What will happen to the most invested XRP
and Ethereum after Bitcoin and Bitcoin in
November, the right time to buy or sell?
Can XRP’s price rise with the Swell event?
What are the important events that investors
should pay attention to in November?
Here we will talk about all of this, but first
I will raise an important confession to Bitcoin.
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Now let’s start with Bitcoin.
Folks, there’s a confession that the crypto
money community wasn’t given much importance,
but it’s certainly a very, very important
It’s also a confession that shows how dirty
things are going on at Bitcoin.
Now, as you know Coindesk, the popular crypto
currency portal is conducting an interview
with the president of the United States Commodity
Futures Commission CFTC, and the CFTC president
says, beware here.
US President Trump, himself willingly allowed
the launch of futures at Bitcoin.
After that, the balloon exploded.
The big uptrend followed the big fall.
In the meantime, we have mentioned about futures
in at least 50 videos.
When their grandfathers came to Bitcoin with
futures, they started to earn not only when
they were rising, but also when they were
This news is important in this respect.
America does not want to get a greater power
than the dollar, when the events subsided,
confessions come over time, but Bitcoin Facebook
Libra is not like that, who will ban what
That’s why they’re sucking your blood through
this kind of derivative market.
See if I can tell you one more thing.
In my previous video I mentioned masterluc’s
Sure or not, that’s not certain, but he was
talking about $ 70,000 at Bitcoin.
You know, maybe, you know, the United States,
the SEC doesn’t approve of these ETFs, we’re
always waiting for rejection.
Perhaps the US ETFs are waiting for Bitcoin’s
big rise again to approve.
When he rises again, the hop explodes another
bomb, confirms the ETF and may be planning
to drop the ETF and Bitcoin at this time.
That’s why they don’t keep ETF off the agenda.
I’il tell you.
This is probably the case.
Of course this has nothing to do with this
month and November, but I still wanted to
bring it up.
Well, in November, if you ask if there is
any danger or good news waiting for us at
Bitcoin, I will talk about the following.
Look, I’ve shared with you the last case of
Craig Wtight, who recently declared himself
Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin’s founder.
What was that.
In August, the Florida court sentenced Craig
Wright to pay 500,000 Bitcoins to his former
partner, David Kleiman.
Then our Craig had extended the deadline to
October, but now according to a very new report,
the so-called Satoshi Craigh Wright broke
this deal.
He said he wouldn’t pay.
I said, you remember.
I said that if Craigh pays this money and
his former partner sells a full 500,000 Bitcoins
that make 4 billion 500 million dollars, then
Bitcoin is a hard dump.
Now he got up a bit of danger, of course,
but of course it’s important what the court
will respond to.
In the meantime, Craig Wright reacts with
the back of his hand to his chances of making
a terrific show.
Think about it, you’re sending 500,000 Bitcoins
to the other side as a joke.
If someone who proclaimed himself a true Satoshi
was serious in his words, he would have made
it very comfortable.
Anyway, we probably didn’t have to reconsider
this event, which would probably drop Bitcoin,
at least until the court responded.
A pleasing development for now.
I would also like to warn you about something
about Bitcoin.
If you look at the sudden sharp ups and downs
of Bitcoin in the last 1-2 months by the Bakkt
platform, which we call physical futures,
there is something I’ve said since we first
heard of Bakkt.
I said Bakkt Bitcoin can bring plus minus
extra volume, extra movement.
At this point, Bakkt may have brought 2 drops
and 1 rise to Bitcoin.
That is why we need to follow carefully what
Bakkt is going to do.
As Bakkt’s volume increases, the downside
or upside pressure on Bitcoin may increase.
We should always have Bakkt in one corner
of our minds.
Why, because naturally Bakk also CFTC approved.
If CFTC doesn’t remind you of anything, please
reinstate this video and watch it again.
By the way, I explained in my previous videos
where you can follow Bakkt.
He has a Twitter account called Bakkt bot.
Quickly get technical analysis of Bitcoin
I dew.
I shared a triangle with you in the previous
While I prepare this video, the triangle persists
not to break, but continues to follow the
same course.
On the other hand, in order to cancel my downward
expectation, I said that Bitcoin2 should hold
on 9250.
For now, we continue to walk around the dangerous
I updated the triangle a little more.
We can break here or we can continue to walk
around a little more friends, of course, but
still do not recommend investment advice,
but it looks like it does not go until the
end of November, let’s move to XRP.
XRP is in November so let’s talk about what
it might be this month.
Friends XRP, or rather Ripple’s Swell event,
has come.
It was held in San Francisco in 2018, and
even Bill Clinton, one of the former presidents
of America, attended this event.
This year Swell will be in Singapore on November
7-8, which will start in 3 days.
They had a cool event last year and the XRP
had risen a little before the event, not moments.
As I said when we look at this year there
are 3 days yet there is no movement in Swell
By the way, this year there is no name as
well as Bill Clinton.
Perhaps with the effect of this, investors
may have reduced Swell a bit in their eyes
compared to last year, but I think we have
these scenarios in the next few days.
If you are an XRP trader and you want to see
an uptrend and take it off, I think listen
When we look at the last 1 month of XRP, we
see a very modest trend, neither too low nor
too high, and as I said, Swell’s pricing did
not happen at XRP.
Then I think we have these options.
First, until November 7, we can see a delayed
upswing until the event begins.
Secondly, if a surprise statement, a partnership,
a job is announced during the event, this
could raise the XRP.
Thirdly, it has no effect on the price.
Until this November 7-8, the XRP continues
to moderate, and the activity is ordinary
and Swell has no effect on the XRP.
There are 3 options but you can already know
that Ripple has even sold more XRP than last.
Ripple builds a sales print on XRP.
OK, although the stock market, although it
sells openly I think these news are still
putting pressure on XRP.
E and Facebook Libra’nın, JP Morgan’s coin
will be waiting for attacks.
Any news in November may bring a positive
or negative volume to the XRP.
Apart from this, for example, SBI, an important
financial institution of Japan, announced
that it will reach 15 million people and 1.5
million sellers with Ripple-backed Moneytap.
On the other hand, if this business can land
quickly this month, it can bring extra energy
and synergy to the XRP.
On the technical side, there was a horizontal
course in the XRP, or it looks like the descending
triangular formation.
So, as expected in Bitcoin, a harsh movement
can also occur in XRP.
If we talk about support resistance, there
is an important support in 28 cents that I
am talking about breaking.
If it falls below these, there are 27 cents,
26 cents and 24 cents, but I have looked at
other technical analyzes in the XRP, which
generally seems to have a positive atmosphere.
To talk about a good rise, we need to pass
30 and 32 cents first.
For example, as if there was no excitement
in the Swell event, but it was really good
for Swell, to say that he had upgraded the
XRP, he would have to overcome the 32 cent
resistance that the XRP had last caught on
September 18th.
Let’s move on to this, fellows.
The Ethereum, the second largest crypto currency,
but probably a bit behind the XRP in popularity,
has the 2.0 footsteps, fellows.
With Ethereum 2.0, it will move to the new
block chain.
In fact, the founder of Ethereum Vitalik Buterin
wants to connect the two new chains, but some
developers insist on it.
The old and the new chain cannot communicate
with each other anyway, which puts both chains
at risk of security, even saying that Ethereum
will lose its atomic processing ability if
it never reaches 2.0.
Anyway, this is expected to happen next year,
with the Proof of Stake coming to the Ethereum,
and now the scaling problems are over.
For example, I’m researching, for example,
the founder of Ethereum Vitalik Buterin has
been working on Ethereum to inform and educate
application developers and users about 2020
and beyond.
Anyway, this is the subject of the coming
Let’s not get out of this video and talk about
the Ethereum in November.
Well, 2.0 blah blah blah blah blah blah, but
the normal side of what is happening on the
technical side of these investors can not
Look, he has emptied the XRP community a little
bit now, trying to keep it tight again, tightening
the ranks with events, new acquisitions and
stuff, but Ethereum left his investors alone
on that side.
So to speak, it’s almost like hibernating.
That’s when the state of Ethereum doesn’t
have the old excitement.
user, investor reflected in any innovation,
any excitement is not that much.
If a proof of stake came and Ethereum could
lose its power with the depletion of ICOs,
we could look ahead.
But you’re still looking at Ethereum still
ranked 3rd in China’s list of crypto currencies
that have been evaluated and ranked in the
fields of technology, creativity and applicability.
I wonder if these are the consequences of
the China-Russia rapprochement.
As you know, the words of the Chinese prime
minister were important in the rising wave
of crypto currencies that were said to come
in China recently.
The same prime minister said in June that
he was my best friend for Russian President
Vladimir Putin.
Anyway, when Ethereum lost so much blood and
couldn’t catch a new story, I still thought
it would be 2nd in this list, and I wanted
to share it with you.
The weather isn’t very negative in the short
term, but what I’m saying is more about the
future of the Ethereum, or in November there’s
not a very important event that will bring
Ethereum to the bottom.
In Ethereum’s technical analysis, we also
see a contraction, a contraction, which is
not a good sign.
Since the Ethereum can go up and down in this
formation, I will give you checkpoints, folks.
When the Ethereum falls or rises, we are at
what stage to understand this.
I’m gonna follow, and I suggest you follow.
Now the Ethereum is close to 183 dollars and
breaking up and rising further.
Understand that if the price rises to 188,
we may not say 100%, but we probably broke
it, we can go even higher, but if Ethereum
fell to around 179-176 dollars.
Here again, of course, although we can not
say for sure Ethereum turned face down, we
can say more likely to fall.
These are the checkpoints we need to pay attention
in November.
I’m trying to give you more information that
I don’t mean.
The ethereum falls and rises from here, and
that doesn’t mean anything.
So if I come to what level Ethereum can come
after which I’m trying to give them.
If we collect all crypto coins in November,
if there are no sharp decreases or rises Ethereum
seems to go like this for a while, but I know
that next year with 2.0 innovations Ethereum
‘ u will talk
a lot more.
Yeah, folks, if we’ve finished Bitcoin, XRP,
and Ethereum, let’s quickly get to today’s
bonus information.
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Now that’s the bonus information of today,
know that Nokia or those 90s mobile phones
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Do you know
the first thing Nokia produced?
Yes, Nokia is famous for its mobile phones.
Now let’s see
what came to you from the previous video,
which questions and comments came.
First of all, the day I shot and shared the
previous video was my daughter’s birthday,
her first birthday in her life.
have received so many comments celebrating
that I
to thank each
you in particular.

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