Fortnite Skulltrooper Season 6 – Final Tournament!

My camera
Why I’m already caped yeah
Any of the
Blue cop on stream you
Gino finger
What am I doing right now in the cam the
Young swamp. Hey, it’s on my viewer Luke
Lucas why not? Here you should
Will turn yourself off
No, you’re pretty loud. Can you hear me? Fine? Can you hear Logan on the stream?
All right
It’s probably because I also have my stream stove set up to
We have this right you can’t be extreme, you know
There you go I stream on YouTube what do you mean
Gone yes see, I like it. Yeah, I like risky. I
Like this you click cut fucking complaining Jesus I
Don’t wanna die you look literally for the next like 12 hours
We just hang up its
Creamy jalapeno fucking blaze papa bulls are the ship look at the loan the house I a really bad drop
Eat my ass
Eat my ass
Blue come here. There’s an AR for you
All of you guys are pussies for not going to actual risky I had like the worst off literally I would just like
Rip I knocked one come here. He’s a ghoul troop up now. He’s a story. I thought he was a ghoul trooper
Knock them Congrats
59 meter you may throw go thirst. I’m like you did to me
Actually that already
Weighs sponsor me
We’re doing it tomorrow
See someone Luke are getting reported
Be looking but I could do not imma put two lit. Oh my god
Luke you’ve been reported
What if you got kicked and her like yep used to awesome that’s why you’ve been
I’ll be right back
There I
Literally thought ahead. I really thought had my Shaka now. I taught them one time in the head with myself
Intake of the air, you know
Luke are you watching stream or not?
How was this frozen that’s got put in the refrigerator like a minute ago
You know you can boost
Plus a one you had us
Or whatever boots
How many times are people gonna I’m gonna take that
Luke you’re gonna die
Run into him, dude, I want to see how far he flies you would not believe your eyes if ten million fireflies
Sorry toast Managua, please sponsor me
I’m gonna make the cars off the road
Eat ass smoke grass
Congrats Luke
I’m gonna take I hear people shooting. I’m not that’s at us. We should probably go kill them
LG obtained the great
You’re sick no scalpel imagine
We’re bad, we’re bad Oh
Yo, we can play with the bow after this game
Bro full squats. Oh shit. I left a noose
You’re I’m inviting them
Yes, sir
Because I need and you can see that
Did Papa Lucas plan for I wish you could go and inspect to people why can’t you?
Honestly should be able to hey
Bo he definitely has a mic where’s yet?
It says he’s talking
Bo donde estas I
Heard him I heard him
Yeah, they’re in again
While they’re fighting with the guy on the other no
Oh they come below
Oh the right on top of the mountain a a
By highest KD is in squads interesting
What you say
Yeah, you know who that is Carson
I’m the lava boy here Bo I’m inviting you
All of that
My lord and I wants it
Let’s just all go the fucking weirdest skin we have
Rest in peace
Though you’re hella quiet. Ah
Yes, sir
Would you say bow yeah, I know why not
Why told you I told you right now for the next well always me preparing for junior for the art practice I know right now
practice finals at us
Wait practice finals. What the fuck even though Oh
Bro, that shit’s easy. I
Got like I got 19 points esterday, and I was gone for like 45 minutes
I know what I get to like try to get 20 every uh
20 every game I
Try to get 20 every five games
Brief five. Yeah, I played like six games and I had 19
Nice, basically, they get 20 every five games when you have to get like three skills and Ellie’s
People understand better than their trailer. Well, no that’s ten points for five tips
If you’re just getting six skills are not giving placement books if you get top at three and six kills
Average then that’s 20 point seven
Well, I usually win like three of them every time it’s near the energies are some guys have more built in the Orion RPG. Yeah
None of those guys had a bunch of that somebody was changer skybridge. Oh
He died, he’s sick ending road drill sergeant and best get him again
It kind of is I like it
Start by the sushi guy. Um, I don’t I wouldn’t
Should I
So, you know you guys are saying I should buy them in ryback’s
Yeah, Jake Jack Gordon, okay, there’s seven people left right now
People there people keep around on top of us I should buy Jack Gordon and the pickaxe
Yeah, I’m saying a few words here that’s what I do I might get the moonrise ax right now I
Just bought it I
Can’t wait to get the dark wings the dusk wings
About to get them the black wings
in the bow pass
Careful cuz it’s someone right in front of us. I can’t wait to get the swarm glider dude. That’s take
All they’re making a base right up there, okay, we’re at I have a one time if you want to go around them
Okay, I want to pull up on them the boogie down
I just got it dude. Honestly it all I get off – seating game
Yeah, I have enough to buy the battle call, but I might just save me
Yeah, I have 250 bucks, I might just buy battle call cuz it’s pretty sick console
Although not very book knock so they go for the TA
Honestly, the fillet axe is pretty sick too I
Kind of like how there’s a little shadow on the axe limb in Isaac’s
Honestly, it looks really good with the ragnerok cape
That’s up to you but I probably a chat Gordon and the banana tax
Honest the sanctum skins pretty good, too. I have a lot fun
The flax is good to
Me to dude honestly far more and I would ever kid it
I’m a calculator right now
Another barrier
Yeah, I wasn’t gonna win
Yeah, why is the guy dancing
Yeah, yeah and you could probably say look I had one kill that one kills me you
Tell they probably just we’d hire again
Okay, well I finished every single challenge I had oh my god
Logan where are you? I know it keeps looking out of your games
Wait Logan, do you have one of the pumpkin heads either Jack Gordon? Yeah
Logan t-pose
We all have to be T Posey, well you can wait no weekend
Okay, we’re gonna pop another he kills I’m guessing
Luke you have to BT posing
We all have to be T Busey
Luigi bozo
It’s all on my screen. There was all the last skins that everyone was using some ice cream
There was two so we still stuck in play and another Punk get had inside of everyone
So just imagine the pumpkin skin looked like a Zowie inside of her inside of him, that’s a fun time look like it was
Like looking at him with a dress
Yeah sanctums just a dart. Oh my god, dude. This pickaxe is icy
Honestly, it feels like it swings fast food
Wait, which one is it?
Now what Jax the Carver
Are we going ah, yeah, it’s Colton. Yes, sir
Either got Trump or apartments
Okay, usually go Ellis or a small red. I
Hope the God that you know what that means we know what small Reds
Okay polygon elves
Got it, though
Logan keep your sink bombs and open the stuff we need to pick this weapon
I’m sorry about
I’m kind of stuck here. Yeah, I know. I picked up the gray hour. I’m kind of stuck here
I need help right now
Yeah, it’s two people, oh no, it’s three it’s a whole squad last time I checked the whole squads for
Gather all all four of them land there
Who does that
I’ve seen the
Bro, he’s 10. Why are you finishing me? You’re bad
They all landed in that same building and it was just like to me and this other person 19 part of that team
Just fighting those two
You look like yeah
Yep, they kicked me out again. I know it’s time by the game
Though you think you’re mad I bought this
Say something I would say something but like I never played season one. I played before never played season one
Like I played before right before season 1 started
I like played like one game said no, how could you play before season 1 season 1 as the first piece?
I can play before season 1 season 1 as the first season
Offseason offseason, what’s that?
Luke we don’t know if offseason is because we don’t have one from lacrosse
Ok broaden mutate season one, right?
Rob it’s a bo Robinson. Oh shit. I probably shouldn’t have instant
We’re going fatal
Fatal fields
Sign a purple. Yeah. Give me the dual pistols
Me too
Underrated and a purple surprised
Nice, not a our pistols
And blue Julie’s, oh my god, I love this game
They’re disgusting
Luke people on
Lu get him he’s bad
Come here someone he’s gonna kill me. I
Only have it this. Oh, yeah. He’s there they’re revving I
Don’t have a pistol. Okay, I’m shocked. I can’t do anything
They’re coming for you you’re bad stay went through my deal oh
My god, they’re all going for you
Right there Logan Oh
Streamer by the way
And he kicked me out again
It’s because your back
No, it’s just telling me I can’t play with you
Not just like nah, you must like not you must prepare yourself like in 12 hours. Let me hours. I have arts
18 hours got it
Loki I love this skin
One but when I’m fucking wearing, okay. Hey remember when they are they made it where you couldn’t use the
Yeah, I was upset about that
Is it back now, can you use oh, yeah, you can use enough so you can use them now
it’s just I hate everything people are using it the team’s
Gonna wear the certain country and it’s our number dream. You need to became
Oh, yeah, that’s how you gotta do
Luke do you have bright baller?
Shit cuz then the bow and bow and loading could be bright bomber. I mean the dark bomber and then we can be
Boys where’s your friend son really far away from his mic bow
Extremely far away from his mic
Get out of here you’re bad
Yeah, I’m pretty due to know we’re going right there
Yeah, no let go right there
We’re going to oh
My I’ll get big red eye. I got Texas Plus West Virginia slash fish
Look at Texas there’s a little piece that sticks out of the top and the P sticks out to the side
This isn’t big red this is fish
Eat me no, that’s definitely no some people call the apartments bigger I did
We 3d bus went to the same house or if
I’m getting raped someone help
No good
You’re just shooting out it from the top of building cuz he hadn’t they are and I didn’t
Yeah, I shot him 39 for a head shot
Aren’t you cool?
Whose grappling
Various yeah, he’s gonna realize that there’s four of us
Though I appreciate it
I need an AR
Fine just like Mike on Trump
Buh doo, buh, what will help it you up?
Alright, oh I didn’t know here I bandies for you there’s three
On me next to hurry up
That’ll get you to 75
Now look flute come behind this building I
Know come behind the building come behind the building. I don’t have I don’t have missed
No, but yeah, I need the revive I Silva done that challenge
Darn it
Honestly, I like this axe
Duke you’re about to get clapped
Where are they I
Still in your trap kill kill hungry one, honestly, I’m a just box someone
I see two people but the guy can do suicide, okay?
So you didn’t kill up I?
Killed him you’re bad and you’re mad because you’re bad and you’re sad because you’re mad
he looked at me and then committed suicide I
Just got an AR. Are you kidding me?
Yeah, it’s from the Marquess
That’s do
Logan you’re bad
I was stuck in my menu
No design no Nevaeh Rama
But fucking line a lot as much as give me
Thanks dad
Any small mo any small mo
Like 2000 another blue eye or if anyone’s but I
Just got a purple burst it was just left there
We’re down here never
Does the glitch it does look giant, dude
The pickaxe raising is giant like it looks trying
Does this glitch still work?
No, the glitch doesn’t work
The glitch or you could like instantly just destroy buildings bow you good
The chip no, oh
Like I just realized why my buildings been so weird today
Mr. Bad
Know I forgot that we’re gonna put my thing on builder pro like to set practicing all of them one with it and like everybody
Else holding down where you’re supposed to put on heavy no, I
Have zero, I’m using that sniper then you have rockets
I’ll take it. Yeah, I actually give it to bow gift. So I
Have 13 extra bullets in my AR and I have 25 for my compact SMG life’s great
Bro, what’s about to happen with all these small islands look it in
Can I please get the scar I’ll give you this burst
I tried just
Luke oh
I love you forever, dude that
It is the blip still work where you can go flying with the shadow Christmas
You you you’re supposed to be able to fly with them. What do you mean? Oh people kind of know
I just I just need all of you to get away from the boat
For me
Hit one
Come here, buddy
Eight damage a headshot dude, are you kidding?
They’re on me one sec, are you at three shit?
Wow did aren’t you cool
No nurse first thing is that’s anus
Organ don’t be bad
I gotta put it top down watch. I’ll be stuck if they walked over that
My god, you’re good. Oh
Because they’re okay. Okay Logan. Did you did it? Kick you out? It kicks me out every single time. That’s sick
Absolutely shagging Xbox for my mom’s no
What do you mean no, I can still play with you head house. Oh
Yeah bow, you know cuz you switch over right
Jack Gordon, let’s go
And wall me tipos, oh that’s why he
Looks go through a chronic cape
Hello cat
Yeah, yeah the female one
Yeah do the face lick celery and it looks like fucking fan OHS
Let’s go for greasy put a drop, okay
Yes, you are I am but I’m gonna be
Alright I’m going to little shack
Because there’s up to three chest bones
You say up to three but sometimes there’s like none it’s guaranteed on
Yeah, but there’s there’s three chest bones here and
Two of them spawn, so we’re chilling. Oh
My arm, it’s over I
Got to hunting rifles to hunting I’ve
Yeah, you can have a green hunting rifle sir
I got a green in the blue
No, I just finished the heavy part because I couldn’t find a heavy for so on no, I just got
You know, it’s a fucking hard-ass challenge the bringing the doorbell will opponents are inside of it I’d finish digest finishing
But it’s annoying because you have to rely on someone else to be there
Thank you
It’s over you’re bad
Yeah, you’re bad
Obviously don’t kill him yellow. Let’s ring the door though
Yeah, get me out of there, oh no, he’s dead now
On an opponent, oh I got it Logan come here I hung up for you
No scope
Now let’s go flying away
Over something
Come here you had us
Eat my ass
Yeah, what the stay around
Well, dude, I used to build a pro and I not builder pro combat pro and I used to do it fine
I used to builder pro and I still get confused. I’ll get staring what’s with Latin would
Eventually, you just get the hang of it though
Yeah, I’m so sorry
You’re uh, yeah, just tell me right now that you slum struggling
Now your grip ain’t ready yeah, okay remember it took me like a week to remember it eventually just comes muscle memory though I
Plan builder. Oh, you asked me Luke. I heard that
Yeah, he does
Which one is it just the Holden, is it the hold one? Can we just hold it?
No, yeah, I know that setting is where you just hold it
Yeah, and yeah, that’s the same one you just came out yeah, but just come out really yeah, I know
It was in the patch notes to anyone that reads the patch notes know that yeah
If you’re smart person you should read the patch notes I
Didn’t read it but a little bit even on their Twitter. Oh, sorry upon their pleasure. Oh just like
now that you don’t
Alright now let’s go to uh, and then
no, it’s not under but
Just normal settings where you can change your sense and then it’s
Where is it cancer? It’s in control options real find it and then same thing with your edit
You can make it. So it’s like point one seconds. Now. That’s a two point two
Build repel build immediately and then change your controller at it whole time to plan on
You’ll build 12 times faster
Same thing very
Wait, what was that setting that you’re talking about with the editing? Oh
Yeah, so just go to the thing and I’ll be like edit like edit whole time or whatever controller edit whole time
I’m gonna get the ten. Yeah
What’s that mean Oh
How fast it switches, oh I like that
No, that’s not us, which is that just so you know and you’re like you’re trying to edit how you have to hold it that
Shortens the amount of time you have to hold it for. I know I said, I like it
Hey guys
What’s your fault what’s not myself from you guys running ahead from me
Habit is your fault for being BAP?
Hey about connive one would never mind
What the fuck is that noise please make it stop
Luke is that you
Luke I sort of fucking got fat you I’m gonna beat your ass on Monday
That sounds like you being dumb those like you Oh,
God didn’t need to spend it. I love the quarter. I’ll get so much
What’s got me here, where is he?
Can you check the bush trait white
Based on the sky meanness of him. I wouldn’t be surprised if he wasn’t that much
Best of my precalculus had get it like prekow
Bromance just dipped he picked the quad yobbo. What nothing are you an oxygen?
He has it
Yeah, I got the ice charcoal last night have fun
Sorry Bell why not
Heavy ammo
That’s half my stack
Did you get hit brother that’s rape
Alright shit hit ya I’m fucked just go kill him
Call game
Seven seven
If you actually got a good hit on them heels only at like 60 health
Yes, sir
Blackout, yeah, yeah, honestly, let’s just play multi-player one if we go play
You haven’t put the multi player yet blackouts kinda trash if we’re being honest Logan
Yes, sir
Yeah, it’s go play back comps
Stayin party

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