Cringe Compilation #6

Shhh, guys
I know it’s only been two weeks,
But it’s been the best two weeks of my life
And you’re so so special
I just wanted to, say,
million into gold how much you think
that way
I don’t know it matter how much go ways
oh I did already did the converter on
the Internet no I’m just asking do you
think it’s more than two thousand pounds
or less than two thousand pounds
probably more to that it’s two thousand
pounds exactly yes oh you have any gold
bars that works out to more than 50 or
less than 50 mm have no idea bro take a
guess I’m a guest wrong you want me to
guess wrong no so you can be like it’s
no I don’t I don’t
the owner pick does the owner pay you
and go I’ll give you an option to pay in
gold for a million bucks pretty funny
it’s 73 bars okay who has longer arm
span wingspan you or Dwight Howard he
just walked in the building when you’re
seven feet tall I’m 6 foot 3 and my
wingspan is 6 foot 6
so I’m guessing 7 foot for heavy tell
you the doctor majors I know your talk
I’m sure the doctor
but do you think your arms are longer
than California condors yeah it was a
better question how will you put your
arms out now do you think a bird has
longer arms and you hate my fans it’s
Michelle joy Phelps and I am here with
Deontay Wilder how are you
first of all I’m a-gettin neck cramp
doing this yeah yeah that’s what she
said so but I’ve been doing
okay I am so sad right now she was
exactly what I would do if I built a
woman it’s okay but this was it it’s
like she wasn’t willing to compromise
you know I’m sure there was things wrong
with her that I would have compromised
you know I don’t understand that I don’t
understand that
wasn’t meant to be a man it takes a big
man to cry like that
you know you gotta trust you have a big
heart very sensitive towards things like
that don’t worry I fight over girls
several times don’t let a man cry really
yeah it’s alright
water under the bridge
okay it’s still putting more so this for
this to this so we do baby and then
while they’re so y’all serious man it’s
love in the streets do your max Merle
and goats are DJ itself or DVD have no
role in that net it is not a fucking gun
we’re gonna drop real quick off the
whole DVD who off the whole DVD fan we
get a drop real quick and yeah hey yo we
are up stop and we fuck with both talk
TV rap that man at that blue top
Jamie that’s a
while these are
she’s always liked
I hope I get reincarnated as your pants

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