CS:GO Update: Halloween Chickens, Sound Change & New Currency Rates

Hey guys, salut mes amis och hallå gubbar, Maxim here. A very large Halloween update just came out
for Global Offensive, and it’s so huge that it’s close to: All right, it’s not a big update,
it’s actually very small. In this update they have added holiday cheer,
which basically means that chickens now have pumpkin heads. They look funny, and colorful, and I’m about
to peek mid to show you the only BIG thing about this update, this big a** chicken is
pretty big. Yeah. Now to something a little bit more serious,
if you’ve already started the game you might have noticed that sounds from away seem muffled,
or supressed, either way you’re probably noticed a difference. That’s because Valve has enabled the new audio
occlusion feature for all players. And here’s the thing, you can’t disable it
unless you have sv_cheats 1, so in other words, you will have to get used it, when playing
matchmaking and other competitive services. I’m surprised Valve wouldn’t let us choose
if we wanted to have it enabled or not when we play competitively, but I guess that’s
not the case. Also worth mentioning, the audio settings
are set to HRTF by default so they are really trying their best to push everyone to the
new sound systems and features of the game, which I have nothing against, it’s just that
I would appreciate being able to choose. I’m also wondering if having it enabled is
Valve’s way of saying that this is the new standard and should help people with some
of the current sound issues of the game regarding footsteps. Well, I guess if everybody has to use it,
then one has a disadvantage, right? Oh and please don’t dislike my video for this
change, I have nothing to do with it, but I’ll probably get used to the new sounds quickly. I really liked when Valve added the possibility
of hiding the hud without sv_cheats enabled and I thought that was a great change. It gave us some sort of freedom. Anyway, so for some uplifting news which isn’t
necessarily part of the update but still came out at around the same time, some currency
conversion rates have been updated. Buying keys will cost 2.10€ instead of 2.20. Some other currencies will be affected differently
and here’s a list made by Wickedplayer494 to show you how. This pretty much means, prepare your wallets
because in a couple hours, all the changes for the currencies will most likely be in
full effect. So that was all I had for this video, but
I just want to remind you guys that “Play The Frag” My latest project will have a new video
ready soon, and it’s going to have some pretty sick animations and effects that I really
think you’ll like. Make sure you subscribe to that channel if
you haven’t already as it focuses on CS:GO highlights. All right, let me know what you thought this
update in the comments, I’ll see you in the next video, go bananas!

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