Ethereum handeln und verkaufen

Trade, buy and sell Ethereum.
How can you take part in and easily put in to practice the cryptocurrency
that is about to change the world?
I’m Thorsten Wittmann, here
from the Copacana in Rio de Janeiro and welcome to today’s video.
We have a very interesting topic: Ethereum.
Based on current information it is the second largest crypto cryptocurrency in the world, right after Bitcoin.
Ethereum is about to change the world, with an even bigger impact than Bitcoin currently has,
since there are many areas of application.
Before we have a look on how to buy, trade and sell Ethereum,
we’ll clarify what Etherum is
and why you should keep on eye on it.

It is simple, let’s cover the functionality first. It’s based on the Smart Contract
Imagine throwing a 1€ coin into the drinks machine, for example.
And coming out you will get the Coke you just pressed the button for.
And that is the very easy principle of Ethereum.
Meaning order something and receive it all.
Now here comes the big difference. You could walk up to the drink stands in the back to buy your drink
where it might cost you 2 Euros though.
And that’s simply beacause of the intermidiaries, which completely disappear on the
blockchain with Ethereum. Plus, software can be applied and such intermidiaries
like let’s say
banks, notaries or internet giants like Facebook or Google, might get into big trouble.
In the future that might even expand to many other areas.
Hence, if you’re an entrepreneur and want to invest money you should
keep on eye on it since you can earn a lot of money and also
lose a lot of it , in case you’re missing out the development and do not understand at all
what is about to get rolling, which most people don’t seem
to understand right now.
Let’s have an easy example. In the future there would be a software,
which has all properties visualized, meaning the ownership structure like
the electronic land register nowadays on a blockchain, chances are
that transactions on a blockchain ensure legal assurance in a strong way, and that due to its
decentralization – it’s not a centralized institution – even notaries might become
redundant in the future or at least some of them might
lose their jobs. This can be an option
for further areas as well.
So this means, this cryptocurrency can really change the world and if you want to
start an investment, which makes sense if you can see through and understand where it is heading to,
then how can you
take action easily?
How can you trade, buy and sell Ethereum?
Very simple, there is big cryptocurrency platforms or stock markets like Kraken,
like Coinbase, like – renowned institutions where you can
open your own cryptocurrency account, where you sign up, transfer money to and
make investments in Ether, which is Ethereum’s currency. Considering current market prices
you might buy at a relatively low price. At least not at the peak by the time
of this recording, because that can change quickly with cryptocurrencies.
You can also invest by stages, which makes a lot of sense. At least don’t
invest on peak level, you might be more cautious with that.
Generally speaking, when prices are getting lower again, it makes
more sense to get involved to make sure you have fun with
your investment.
Of course we don’t have lots of experience values, we repeatedly need to highlight that
but it’s a very exciting topic, and it is no secret
that you’ll find Ethereum in my portfolio, too.
Then there is a great option to diversify and ensure safety in
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I see you next friday again. I’m looking forward to seeing you.
Catch you later!
Yours, Thorsten Wittmann.

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