Government Explained

Government Explained

Hey, an alien!
Yes, I have travelled across space
to check on the progress of your species.
Cool. Shall I take you to our leader?
Your what?
Our leader – the guy in charge.
The guy in charge of what?
Well, in charge of everything.
You have one guy in charge of everything?
No, no, he’s in charge of government.
What is government?
Well, government makes the rules for us.
It tells us what we can do and what we can’t
So government is really smart?
They come up with wise rules for you to follow?
Well mostly, but some of its rules are really
Do you disregard those rules?
No, we have to follow the rules,
even if they are stupid, or we disagree with
Government punishes anyone who disobeys the
So you are slaves to government?
No, no, no, it’s not like that at all.
Government works for us, the people.
It serves us. We’re the boss.
It tells you what to do, and it punishes you
with violence
if you disobey it, and yet you’re its boss?
But there are some things government does
that you don’t like?
Well, yeah, not everything government does
is popular.
Like spending on wars, for example.
What is a war?
It’s when government basically spends the
peoples’ money
on weapons and soldiers, and then sends them
over to the other side of the world
to kill a bunch of people over there and destroy
their country.
I don’t like it that government does this.
Well I can see why you might not like that.
Have you humans reached the stage where you
generally consider
stealing, enslaving and killing each other
to be bad things?
Oh yeah, we know that.
Don’t steal. Don’t attack. Don’t assault.
But you give money to government and they
use it to kill people.
Well yeah, but government does good things
with tax money as well.
Why don’t you stop paying for the things you
don’t like
and only pay for the good things it does?
No, we can’t do that.
You can’t just decide to stop paying taxes,
because the rules say that everyone has to
pay taxes.
But the rules come from government though,
don’t they?
So government made a rule which says that
everyone has to pay them money?
So everybody pays taxes because if they didn’t,
government would punish them using violence?
Well yes, but most people don’t mind paying
most people feel obligated to pay taxes and
obey government laws,
because it’s for the good of society.
Society needs government, and that means we
all have to pay taxes.
So just to make sure I’ve got this straight.
Government makes the rules and you feel obligated
to follow the rules,
even the ones you don’t like, and it tells
you what to do,
and threatens to punish you if you don’t
do what it says.
And it uses some of the money that it has
taken from you using threats of violence
to pay for things you don’t like and actually
think are immoral, like mass murder.
Yeah, but we can ask it to please tell us
to do smart things,
and please don’t take our money and use
it to kill people.
We’re allowed to ask them to tell us to do
what we want them to tell us to do.
Are you guys just scared of this thing?
Is government some huge monster that can just
squish you
at any moment if you disobey?
No, government isn’t a monster.
Well what is it then? Could you draw me a
picture of it?
Government isn’t really the sort of thing
you can draw a picture of.
Maybe you could take me to it. Where is government?
You mean the building?
Government is a building?
No, but the politicians who make up the government
have buildings they work from.
So government is a group of these politicians?
OK, so what species are these politicians?
Well they’re… human.
Like you?!
So politicians are humans, and they’re government.
You’re a human, but you’re not government?
So it’s the politicians, they are the ones
that boss the rest of you around,
and make you do things you don’t want to do
and take your money using threats of violence.
But even though you’re all humans…
you’re not allowed to boss them around and
take their money?
No, they’d put us in a cage if we did that.
But look, it’s not like the politicians can
just do whatever they want.
Like, a politician can’t just come up to me
on the street and make me give him money.
They can’t do that.
Politicians can only do things like that in
their job, when they’re working for government.
Oh, so politicians aren’t government. They’re
just work for government.
OK, so government isn’t a monster, and it
isn’t building,
and it’s not politicians, it’s something else.
And it employs politicians, who are just regular
who get to order everyone else around and
take their money.
How does a regular human become a politician?
Well that’s the great thing about our government.
It’s a democracy, and that means that the
people actually have the power,
because we get to decide who among us get
to be the politicians, we get to vote.
And if a politician starts doing things we
don’t like,
we can just replace him with someone else
in the next election.
So the people that get chosen to be politicians
only get to boss people around
and take their money for a short time, and
then they go back to being regular humans?
That sounds like a powerful position to be
But if you get to choose who does that, I
assume that politicians are always the wisest,
most honest, caring and respected people among
Well, no, not really. I wouldn’t say politicians
are known for being honest,
or wise, or caring,
and they’re certainly not the most respected
people among us.
Come to think of it, most politicians are
lying, power-hungry crooks.
The ones you chose?
Yeah, they’re always doing things we don’t
They use taxpayers’ money to enrich themselves
and their friends,
and they never keep their promises to voters.
They’ve been caught stealing and lying and
taking bribes,
and they mostly do what the big corporations
Yeah, they’re always doing stuff like that.
They’re completely corrupt.
They’re a bunch of lying crooks.
But you said that most humans know that stealing
and beating each other up and killing are
And you said that you have the power because
you can change who’s in charge.
So why don’t you just replace the lying, thieving,
murderous crooked politicians
with some regular people?
Well we don’t try to elect lying crooks. It
just always turns out that way.
But we have to have a government, because
some humans are nasty,
and might kill, or enslave or steal.
Civilization just couldn’t survive without
Let me get this straight.
Because you’re worried about the small number
of nasty people
that are willing to kill, enslave and steal,
you think it’s necessary for your survival
to have a system where some humans among you,
for a short while,
get to call themselves the government,
and they get to order everyone else around
like slaves and, if they want,
commit mass murder, using money they stole,
using threats of violence.
Politicians get to kill, enslave and steal,
because if they didn’t, someone else might?
And you try to elect good honest people to
be politicians
but what happens every time is that the people
you elect
turn out to be corrupt, evil, lying crooks.
That’s your system?
Yeah, that’s pretty much government.

100 thoughts on “Government Explained

  1. This can only sound impressive for morons who are too stupid to know that they would be better of CONTRIBUTING to the political process. If you think this is clever or insightful, you are already a pawn, and have let yourself be pushed around. Governments are made up of people just like you and me, but smarter.

  2. schools roads and defense could easily be handled by the free market much more efficiently…just as an example home school children consistently outperform public school children…roll roads are generally better maintained and more efficient to operate…and finally private security companies now patrol neighborhoods in lue of law enforcement agencies with lower crime rates safer neighborhoods and lower cost. So, any other dumb reasons we need government you want to throw out there.

  3. Republican Government controls everything and abusing CIA, FBI, NSA and military defense power to do dirty works. They are crooked, liars and cheaters.

  4. Please let us know how we can stop paying government without being punished by being thrown in jail or losing our property? I feel no obligation. So how can we be rid of these parasites?

  5. We live in a prison world , the masters are group of psycapaths ruleing pulling the strings. Isis is not even real ! The government made it to make profit end of story .

  6. This video is totally bias.
    I agree government is not perfect but we as People can make It Perfect together.
    Government is elected by people. Any one can fight Election.
    Government is Doing more Great things. Bad things is done by Corrupted people. Not by Government

  7. When goverment goes to war generally it can't do that without the support of at least half of the popilation. The fact that polititians always dissapoint our expectations says something about our expectations , not the polititians. If all polititians are constantly corrupt it is not an accident, there must be a social mechanism that causes this.
    To say that without goverment only few people whould do crime is naive and historically oblivious.
    The video oversimplifies very complex things. For example it treats general population as one singleminded body which knows what is best. If this was really true we would not need the goverment but then it would mean we are all borg… General population is not one body, thats why we have aprties, people do not think the same nor do they think the best, quite to the contrary. A stupid goverment is a reflection of a stupid majority that picks it. The goverment is a dirrect representation of values, institutions and family within a state including economical factors. The goverment did not come from Mars , it sprung out of the society it governs.

  8. The idea that there are "bad people " out there is a naive idea that lets you shed responsibility from yourself. There are not "bad" people, there are poeple who have more or less " bad tendencies and behaviors" which are represed in certain situations and in other become evident and manifest. For example when they get power in a goverment office they became corrupt…
    The fact is , to be a polititian you must trade favors… because you wont get elected …. so you either are or become a son of a bitch and rise to power or you don't.

  9. i think ultimate mind and soul development is a key role in peace we need to learn to have a honey bee network without the physical queen or monarchy. cooperation do too patterns of certain like mind thoughts an this reality and earth which some think falls under the 4D or 3D category is still at a learning stage and will not just jump to this type of benevolent form of society. unfortunately just as many religions and polytheistic/monotheistic talk of 2 sources of energy or 2 sides of the same coin. its also a relative concept on how the universe is balanced similar to a "scale" so there are malevolent beings if you compare their evolution, mentality (and who knows what dark energy is thats shits scary for everybody) and genetic makeup they differ alot more in the soul region. now…get some god like beings with malevolent purposes appear on a planet it needs parasitically regardless if its energy or physical desires and its possible other planets or dimensions could be affected (maybe why our future selves might contact us) the scariest thing this could be is a parasite that feeds from energy especially from adrenaline, and fear. they feed on us. im not religious but ive seen my fair share of supernatural shit including short greys in cloaks…we have to remember though, be better for those who know no better. change ourselves they loose a big piece of their battle. and their is a battle. we have made movies and comics as well as music all involving similar concepts. coincidence??? shittt maybe haha

  10. Hahaha wonderful, absolutely well said. At least "criminal" states operate more like a business. Don't forget that culture and social constructions besides money are an active force with the threat of violence. So the government also brain washes for the sake of preserving power by creating imaginary conflict and opposition to keep people predictable and busy. That alien has a lot more to learn about our species…probably regrets growing us now lol

  11. John Holt's Freedom and Beyond similarly features a conversation with an alien, to explain school. School is a really weird thing to believe in.

  12. There's no other solution, it is a necessary evil required to quell greater evils. And we've gotten better at it over time. Compare Rome to the US, our system is vastly improved.

  13. UN Agenda 2030—UN Depopulation Agenda —UN Peacekeepers human trafficking and sex trafficking of our children—-CPS medical kidnapping and sex trafficking of our children—-War is a Racket!!!

  14. This alien is getting the wrong idea. Government is a tool that serves those who control and issue the money, this is why they are not serving most people. War is for profit for those same interests.

  15. If i were a professor teaching a class called "anarchy 101 , it aint chaos, its common sense." This would be an introductory video to that class.

  16. Lol, this is higher consciousness. Funny that I was required to login to post this, so that they know me. Govern = control. Ment = mind. Mind Control. Lol. This video literally dances of the grave of accepted reality. Hey you, "Control," go fuck yourself. "Control" with a capital "C," go fuck yourself. Edit: "taxpayers's money" is only to pay their interest. They literally create money out of thin air. Your money doesn't fund jack shit. "Money" isn't money, but is a control mechanism. Fuck "Money."

  17. Where the video fails…"it" does NOT punish us with violence (the guy didn't even say that!) also it serves "us" as a collective meaning we all have to come to common terms which would never happen 100% therefore there will be things we don't agree with it.

  18. Everyone on earth should watch this before it's to late to save this planet from the government's of the world . The truth will set you free not government ! goverment controls with fear of the big bad wolf .

  19. I play your Government-Explained in my Radio show every Friday in Berlin, and it is working well. a lot of people love your stuff.

  20. Central Banks own everything ! Government is part of everything…Pirates own central banks.
    Do you guy's really need me to tell you what the solution is…? I've already got my stick.

  21. Do you have any ideas better than having a government? Sure there are flaws but as the common saying goes "Democracy is the worst form of government except for all the others"

  22. I'd rather live in a society with a government than a McCountry™️ where all rules are decided by our corporate overlords. Which seems to be what you want.

  23. everybody needs a government,come on yall lets build a government for everybody so they can screw us over in doggy style .

  24. Hi , Good Video Thanks for sharing, I would like to ask for its subtitle (.srt) file, if you don't mind. I am planning to translate it to Kurdish and Arabic. I will let you know once I done and i will share the transcript for sure with you.

  25. Yes we are slaves to government!! Especially in the USA!! Want to have compliance from your slaves? Tell them they are free and repeat lies about how free they are daily.

  26. Good explanation of Gov/State EXCEPT does not include fact that Enforcers – domestic policing agents & Military – are the actual doers of the violence authorized by politicians. W/o those Gov/State Enforcers, politicians are impotent & their words ignorable. Withering away Gov/State requires understanding that coercion-basis for society is not necessary – +
    Promote depopularization of Gov/State Enforcerhood! Do NOT enlist in Military! Do not become domestic policing agent! Dissuade others likewise! Aid would-be's to find truly productive work, incl self-employment. Do NOT voluntarily associate w/ those who reject reasoned logic not to be part of Gov/StateEnforcement!

  27. This excellent breakdown proves how important it is to keep teaching our peer human beings true logic; if successful, it will make them come to the same baffling conclusion as this video shows.

  28. Brilliant!!! The US Gooberment is a joke , a bad joke. we are programmed young that we are to do good in our lives yet as we grow older we find most of what they programmed (I am talking big picture here) is false Schools ,Doctor's Gooberment agencies Big oil , THE FEDERAL RESERVE , THE IRS , Big Pharma AAANNNDD Don't forget the CROOKS on Wal Street anything to do with the "THEY" is not out to help you, you are a number in a numbers game to make them money. <<<<<<<<< AND WE WONDER WHY ALIENS NEVER VISIT US>>>>>. So here is why for the sheeple of the world enjoy.

  29. This comes of thinking in terms of personalities, rather than principles. Only the Libertarian party says "read our platform", and "listen to what our opponents say about each other."

  30. Simplistic and ignorant. The Government(s) of this world was/were created by Satan.

  31. I shared this link on the Joe Rogan podcast…hope you don’t mind…this really really really really needs to be seen more

  32. Just remembered this video after watching it ages ago… since then ive become much more of an anarchist and im so glad i can appreciate this video more now lol😍

  33. I do feel like a somewhat democratical government, like the ones we have in most western countries is still necessary in our society for a while longer however. The majority of people just arent self-displined enough yet for an anarchist society to flourish. Like evolution it will be a gradual change where government will eventually have less and less control. Just think of the British monarchy, once overwhelmingly powerful now serves nothing more than a tourist attraction, replaces by a leadership system the people have at least some say in. I hope one day our species will have the same intelligence as this alien and each individual will eventually have the capacity to live in a non-malicious manner but until then i guess we're stuck with this pseudo-democracy lmao… though if any obvious tyranny begins to rise again and creates a coup to become a one party system, then will be the time for the people to rise up against it and if it happens in my country ill be revolting against it too

  34. Even if the rich paid a LARGE amount to str8 up buy the votes it essentially would be just fueling the addiction of a dope (expensive foreign designer controlled substances i/e recreational drugs) fiend (-'head) or something the "bought" (bot L0L) lame (Ilaugh in his face because the soberpersongetswaaaaayhigheroffofsobrietyyetthesubstanceisuseduplikeitwasoxygen) would waste if (*IT-typo but I'm leaving it why ?? Becuz Ilikeitdatswhyyuknow ??) all b4 election day 4sure !! This is the depth of this type if corruption !! Atilla at the GteaS of Roam !!

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