Crypto-currency Script in Excel | 10 AM Tech-News | Priyank Gada

So what’sup Youtube Its me priyank gada and you are watching 10 AMnews now This show is solely dedicated to technological news related to hacking Well in today’s video we have coin hive for excel If you dont know what is coinhive lets dive into it [Illumination Production House] [Crypto-currency Script in Excel] So before starting with this video In case you havent yet subscribed then please hit the subscribe button Because i keep on uploading videos regularly and you will see new videos everyday at 10AM BTW in today’s video we have a cryptocurrency java script Which allows you to mine coin using JS Now recently microsoft has announced and released in their developer preview Of excel That microsoft excel will support java scripts to to add in custom functions and custom formulaes So developers can actually create some custom formulaes for microsoft excel So functions were available for microsoft excel for various platforms for windows mac linux and stuff and according to the recent news the The release was out in developer preview of microsoft excel and not for all version The javascript was actually executed once the user clicked on it and allowed it and microsoft excel actually connected to an external server to run the java script only if the user allows it to run However it should be noted that microsoft addins were not actually executing custom functions directly But were actually asking permissions of user to instead the user had to manually load the addins and the java functions to run them here is the actual news. Coin hive which is actually a cryptocurrency for JS cryptocurrency was added to java excel It was clear that it would run because of new update or the new feature that microsoft has added so thats the news and lets see if microsoft fixes this or how they react to this In case you have some suggestions then please comment them down below let us know how you feel about the news by commenting your reaction below BTW again its me priyank gada signing off. Before goin please check the merchandise, links provided in the description.

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