BREAKING! Putin Decides To Tax Rich Russians And Their Offshore Companies!

BREAKING! Putin Decides To Tax Rich Russians And Their Offshore Companies!

Finally, there are two more measures I would like to suggest. Allow me to elaborate.
First, all interest and dividend income that flows from Russia and is transferred abroad into offshore jurisdictions must be taxed properly.
Today, two-thirds of these funds, and basically we are talking here about incomes of specific individuals,
are taxed at the rate of only 2 percent, thanks to so-called optimization strategies of all kinds.
At the same time, people with modest salaries pay an income tax of 13 percent. This is unfair, to say the least.
For this reason, I suggest that those expatriating their income as dividends to foreign accounts should pay a 15 percent tax on these dividends.
Of course, we will need to amend Russia’s double taxation treaties with some countries.
I ask the Government to work this out. If our foreign partners do not accept our proposal, Russia will unilaterally withdraw from these treaties.
We will begin with countries that attract substantial resources from Russia, which is a very sensitive issue for our country.
Second, many countries levy income tax on interest earned by individuals from their bank deposits and investments in securities,
while Russia does not tax this income at all.
I propose that people with over 1 million rubles in bank deposits and debt securities pay a 13 percent tax on this income.
I would like to reiterate that this is not about taxing the deposits themselves but only applying income tax to the interest individuals earn from these investments.
I would like to emphasise that only about one percent of deposit holders will be affected by this initiative.
At the same time, Russian banks will still offer attractive deposits with some of the highest returns in the world.

100 thoughts on “BREAKING! Putin Decides To Tax Rich Russians And Their Offshore Companies!

  1. USA doesn’t pay anything for their citizens, Russia pays even you don’t work due to coronavirus. I wish Putin was President in usa….love Russia!

  2. a fantastic leader our corrupt child molester run demonic goverment would never do that for there people, people who are trying to save lifes working for the nhs cant get tested for coronovirus but the blood drinking reptilian demonic royal family still get tested & then go and hide in there bunkers in scotland….Bravo Mr Putin you look after your people while our goverment officials let there people die & wont even take a paycut in there wages…

  3. Forward, Onward Advancements Together, Mr. PUTIN the Greatest Diplomatic Presidential Leader. My President, Husband, Hero, Russia will succeed, Go Russia.

  4. Before you press the translate button….Putin is actually inviting Chuck Norris to a MMA battle in Vladivostok on Christmas Eve.

  5. Russia is great country 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 from korea and russia i love you 🇷🇺❤🇷🇺❤🇷🇺❤🇷🇺❤

  6. Excellent for Russia.Very good for the people – also for those intelligent rich people who in ths global situation surely want to serve their own country and see Russia prosper in the future.

  7. Putina you tax yourself and the rich the working poor ruskies can get free food and milk and cereal and cheese and bread for there kids under the age 12 and old peoples can get better healthcare and free food too.

  8. He’s being wise protecting his country from money/rss being moved away and keeping as much as possible in his country.

  9. You are a very good President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin! Let Mother Russia be proud of you indeed! I just wish we had the same caliber state leaders here in western Europe instead of the weak and pathetic sosial democrats.

  10. Even a Finance Minister is not able to deliver the decision with such calm and confidence as he did.
    bring a Chartered Accountancy student I can understand these changes must have been very important and huge for country’s taxation but he delivered it very gracefully .

  11. Is there ONE single western politician or leader fit to lick President Putin's boots? NOT ONE..They're all parasitic maggots.


  13. That is why russia is different from usa in russia the government is for the people. In usa the government is for the oligarchs, in russia the government is not afraid to tax the oligarchs to help the country, in usa the government tax the middle class and the poor people to give the money to the oligarchs and the corporations even like that people living happy lives

  14. Jowish capitalists not going to happy about that. He is playing with fire. Abraham Lincoln, Richard nixon,Muammar gaddafi, Saddam Hussein, they tried but lost their life.

  15. Such a compasionate, wise and classy yet humble leadership of the beautiful mother Russia, Ameen❣ May God bless Sir Putin and the beautiful mother Russia, Ameen❣💖💖💖💖💖🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹💐💐💐💐💐🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  16. Nice one Mr P. Only wish there was a tax on all the money that is deposited off shore by UK nationals but Boris ain’t got the balls.

  17. This is fucking huge people. Tax evasion is a massive problem in Russia! I'm kinda surprised even Putin is going after the oligarchs THIS HARD.

  18. Very well done, President Putin! That is what other leaders should do, but they don t. They lower taxes for the wealthy and tax heavily to the lower middle class.

  19. With the blatant intimidation, perhaps the Americans would prefer a more "Russian" government. You can do nothing wrong, and still they surround you. It's kind of funny. It's like the COINTEL PRO of shooters and what are you killing for? To me, what was the point of shooting MLK or JFK? After this, General, it's over. With my Blood it will be over.
    Mortar the whole place. I am having difficullties with the evil that surrounds me. GABRIEL would have me walk and speak. TODAY IS THE DAY OF ITHURIEL. A veteran will never understand why they have done this with so much to offer.

  20. Excellent, this man is a true patrion. Wish we haf someone like him in the west, alas he would be assassinated by the mafia elite and cia traitors!

  21. For Russians from Russia with offshore bank accounts, it makes sense. But not for foreign companies doing business in Russia! Especially those with lots of employees. The domestic companies should. see it incentives not to invest its cash overseas to grow the economy. Which creates more prosperous economy.

  22. pustin is hte fucking best, he can do all these things cause he is ruling the country with the army not the big companies or businessman like usa etc.

  23. If we talk about double taxation avoidance then tax is charged in the country from which the money has been earned, money earned from Russia can be taxed by Russia easily.

  24. America is making money out of thin air with no value attached to it just creating trillions of dollars, while Russia Plan for everyone.. Even UK has no plan for it citizens.. What a mess…

  25. ,,

    Пожалуйста, послушайте с минуты 3:15 или всей песни 🙂 The BEST PRESIDENT OF THE WORLD, I wish Putin rule the world once and for all 😀

  26. 13 percent. We in the west are being ripped off big time. Paying for every conceivable perceived ease of life they can dream up

  27. I'm English and I'm of the opinion that he is the most efficient World Leader in the modern world.
    The Man always talks common sense !

  28. I appreciate that he is not going to tax interest income any higher than the Russian state taxes income of people.

    Fair is fair.

  29. Ок, Но почему раньше, 25 лет назад, не корректировались ‘справедливые’’ налоги на дивиденды уплывающие в иностранные банки.

    Если верить финансовым аналитикам, за 30 лет из России через оффшоры выкачено 10-ки и даже 100-тни триллионов баксов!

    Так почему спохватились только сейчас?!!

    Выходит правительство и президент не понимало какие деньги теряет, безграмотное правительство и президент – не думаю:)
    Или теперь возникла иная, более внятная причина этому?
    Например – затянувшийся спад в экономике, плюс пандемия, большая часть 75% населения низкодоходные группы, чьи доходы не превышают 12% от общей суммы доходов – на грани социального взрыва и теперь требуется экстренно что-то предпринимать.

  30. Now we know why UK left the EU just in time before the corona-crisis hit. Who offers the most offshore tax-haven islands ? Who ???

  31. It's brilliant Putin intends to tax oligarch for money they hide in offshore accounts. Plus Putin will end treaties with nations unwilling to comply with Russian mandates to tax the oligarchs. This type of justice is another reason the west hates Putin.

  32. El peor enemigo peligroso de usa de Rusia del mundo entero es el coronavirus que a nadie se le olvide


  34. 1. Why he did not do it earlier?
    2. What about returning the progressive taxation scale and subordinating the Сentral bank to the state (now it is managed by the US Federal Reserve)?

  35. God bless you president Putin you are a great man my hope is that you and our president Trump will become great friends and make this a better world

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