BREAKING! Putin Orders Exhaustive Response: How Do We Know What Will USA Put In Romania & Poland?

BREAKING! Putin Orders Exhaustive Response: How Do We Know What Will USA Put In Romania & Poland?

Good afternoon, colleagues.
I would like to begin with what you generally know: on August 18, the United States made a test launch of a ground-based cruise missile,
which, according to the US military, hit the target at a distance of over 500 kilometres.
Such weapons are prohibited under the 1987 Treaty on the Elimination of Intermediate-Range and Shorter-Range Missiles.
In addition, the use of the MK-41 universal launcher during the test fully confirms the validity of the claims that Russia set forth to the United States during the agreement’s validity period.
We have repeatedly pointed out that the deployment of such launch systems on land, at the US missile defence base in Romania,
and their forthcoming deployment in Poland is a direct, substantial, and flagrant violation of the INF Treaty.
The Americans stubbornly rejected this, claiming that the ground-based MK-41 was allegedly unable to launch Tomahawk sea-based cruise missiles.
Now the fact of the violation is evident and impossible to dispute – they themselves have actually spoken about it.
And of course, the question arises: how do we know now what exactly they are going to deploy in Romania and Poland?
Missile defence systems or missile strike systems of quite a long range?
The fact that stands out is that the testing of a missile with the characteristics prohibited under this Treaty took place only 16 days after the Washington’s denunciation of the Treaty.
Clearly, the test was not improvisation but another link in the chain of long-planned measures that were taken in the past.
This only proves the validity of our concerns that were expressed earlier.
Even in prior years, we were aware that the United States had long been developing the weapons banned by the INF Treaty.
We repeatedly informed our partners about that.
But instead of rectifying this unacceptable situation and getting back to observing the Treaty,
the Americans orchestrated a propaganda campaign claiming that Russia is in breach.
As we all see now, the only purpose of that campaign was to provide cover for Washington’s own actions in violation of the Treaty and its initial plan to withdraw.
All this leaves us in no doubt as to the true intentions of the United States, which is that, once the previous restrictions are removed,
they will be free to deploy previously banned missiles in various regions of the world.
High-ranking US politicians are claiming that the deployment of new arms systems may start in the Asia-Pacific region,
which is also affecting our vital interests because they will be close to the Russian border.
As you know, we never wanted, we still do not want and we will not be dragged into a cost-intensive arms race that would be destructive for our economy.
Let me remind you that Russia has a rather modest defence spending ranking: we are seventh in the world
after the United States, China, Saudi Arabia, Great Britain, France and Japan.
Development of our new and truly unique advanced weapons was triggered and, in a manner of speaking,
provoked by the United States’ unilateral withdrawal from the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty in 2003.
We were simply forced and even obligated to enhance the security of our nation.
We are doing it now and will continue to do that in the future, there is no question about it.
At the same time, considering the new circumstances, I instruct the Defence Ministry, the Foreign Ministry and other competent agencies to analyse the level of threat
posed to our country by the above actions of the United States, and take exhaustive measures for a reciprocal response.
Meanwhile, Russia remains open to an equal and constructive dialogue with the United States aimed at restoring trust and strengthening international security.

98 thoughts on “BREAKING! Putin Orders Exhaustive Response: How Do We Know What Will USA Put In Romania & Poland?

  1. We humans are so naive… They're playing us..
    We are the many they are the few, why do we let them do what they do?

  2. Is he going to use that exact same missile that blew up in his backyard.. You know the one with a nuclear reactor on it

  3. I truly believe that Russia has nothing to worry about when it comes to the U.S. The U.S. understands Russia is a super power, and Trump is a nationalist, meaning he believes in borders. I think it's just a precautionary measure. Also if I was the U.S. and Russia started deploying their defenses I wouldn't say anything.

  4. 500 km which is 310 miles. And you want me to believe that the NASA went to the moon which is 248,000 miles away.

  5. Russia keeps the peace in a calm & measured way. Every time the children in the Whitehouse throw their little tantrums, Russia has to respond in a grown up manner. Somebody has to. Remember it is America who backed out of INF. America wants us all to live in fear. They're nasty little children in the Whitehouse.

  6. America seeks to fight a war on european soil! So obvious, and with Mr. Stoltenberg they found a willing pawn
    to instigate it. NATO becoming one more tool in the arsenal of opression and blackmail
    and Europe a nuclear battleground.

  7. Hi, I'm from Romania. Please get those child molesting Americans out of my country! I am a civilian and I will raise arms if you need me to do this!

  8. Didn't Russia just have an accident testing a nuclear powered missile that was developed with intention to reach any location on earth?

  9. Seriously? Russia has enough nukes to destroy the world several times over. Let NATO play their games, the smarter move would be to scale back military spending and rebuild their economy (which means diversifying away from fossil fuels and improving infrastructure across the country). Russia could be an agricultural powerhouse, exporting vast amounts of food to the world. Ultimately it doesn't matter whether Putin doubles the Russian military budget or halves it.

  10. russia you have just built a AI sub that can go any where with a war head of 25 nukes at 100 mega tones the two nukes that were used in ww2 were 15 and 20 let that sink in

  11. russia has been buying urainum from usa yet your going at each other haw stupid, you know what we do with boys that cant get along we keep you apart until you can both be civil on the play ground

  12. americas wars are moving from killing black and brown people to killing people in other white countries. who will be standing at the end?

  13. Porque no lo traducen al idioma español no podemos entender al gran líder mundial que tiene an jaque al imperio asesino de USA,

  14. I'm from Romania.
    Here, the romanian people love America. If you speak the true, they will call you a bolshevik. The politicians know the truth, for example, they know the truth about Deveselu, but they are blackmailed.

  15. So Trump are pushing for the same agenda has killary clinton. This proves that it doesnt matter whoes the president, the shadow goverment is allways THE same !

  16. As an American citizen that does my own research and sees through the bullshit of the military industrial complex / the corrupt federal banking system, I apologize for what is being done. We the citizens, don't want ANY of this. We want peace around the world, and the ability to working together to make sure EVERYONE is happy, and prospers. I condone WHATEVER measures you have to take to rid the world of this disease, but please remember the citizens of this country are NOT the problem. They're brainwashed, but when presented with evidence, will see the light. Please work with us to fix this.

  17. just imagine usa and Russia putting money together in science instead of in army that would be a good world not this shit we have now

  18. Keep wasting your resources like the former soviet union did. Your country will end up pretty much alike. BROKE AGAIN.

  19. I am Polish and so frustrated with my government for being blindly anti Russian.

    There is however a growing movement of nationalists who would rather have Russia as a friend.

  20. Maybe because russia keeps taking back former soviet satellites by force and pushing hybrid warfare around the world . All this talk about short range missiles. Let's be real ,a us or russian sub can pop up anywhere and let loose. This speak makes alot of people rich

  21. We developed much weaponry on very little notice. Despite Propaganda TO the opposite…we know you NEVER keep your part of any treaty. That's OK… missiles are OBSOLETE…WE HAVE A NEW FIRST LINE DOOMSDAY'S DECISION..ITS FRIGHTENING TO THINK, POOF YOU'RE NOT GOING ANYWHERE NEAR THAT..THE ARENA HAS EXPANDED. I'm APACHE PROUD REAL American..we are safe from tyranny by having a BIG STICK !! Put in your pipe and SMOKE THAT !! Tovarich !!!!
    Let's shake hands..not shake in FEAR ..

  22. WHERE ARE THOSE Russians NOW..
    YES, those who live in Russia and Diss, accuse Putin.
    being "panic" mode.. accusing Putin.. say "Putin, thinks the whole world is agains them (russia))..

    you are blind.. here is a little refresher for you.

  23. 💡You worry to much 💡
    What the fuck good is Russia to the US? Russian's don't speak English… It's a big cluster fuck.
    Then both Nations are willing to use Glow Sticks…. I'm going to assume they will… That's the end of the world.
    But the Race will continue.🇺🇸

  24. I don't believe in war… I believe in the Devine oneness… ancient universal knowledge… we need to evolve because the planet its evolving and the universe also…. war it's an old tradition that is not the way to fix… problems… move forward not backwards…..

  25. such an urgent post and I find its not translated into english. Please note this, and future posts do so please.

  26. Missile treaties are for stay at home mom's. To bad Russia has a GDP about the size of Italy. Maybe if Putin took more pics with his shirt off, Russia could actually compete with the United States on a global stage.

  27. Interesting how a lot of people here ignorant of utterly ignorant of history have an opinion. Romania and Poland and to some extent eastern European countries have suffered at the hand of Russia and after the Berlin wall fell they took their dignity back. It is cost for some commenters to post comments about this while they leave 3,000, 4,000 or even more kilometers and were never exposed to Russian brutality and communism brought on tanks in their backyard. Learn history before posting nonsense.

  28. 26/8/2019. 19:00
    Estas reuniones de trabajo ; que tiene el Sr.Vladimir Putin con su gabinete ; seguramente todos los presidentes lo deben de hacer respectivamente en sus países , es la forma mas sana ; que los OBJETIVOS por hacer , queden claros y sean específicos , sobre todo en los lugares donde hay " diferencias políticas " , y en donde se debe de estar " pendiente "
    Así que Sres.(Sras) de cada GABINETE ( representantes de cada Institución en cada país , a SEGUIR TRABAJANDO al 1000 % ) ; ya que son la COLUMNA VERTEBRAL de cada País.
    Pati Azamar 🌒

  29. Putin first step was to analyze the level of threat, Just relax. You guys are the real Bear.
    -From Philippines

  30. My grandfather came to England many years ago but I can’t prove it and sometimes I just wish I could move to Russia and call it my home. Putin deserves far more respect than Donald trump ever could and Trump will control and destroy Britain once we stupidly leave the EU. I am European and a part of Russia runs through my veins. Don’t let Trump and the US drag Russia into a Cold War that is not necessary because they want a scapegoat for their own bad intentions

  31. Oh!pitty Russia's future gen.,the willing victim . Poor foresight on future economic grab of chinas strategy…lol! Wake up!..they're TRAITORS…or else..ITS TO LATE for your innocents citizen..VICTIM OF CIRCUMSTANCES…

  32. Russia better never launch any type of missle at the United States shit will hit the fan.russia is not a angle.russia also attacks sovereign nations and take over cities that was owned by other should not throw rocks at a glass house.

  33. It is not Russia’s business what the U.S. puts or does in Romania. The United States and Romania are good allies. The United States will come to help Romania in case of an attack or invasion from Russia. I fully support what the United States is doing in Romania. God bless America and Romania! 🇺🇸🇷🇴

  34. I respect Putin as the cunning, shrewd, intelligent man that he is, but not all the facts are on the table. Russian subs capiable of carrying nuclear war heads showed up in Cuba about 6 months ago (and they are still there, about the same time long range Russian nuclear bombers landed in Venezuela.) There was also a massive build up of military russian tanks in hidden caverns beneath Mexico, but last years hurricane that hit Mexico, filled the caverns with salt water destroying a lot of them. Ask yourself, exactly WHAT were they doing there in hiding???

    Our CIA's many questionable moves in the past have been corrupt, with corrupt Presidents at the helm Clinton's, Bush's, Obama's, and they are now finally coming under scrunity "VIVA Le Bll Barr & Q".

    But Russia has never been an innocent victim. Socialist Russia went broke & it's aging defunct nuclear capabilities were actually useless against the US. They feigned the shedding of socialism for freer society, they brought down the "lron Curtain"… but, for but a short while. Notice they are once again slowly closing that same curtain, with military aggression are trying to take back control of the same states they once freed, & their freedom of religion, is no longer free, they've instituted laws restricting churches, pastors and individuals from teaching the Bible or sharing their faith openly). The persecution & anti faith laws are slowly being resurrected one again.

    Our stupud American gullibility at the Iron curtain coming down, was the perfect Russian ploy. We rushed right in to "help" Russia's become free loving people… Russia used all our generous finances to rebuild it's massive nuclear & military armament and it's failing economy… put the U.S. into deeper debt all the while.

    Make no mistale here people, at the right moment in time, when America shows weakness… ie (internal civil unrest/war, paired with multiple natural disasters)… when we're too busy with our own issues to be watching our back… Russia, is now waiting for the right timing, and like a lightening fast snake, will strike the fatal blow, hitting America with a full scale nuclear attack, from which we will never recover. Read, research and discover the truth.

  35. It is a good omen for Russia that Romania is on the other side, because they used to be start the conflict on the side of those who finally lose at the end and later they change the side.

  36. ok ali ali 6 days ago with 349 likes out of 7billion earthings! what grade are you?ali ali? Ondrej Beno? oh shit thank you for cold war 6 days ago?

  37. china rules over russia! everybody knows. accept the clintons and bushes. i was wondering who straight line man is? know i know. Fuck me! Sorry!

  38. so many out of prison that want a new life in China and Russia! America wants to release Freedom white and Brown FOLK into China and Russia! we cant afford the GAYS!

  39. wait Putin? you can deal with a women in 2020! Pres. OBAMA? or Hillary sucks a lot of clinton but not Bills DICK?

  40. If Russia behaves,stays in its own boundaries, leaves other countries alone by trying to bring back into block, USA will have no need to help smaller nations defend against Russia. All nations should stay in own boundries, borders, ocean allowed miles from coasts, treat their populations humanely & fairly, a must also for USA, more peace will be between nations.

  41. The point is, you don’t know what we will put in Poland or Romania. And you won’t know what we will put in Norway, Lithuania, Latvia, or Estonia. And it’s non of your business. Stop making something out of nothing. Worry about yourself, and treat your neighbors well. You obviously don’t, which is why practically everyone that shares a border with you comes running to us and NATO. 2 of the 4 aspiring members of NATO are again neighbors of yours that you share a border with. That would of course be Ukraine and Georgia. Unfortunately they can’t join because a rule is that you can not join if you’re currently at war or experiencing land disputes with neighboring countries. Otherwise 7 neighbors that share a border with Russia would be in NATO. That has to say something right? Unfortunately you guys just don’t see it. Although I can blame you since you rank 147th out of 179 countries in the international Freedom Press Index. That means your media and press is state controlled. Also, Russia is the 3rd most dangerous country in the world for journalists due to violent crimes. I really wish you guys were able to experience the same freedoms that we do. Freedom of speech. Freedom to protest (look at what happened in Moscow recently), freedom to carry a firearm so long as one is not a felon, and freedom of press.

  42. Mr Putin, Trump army is in SPACE now waiting …for S-9000🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇸🇮🇸🇮🇸

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