What’s going on at Bitcoin?
What are the events that drop Bitcoin?
Whether we have a bitcoin or a subcoin right
now, where exactly should we look, what should
we follow?
And with this latest drop, will a journey
to Bitcoin begin for $ 6,000?
What’s going to happen now, concise.
Here we go.
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Now, two days ago, I posted a video to keep
the morale, my last video on my channel.
Although I talked about Bitcoin a bit in that
video, I generally discussed the incidents
that might come up in the triangle of Facebook
Libra, XRP and Ripple in the coming period.
Prior to that video, we had experienced a
decline in crypto currencies, especially Bitcoin.
I mean, even if Bitcoin fell from around $ 8100
to $ 7400, reaching a 4-month low, we must
first assume that these decreases are normal,
when you look at the history of Bitcoin, there
are 3-4 times much harder falls, but still
everyone, including me, ” why “we started
to ask, no lies.
We started to say, “Somebody grab a bitcoin,
don’t fall this far.”
We will first analyze the reasons for this
decline, and then what will happen in Bitcoin
and the general crypto money markets in the
coming days, but please first, especially
new friends, to write down their minds.
Bitcoin does not necessarily have to be a
well-known, popular cause for every drop in
Sometimes it may fall or come out for no reason.
Now, I’m going to list the possible reasons
for you, but do you think these are very realistic,
believe it, and it’s ambiguous friends, 2
days ago, we can say that a little harder
than the potential potential reasons in these
falls may be the following 4 items.
First, please remember from my previous videos.
We made warnings on this channel that an extra
volume could be delivered to Bitcoin when
the Bakkt platform started Bitcoin transactions
with physical futures.
Though this Bakkt is such a thing that it
can upgrade or decrease Bitcoin with its operations.
Now, folks, I think this is the strongest
candidate for the cause of the fall.
I mean, two hours ago, we started talking
on Reddit.
You see, on Wednesday, the day of the downtrend,
the number of trades increased by 653%.
This also brought a high probability of decline.
There was also a decline in the past, for
example, but not so harsh again we talked
there Bakkt.
This Bakkt seems to be a complete manipulation
tool that doesn’t lie, we were glad we were
no longer going to outsource futures, we used
to know that Bitcoin will be used, which is
likely to bring extra volume.
Yes the extra volume came in all the minus
direction than our face did not laugh Bakkt’tan.
Therefore, Bakkt’s contract dates and volumes
will have to be paid attention.
For this, you can follow Bakkt Volume Bot.
Even on Reddit, this Twitter address is referenced.
And this Bakkt’s COO says something out of
Our goal is to expand the crypto money market,
increase participation and expand the areas
of benefit by enabling the adoption of digital
Brother, I love you, don’t do anything.
You don’t touch anything for now.
Because in the square, you’re scaring the
man inside by dropping Bitcoin with your contracts.
If you say Ha, I will drop Bitcoin even further
and draw more people through Bakkt.
It is different.
If you want to explain the reason for the
decline of Bitcoin by saying I hope it doesn’t,
let’s move on to the second one.
Second, I’il tell you this.
Technical analysis is also very suitable for
the decline in every sense.
We’re going to talk to her in a few moments
and compare it to different months.
The third issue that could drop Bitcoin is
Google, but it may be the explanation that
we have produced a Quantum computer.
They even said it was the beginning of a new
They explained that normally the fastest computer
of today would finish the operations in just
10 seconds, in just 200 seconds.
When you look at a tremendous speed.
Where is 10 thousand years, where is 200 seconds.
This may have led to a decline in the price
of Bitcoin because there was a long-standing
expectation on one front.
Quantum computers will come, breaking Bitcoin’s
unbreakable algorithm so far, making it technically
useless and inoperable.
There was no such expectation.
Yesterday, some of the Bitcoin traders may
have sold their Bitcoins for this reason,
but there is no such case.
As far as I’ve researched, quantum computers
are already at significant risk for some algorithms.
Which Google doesn’t say, Let’s break the
Bitcoin we produced.
No Such Thing.
We have reached this power in an experimental
Now he says we’ll look at what we can do in
So as a result there is no clear danger at
the moment, but there is a danger like this.
The subject is very misunderstood.
Therefore, this quantum event can create new
negative air waves and force Bitcoin to decline
in the future.
Folks, if you’d like to have a technical analysis
that I just said, I’d like to clarify that.
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There was something we talked about all the
time when Bitcoin was around 9,000 and 10,000
What was that?
We were moving in a descending triangle starting
in June, weren’t we?
At that time, we would love to throw on 10,800
dollars and break this fall line.
We couldn’t, and then the fall came.
The current decreases are actually aftershocks
after the exit from the triangle.
From another perspective, for example, there
may be hope for Bitcoin to rise from here.
Look, on July 16th – August 15th – September
25th and finally October 23rd respectively,
RSI indicators fell to the lowest level.
In other words, Bitcoin has risen to the lowest
level once every month in the last 3 months,
below the level of 30, to the level of 25s.
I hope he does what he did in the last 3 months
and rises again.
For example, we sometimes get stuck on hourly
and daily charts, but this is Bitcoin’s weekly
In fact, the ordinary, almost always can make
a movement, a triangle actually.
Sometimes I really shouldn’t forget.
If we have lost a lot in the charts, I hope
not, but if we have opened the weekly, monthly
charts to look at a little relax, need to
store morale, but of course without leaving
And I want to show you friends, a little wider
when we look at a descending triangle that
began in February last year, such as narrow
and narrow in October, we fell by breaking
the triangle.
Did something look familiar?
It’s been over a year, isn’t it?
We’re playing the same game again, only at
that time, we broke 6000 dollars and rolled
into 3000s.
Now, maybe we will descend a little more,
but then we wish that history repeats itself
and let us rise again.
In fact, do you know what is the strongest
argument that I can support this scenario,
which I’m describing and is likely to happen?
As a result, when we do a little bird’s eye
analysis, I think maybe we could fall a little
more, but of course these are not investment
Now that the environment is a bit complicated,
I don’t give any targets.
Some things will become clearer, we will give
you a target, but these goals will give you
a perspective, certainly not your main strategy.
On the other hand, if I’m not mistaken with
you today, in my recent Bitcoin analysis video,
we have dealt with the issue of whether $ 6,000
is possible in Bitcoin, and for the fall to
$ 5800-6200, Bitcoin must first break down
the strong support zone 7750-7500.
As you can see from the point we have arrived,
this place is so strong that even though Bitcoin
breaks down this region with this last fall,
it has not been able to continue for at least
for now.
Look, I’m telling you again, I’m going to
follow you.
When Bitcoin starts to fall below 7500, but
it’s not 7460, it’s 7300, it’s 7200.
In those cases, he can say hello to the next
support zone.
That’s 5800-6200.
Therefore, of course, I can not interfere
with anyone’s investment, but I can not direct
for those who want to buy from here for a
long term, but I can buy short term, I think
I’ll sell money to say I’m pretty dangerous
For one thing, even if we’re going to rise
from here, we have to break up and go up that
red zone to see clearly.
As a result, I think the bitcoin boilers are
boiling right now.
You know why I’m saying this?
Because a new investor panicked seeing the
decline two days ago.
Here I see Telegram bands or something, I
just got into this business, and I said I
hurt a lot as soon as I got in.
We see that no matter how much we warn the
new entrants continue to invest a lot of money
with a moment of excitement, the result is
inevitable, but let’s finish lightly, but
today, friends of the globally listed Internet
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In addition, what is happening in the crypto-money
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new needs to know them.
The link is in the description part of this
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Kickref’s history is based on KickICO and
KickICO is an online fund-raising platform
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To date, coinmarketcap has allowed its users
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according to.
There is another very successful example of
this which is not a blockchain-based kickstarter.
I mean, if you have any project, you can present
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As I said on the KickICO platform, more than
20 projects have collected 250,000 Ethereum
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My friends, Kick is actually an ecosystem
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crypto currency exchange, and this year beta
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to their information.
There’s also a KickWallet, which is a crypto
money wallet.
KickPay is a crypto money payment gateway.
KickMobile is the mobile app, but KickRef
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Although Kickref is actually something that
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As I just said, Kickref is listed in Product
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You can enter and vote from there if you want.
By the way, the tokens won in kickref can
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These guys used to say, I understand.
At the end of the beta process we are already
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Well, it’s like Binance opens his referral
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Oh, of course, how much will grow and what
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On the contrary, the stock market distributes
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Friends, I wanted to talk about kickref.
Look at
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Now let’s move on to today’s bonus info corner.
As I said at the beginning, I will talk about
When we say Toyota, we can think of cars,
Do you even know that our car is also Toyota
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For example, the sewing machine has been manufacturing
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For example, buses have been producing since
Like homes.
Yes, I’m talking about Toyota houses you didn’t
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They’ve been producing this since 1975.
They have robots.
They’ve been running the partner robot program
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I would like to keep brief knowing the bonus
info corner.
You can search the internet if you want.
Now, if you wish, friends, do not disturb
the morale of
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Let’s read them.
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