DotA 2 Guide – Elder Titan Done Quick

Hi, my name is Smallkiwi, and this is how
you play Elder Titan. Titan is a strength based melee initiator.
His Echo Stomp is a large delayed AOE that sleeps nearby enemies. Ancestral Spirit is
an AOE nuke that creates a controllable mimic that has the echo stomp and natural order
abilities. Natural Order is a passive aura that removes armor and magic resistance from
enemies, and his Ultimate, Earth Splitter, is a massive delayed nuke thats slows and
pulls enemies in. Elder Titan should be played in any lane except
mid and pairs well with almost any hero due to his early tankiness. Early game, you can
use Ancestral Spirit to harass and zone enemies in lane. Titan becomes a formidable initiator
as soon as he has both Echo Stomp and Ancestral Spirit. You can catch opponents unaware by
casting Ancestral Spirit close to enemy heroes and immediately casting echo stomp. Remember
that enemies hit this way are put to sleep and not stunned, so make sure you and your
teammates get in good positions before delivering the first hit. At level 6 you add a massive nuke to your
initiation with Earth Splitter. Simply follow up the combo with your ultimate and it will
be nearly impossible for your enemies to escape. Earth Splitter can also be cast when fleeing:
cast it in the direction you and your teammates are retreating and enemies will either be
forced to break off the chase or take damage and be slowed. Late game Elder Titan can wade into the middle
of a teamfight and use his powerful debuff aura to help teammates mop up enemies. Don�t
forget that you can hit extra targets with echo stomp by hitting enemies near yourself
and the mimic. By taking control of the mimic you can make sure you deal the magic damage
to as many enemies as possible. Also remember that using Return Spirit will bring your ancestral
spirit back early and grant you bonus movement speed and damage for each unit it damaged. When leveling Elder Titan, prioritize Earth
Splitter>Ancestral Spirit>Echo Stomp>Natural Order. Get the default recommended starting
items, and then get boots, and either a wand or a soul ring then get an urn of shadows
unless another player builds it, otherwise get Drums of Endurance, then build Power Treads.
For mid & late game consider a pipe of insight, assault cuirass, blademail, heart of tarrasque,
scythe of vyse or refresher orb. Thanks for watching this quick guide for DotA
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