EXCLUSIVE! Russians Enter Abandoned American Base In Syria For The First Time!

We have the unique footage from Syria – the military base that the Americans left
where the Turks wanted to enter but the Kurds called the Syrian army to come instead of Americans.
Our journalists went there with Russian military.
Our correspondent Alexander Bilibov from Manjib region
Just a few kilometers from Manbij, an armored vehicle of the Russian military police leaves the highway.
After a couple of minutes, two communication towers appear on a hill.
Next – powerful fortifications: gabions – special mesh containers with soil – oblong with barbed wire and massive concrete blocks.
Here it is, the American base near Manbij.
In any case, this place was the base just a few days ago.
But as soon as Turkey launched Operation Peace Spring in northeastern Syria, the contingent got an order from Pentagon to leave this place.
And, as can be seen, what has been left here, American military did not just leave here – they hastily fled, leaving everything they could not bring with them.
It is evident that they took only weapons, communications, and computers with them.
On October 15, when the order came to leave the base, there was a party – a more than a few glasses and bottles are there as proof.
Perhaps they decided to celebrate their departure from Syria.
The contingent was living completely autonomous here – all the medicines, supplies and other items needed to operate the base came from the United States.
These are boxes of the US National Postal Service.
The base had its own hospital, operations could be performed here; there was a bank of donated blood.
The food of the Americans was also abundant, and, apparently, the supply was planned for several months in advance.
Both Moscow and Damascus oppose the illegal presence of US troops in sovereign Syria for more than once.
“We are not here for long,” the Americans said.
However, being at an abandoned US military base, and this is not entirely true.
Capital buildings and concrete blocks protected the base from possible attacks.
But Americans are not so defensive. We saw this kind of targets everywhere.
The Pentagon military contingent trained to shoot at distances of 50, 100, 200 and even 300 meters.
This base appeared in 2017 when Kurds with US support ousted ISIS terrorists.
Then the military from the United States settled here.
They used this military facility as a stronghold for their patrols in northern Syria,
as well as to coordinate the activities of the Western coalition aviation in this area from the front lines.
And if earlier local residents did not dare to approach the American base even a few hundred meters,
now they safely walk around and drive cattle to pastures.
It seems that the Americans left these places for good.

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