miners if that ledger is a valid ledger ..if all goes well, then and only then the transaction process begins and virtual money is transferred.

  4. I don't wanna be the theoretical economist on a gaming video, but if you want to remove the monetary control from government:
    A. You dont unedrstand who the nonetary control belongs to
    B. You dont understand the benefits from monetary policy
    W/E cryptocurrency itself may be a usefull tool, but let's not exaggerate with ur prospects

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