Bitcoin Q&A: What will Bitcoin Core 1.0 look like?

Bitcoin Q&A: What will Bitcoin Core 1.0 look like?

“What would Bitcoin Core 1.0 look like?
I believe Satoshi first ran bitcoind 0.1.” “With all of the years [behind it] so far, any ideas
about what Bitcoin Core 1.0 could possibly look like?” Right now, we are at version 0.17. I don’t know of any plans to move from the
sub-version numbering to 1.0 anytime soon. If you think about it, this could be a 130-year
currency, an extremely long issuance horizon. This is something that is still
being modified heavily all the time. I think, as we see in one of the comments from Colin, releasing a 1.0 [this soon] could and
would be wrongly interpreted by many. I agree with that. I don’t think there is any point in,
or see any speculation as to what 1.0 will look like, or when anyone would be confident enough
to say, “We are past the experimental phase.” “This is in full-blown global production and ready for the
world.” That [would be] a very audacious thing to say… when you’re building the next-generation money. Briz asks, “Catastrophe!” “What would happen if all the Bitcoin developers
and project maintainers disappeared?” “Let’s say that every Bitcoin developer and maintainer
with commit access was on the same cruise ship… and it blew up or sank with everyone in it.” “What would happen to Core? Would Bitcoin just
march on, but without any new developers?” “Would it turn into an epic battle of the forks?” “A gruesome thought, but just curious.” “If something catastrophic happened to key
individuals, how would Bitcoin survive?” First, if all the Bitcoin developers and maintainers
were on the same cruise ship, the more likely thing… [to kill or harm them] would be some kind of
gastrointestinal disease, rather than the ship sinking. I would be very strongly questioning their tastes
and choices because cruise ships suck. They are floating hotels that make you seasick,
give you food poisoning, and you can’t leave. Did I mention I hate cruise ships? All right, never mind.
Let’s go back to the theoretical catastrophe. Let’s say something happens to a
big number of Bitcoin developers. You can also turn this around and ask, why wouldn’t
a state actor attack or imprison Bitcoin developers? Coerce them into not contributing anymore or worse? Once you understand how open-source communities
work… Bitcoin Core is not the only client out there. There are multiple implementations of the Bitcoin
protocol that are interchangeable and compatible. A C++ implementation called Libbitcoin, for example,
which was a project started by Amir Taaki, and continued by a number of
very talented developers today. Bcoin, which is a JavaScript / NodeJS
implementation of the protocol and full node; multi-threaded, compartmentalized,
modular, and with high performance. [It was] created by Christopher Jeffrey (JJ) and a
bunch of other developers who started out at There is btcd, which is a Go (golang) implementation. Most likely, rather than “a battle of the forks,” I think you
would see other clients becoming more prominent, if Bitcoin was no longer being developed
and maintained in the Bitcoin Core package. Other packages, other implementations of the
node software, would become more prominent. Also, realize that we’re talking about
a very large number of developers. There are probably three or four hundred people who
contribute at least once a year, from various projects. Although there are a dozen or so who are
very prominent and do a lot of the work, that doesn’t mean other people couldn’t step up. [A big catastrophe] would create a vacuum,
which would be filled by other people… stepping up and taking more prominent roles, people
who have been learning gradually [over the years]. Essentially, nothing would happen.
The Bitcoin project would continue. There is enough interest. There are enough trained
developers, people who could learn very quickly, take a greater role in a project like that
and see it as an opportunity to contribute more. It is quite intimidating when you have all these world-
class cryptographers, mathematicians, and developers. You might think, “Oh, my little contribution is going to be
laughed at.” Mine certainly have been, and that’s okay. But there are many talented people
who lurk in the shadows, anonymous, not necessarily contributing at the
moment, but would step up quite easily. Nothing would happen to the project, which is also why there is absolutely no point in
coercing or imprisoning any of the developers. There is no center, no irreplaceable
individuals, no central point of failure. This is a recipe and there are many who can cook this
recipe, who can continue to enhance and improve it. You can’t stop a recipe by taking out some of the cooks.

33 thoughts on “Bitcoin Q&A: What will Bitcoin Core 1.0 look like?

  1. Indeed. I expect the software would just be cloned on another platform or even the same platform and the miners and the full node operators would decide which one to use. No one could push through big changes if that happened.

  2. Andreas, would you be kind enough to explain who skipjack encrypcurrency is, and how they differ from Bitcoin. I wish I could understand it, but I am not that tech savy.

  3. all this tech conversations are trash and dumb to smoke, who of the 99% on planet earth do care about? have u everr see people talking about data centers and internet servers or SQL on the street?

  4. If you had to choose between taking a 5 day cruise or Bitcoin going to zero w/ the community falling apart, what would be your choice?

  5. There was a time before your time when powerful entities scoured the globe in search of cryptographic prodigies. When MKUltra freely plied it's trade, and the worlds most powerful cryptographers seemed to mysteriously die or disappear.

    It was in that context that Satoshi Nakamoto first appeared on my radar. For there was no more powerful cryptographic prodigy at the time than Satoshi Nakamoto, and it worried me.

    I lost track of Satoshi in late 2010. Then several years later Hal Finney seem to mysteriously come down with Lou Gehrig's disease. Satoshi was right to go cold. #ColdWarez..😓

  6. man,what do you think of Craiq Wright claiming he knows about bug in BTC core and by the end of 2019 BTC will be dead ? do you think BTC core developers will adapt and fix the bug, will bitcoin survive ?if he dump his BTC it will led to better distribution of BTC therfore it will be better for future. but iam afraid of BTC going to die as he claims

  7. The alt space has a fair amount of credible coders who can transition near seamlessly.
    OFC most are scams but as time goes by there are the real ones.

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