Carteiras Seguras para Guardar suas Moedas (LEDGER e EXODUS)

Hello my friends! This is Edilson, from Investimentos Digitais (Digital Investments) Good morning, good evening, good night! Whenever you’re watching this video So, if you are not subscribed to this channel yet, please do it. Hit the like button, because it helps me a lot. Ok? Alright, I’m finally posting this video about wallets, I’m going to teach you how you can download them some wallets support many coins and mainly, how to send them to a Ledger Hmm… For the coins that are not supported by Ledger I’ve installed Edoxus as well and I’ll show you how it’s done Ok my friends?
So, Jefferson Rondonlfo, from JR JR Envios (JR Redirections) will be pre-selling these Ledgers I’ll leave a link on the description of this video I think it’s very important, especially after this Bitgrail Case That everybody go after a extra layer of security And Ledger is very safe, as you’ll see here It’s even more important if you have a significant amount hmm… It’s great to have one Ledger, and Jefferson will be pre-selling and he’s he’s gonna send it from Brazil…
You can order it directly from Ledger’s website but but, it will take more time to be delivered, you have to pay taxes and all the stuff and God knows how for how long it will be stuck by IRS and if you order by the Ledger’s site you will probably pay more because of the taxes so, link is down below on the description because this video is about wallets, so I’m giving you this tip Well, to begin with, I’m going to login on my Binance account and I’ll show it to you, that I have some coins that I’m holding and some other coins are here for trading Those that I’ll use for trading will be left on Binance I have Iota on Binance and I also have IOTA on bitfinex and, as IOTA’s wallet is is going to be released next week I’m waiting to send my coins to this wallet.
After this episode with Bitgrail I have no doubt that everything is possilbe So it’s always better to store your coins using its official wallets No more cheap talk, let’s do it.
Let me show it here on the screen I apologize for the audio but I could’t adjust my mic to use it on my laptop I’m using my laptop in this moment, I just logged into my Binance acc and what am I going to do? First of all, I’ll withdraw those NANO’s, because I’m not selling it Here ->”withdraw” hmm, let’s see I’ve logged in my nanowallet copy the address… and
sometimes this withdraw doesn’t happen instantaneously they may take a few moments so, I always check the begining and the end of my adress and… some people were saying that Ledger was hacked, but that’s not true I’ll explain it later and what you have to do to take enough precaution Alright, so this is the transaction fee… 0.01 click on ->submit
Now I have to enter my 2FA So I’ll receive a confirmation code on my email “1ge…ccw..” confirm… and that’s it
As I said before, it may take a few moments Let me refresh the page The withdraw is being processed Now back to the other coins Just making sure you remember…
I have more than one account on Binance I will acess my second account later So… this coin here, TRON is for trading hmm, EDO is for trading as well
it didn’t reach the price I need to sell it yet MIOTA my IOTA’s will be stored here for now hmm… Qtum I’ll send Qtum to my Ledger EOS will stay here for now because their official wallet will be released in a few months, so I’m gonna wait I’m not going to send it to myetherwallet yet My NANO’s I’ve just withdrawn it
BNB’s are going to stay here And this is my coin for trading
I always leave a small amount here to trade Well Let’s.. ..see
Go to ->Apps ->Ledger wallet bitcoin Because I bought on Foxbit a few days ago I have 0.9 BTC What am I gonna do? I’ll request a withdraw Woah, I already received ->Transactions I’ve just received 19.08
Take a look here See?
My Nano’s here, it’s still processing But I’ve already received 19.08, wonderful Hmm, now let’s send it to my Ledger Here’s the Ledger I’ll unlock the device Let me show you Here, I have to enter my password righ here My security PIN Alright, now let’s change the screen so you can see Here, to unlock, I’ll select BTC ->Bitcoin
->Segwit Just remember Ledger wasn’t hacked
So, what happened? When you crlt+c your adress, the hackers changed this adress And what Ledger did? They just updated so… When you hit the Receive button The address that I’m going to confirm is displayed Let me show you it again Just a sec…
So, take a look Let me flip it I’m trying not to unplug it Can you see? “Confirm adress” So… The address is displayed here it ends with “Mz” so just… just press this button it means that you’ve checked this address and that it is the right one so just copy it…
Let’s withdraw here First thing Click here, select the amount Ok, this is my total amount that I have on this wallet “2aMz” Ok… Just remember that Foxbit has a deadline to send it Now back there, as I showed before, and let’s withdraw Now I’m gonna deposit another coin that I have for hodling, QTUM Here… qtum
While Foxbit is processing my withdraw I’ll show it to you I don’t have qtum installed on Ledger yet So I’m gonna do it now
Just making sure, I have a video showing how to do it Here “Ledger Manager” Done, and I’m gonna uninstall BCH, because I don’t have any BCH Done… Now, for Qtum I have to click here Install…
Done Ok… You just have to click on Install and it’s gonna be installed Next step, go back… here… But here with Wallet Bitcoin I’m gonna select here on the Ledger’s display The coin I want, which is Qtum Let me show you… Here Can you see the “Qtum” on the display? Ops, it’s upside down Here we go Qtum, you saw it, right? now, back to my… screen again… Here I’ll select Qtum
It will open up my wallet And remember that this is the first time I’m using Qtum Here, no Qtum’s here So go to Binance ->withdraw I’ll withdraw everything Back to that adress ->Receive It’s going to show you the address then I copy it
Confirm on the Ledger’s display if it is the right address 34…1QQ
It’s right… Done…
So now go here, Withdraw Select “Max”
And there’s this 0.01 qtum fee Enter your 2FA again …1951665… Ok, an email was sent to me… I’m gonna confirm this email Ok, confirm Done, withdraw completed Folks, The video was cut unintentionally But I’ve already received my Qtum ok, $600 on Qtum Let me see The total amount I received is correct It wasn’t confirmed yet but The amount I sent from Foxbit to this wallet is just right Great, and I showed you guys how to add another coin I added Qtum So, with all those coins I have on Binance The ones that are supported by Ledger will be sent to my Ledger The ones that are supported by Exodus will be sent to my Exodus wallet as well Let me show you
I’m going to log into my Binance acc again And Exodus will allow you to get the 12 words backup only after your first deposit So, here you’re probably going to get the 12 words So you have control of your wallet So… Hmmm… EOS right? Well, I’m gonna do the following…
I’ll withdraw litecoin (LTC) Let’s see… For Litecoin, I go to my bittrex acc, I have 0.7 LTC here Receive… make sure this is the right adress Lr… …8e…
But I have to register this wallet Bittrex is kinda annoying with this let’s see… ->withdraw whitelist LR…8E… LTC Here is the adress Then the authenticator Done, confirm the coin and the adress F8E…LRb It’s the same, alright
Now let’s withdraw Litecoin… This is the adress All the litecoin I have available
There’s the fee here Auth again… 248… Done…
My request will be confirmed in a few minutes And then I’ll show it on my Exodus wallet And probably, as I receive those LTC’s, I’ll be able to get the backup and then I can show that for you guys And while it’s being sent from bittrex to Exodus, I’m gonna show you another thing There’s no way, sometimes there are wallets, this XTERABYTE here, that I bought and I made a video about it
And there is its wallet So what do I do? I go to
type XBY XBY… Then I go to the website And just remembering you that BTC’s downfall has caused all the other coins to behave the same way so… that is what’s going to happen until we reach a certain level, and I believe it’s gonna happen very soon So For those who want to know more about this coin It’s on my past videos
So go to wallets I’m downloading the windows version you have to download a specific wallet for the coin you want… in case this coins isn’t supported by Exodus nor by Ledger And remember that Ledger is always adding new coins So, this is a good coin I have a video on it Ah, another thing, I’d like to thank you all, we are about to reach 26k subscribers Thank you so much unfortunately the last video about bitgrail was harsh as you know the video about XTERBYTE is here, let me see I think it’s XBY Here, this is the video, it’s from a month ago Here you can find all the info about this coin I think it’s a good coin for long term hodl so the coins that are not in here, nor in Exodus, nor in Ledger You can download the specific coin on the site take a look on coinmarketcap and go to the official website of that coin then download it and leave it in your PC I think this way is better
I’m not going to show this procedure for all the coins because it would take forever the video would be more than 1 hour long and I’ve already edited it a lot
For bitcoin If you don’t have a Ledger I recommend Exodus or, even better, for smartphones: Mycelium this is the better one there is or breadwallet for IOS
one of those hmm nope, I didn’t receive it yet
probably it takes a few confirmations so I’m using the time to download this XBY So, folks, I closed and opened Exodus And now I have my Litecoin balance I have almost 1 LTC And now I can get my backup I have to create a password Now It gives me those 12 words, that I can’t show here the best thing is to write them down on a paper because these words are the ones you can use to recover you wallet so, easy peasy
I’m gonna write them down on a paper and Exodus will probably ask ask me to write them again
There’s also a backup email So this wallet is very safe, I heard about it before A long time ago I always use a bunch of email addresses I don’t recommend you to use only one email address Take a look All files are encrypted with your password So, here is the 12 words backup, and the email address used to backup Wonderful… XBY is synchronizing I’m gonna pause it And get back to it later But with Exodus you will be able to safely store a lot of coins It’s very practical Here’s your portfolio You can see your balance in BTC or in Dollar You can see the price or the amount of determined coin here if I wanted to send ten bucks it would cost me a 33 cents fee it’s a fixed fee, very cheap alright, I really liked Exodus
I received 3 minutes ago I don’t know if I can change it to portugues, but probably not Here are the coins supported If you want a coin to be displayed, just mark the check box and it will appear here in your portfolio the backup is all set
if you click here you can see your 12 words So, that’s it my friends For XTERABYTE I’ll have to wait it finish synching and then I get back to the video Well friends, the wallet is still synching the XBY so… I’ll bring it back in another opportunity Showing you how this wallet works But each coin has its own wallet I’m not going to wait it finish synching, I’ll just leave it here otherwise it would take a lifetime and the video would get much longer but I promise I’ll bring this wallet in another video showing how it’s done
but it’s very simple just like other wallets
just click on Receive and then you receive and send from the exchange to this wallet if the total value is not that much, I recommend you not to deal with it There’s the HTML coin’s wallet which I have a video on that it means, for the coins that you have a good money invested in, I recommend download the official wallet and transfer the coins to this wallet, or to exodus wallet, or use Ledger That’s the right thing to be done Sometimes I buy a lot of different coins and I get lazy But the ones that are worth some good money I will be transfering everything, separately So, that’s it my friends A video about wallets, using Exodus as well I showed you how to get a backup for Exodus How to use Ledger… And as I told you, a exchange is not a wallet it’s better if you download a real wallet, and store your coins safely you don’t need all this protection like I’m doing right now using different laptops you can use only one computer if you take the right precautions there’s no problem ok friends?
If it was too complicated tell me and I’ll try to make another video
If your coin isn’t supported by Ledger nor by Exodus You better download the official wallet for this coin For bitcoin I use Ledger or mycelium or breadwallet for IOS
For the other coins my first option is a Ledger Then it goes to Exodus and for the coins that aren’t supported by any of them I use the official wallet I go to coinmarketcap and enter the official website of determined coin and download it Ok friends?
If you liked this video hit the like button It helps me a lot Subscribe to this channel, if you haven’t done it yet Take care! See you

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