How I Made $850! Paano Kumita ng P43,288 gamit ang Cellphone/PC/Laptop! (Full Guide)

How I Made $850! Paano Kumita ng P43,288 gamit ang Cellphone/PC/Laptop! (Full Guide)

Were back again with my and as you
can see
i am now receiving 0.1428437 BTC
receiving from external account
less than 30 mins, im now receiving it here
in my wallet.
sooo yeah, lets try to convert it to philippine
select php then convert..
paste amount of btc here and
I earned 43,288 pesos for free
and believe me, we can make money online without
And if you want to earn as big as this amount
all you have to do is to watch this full video
Welcome back again with Earn Money with Aiza
where I will be teaching you how to make money online
or how to earn using your internet, your laptop/pc
or your mobile phones!
In this video, i will be teaching you how
to make money
online using a simple survey.
This is a crypto currency (Free Bitcoin Earning)
and i will show you that i really earned almost
or $1000 for free and without investment!
Let me shout out first the 2 lucky winners
for our previous video daily giveaway!
Now, let proceed with our video tutorial
this earnings are related with our previous
about Instar Wallet.
So let me show it to you guys.
This is my previous video about
instar tokens or instar wallet.
And as you can see, i posted this for about
6 months ago, 5 and 4 months ago i created this video
They are still conduction free airdrops
and this is the most awaited video update
how to convert your instars token to bitcoins!
This is a very good news to all who have instar
coz we can now cashout it out tru Bitcoins!
Lets proceed now with their new website
As you have noticed, they change their domain
Before its, now is
Here in instar, all we have to do is to answer
You will also have instant 25 instar tokens
once you have completed your profile value.
50,000 tokens + 3 iPhone 11 pros
to be given away if you invite friends and win!
Competition period will be on
October 12 up to November 15, 2019
If you want to join right now, check our video
for the link and where to register.
Upon creating your account: enter your email,
choose password and confirm your password.
Click “I am not a robot” and please certify that
your are 16 years old age and above.
First things first, setup up your account
by simply clicking your username and go to
From here, enter your 1st and last name
you need also to submit KYC (Know your customer)
all you have to do is to upload front photo
of your ID
and the rest will do.
Proceed until you have finished
submitting you account verification.
you can also change your password, profile
redeem rewards, support and delete your account.
And now lets proceed with completing profile
to earn instant 25 instar tokens.
You need to fill up this details
to get qualify for more surveys!
Like your basic information, work, education,
socioeconomic, health, family, and beliefs.
So lets try filling out our work details…
“What is your employment status”?
You can write full time, part time and so
How many hours do you work for a week?
“Which Sector do you work in”?
Information Technology and lets now submit it.
Saved profile values, and answer all details
I have completed all the details
and as you can see, i already earned the 25
More offers here in “we’ve selected our favorite
offers and services”
Click get deals now!
You can also earn instant free tokens here
like for example with ProtonVPN.
If you use and download this, you can earn
instant 200 instar tokens
and second offer is ProtonMail.
Its instant and all you have to do is to download them.
Lets proceed how to answer surveys
by simply going to activities.
Scroll it down….
As you can see, there are 5 available surveys
click it and survey it honestly.
Good news: there are no right or wrong answers.
Basic surveys that will give you 1 up to 5 tokens
But if you want to earn fast without doing surveys
you can share your referral link to your friends.
Invite your friends to earn 10 instar per referral
as soon as your friend completes 3 activities.
So that means, you can get your bonus
only if your friend completes 3 easy surveys.
In invite friends, you can check your link here.
Just copy it here and share it with your social media accounts,
your friends and families.
Your total friends will also display here.
Lets proceed now with my wallet…
I made 60,569 instar tokens
i got it from bounty program, referrals and doing survey.
So now, we will exchange Instar tokens to Bitcoins!
Question: what exchanger i will use?
For now, the available exchanger to use is
I will also put this link in our video description
so you can register right now.
Select BTC and look for instar.
You can choose from Instar/BTC or Instar/ETH
With 24h Change, +8.81% increased with Bitcoins
so I will select Instar/BTC coz it has more potential.
But lets transfer first our Instar tokens to my Bibox account.
How to do that? Proceed with our funds…
Then select wallet..
No need for account verification to make a withdrawal.
Verification of account can increase your withdrawal limit.
If account not verified, you can withdrawal 2 BTC daily,
From here, lets look for instar…
Instar token name “Insights Network”…
And all we have to do is to click deposit.
Your instar account wallet address will appear and also your Instar Memo tag.
Lets go back with our Instar Wallet and click transfer.
Going back to Bibox, lets copy our wallet address
paste it here.
Copy also your Instar Memo Tag
then paste it here. Enter here your amount (any can do)
then continue…
Check your email too for 2fa authentication code
let me check it first so we can now proceed.
Now lets continue…
Successfully executed transfer!
You can see here your Status, with also Transaction ID.
Now, lets wait until i receive it here in my Bibox account.
Notice: Instar tokens will be deposited immediately after 20 network confirmation.
So lets wait it and we will return again to see if it transfer on my Bibox Account.
Welcome back again and as you can see 69569 instars are now in my account.
Lets proceed now with our exchanger…
Click exchange, then basic.
Here in the upper portion (BTC/USDT)
select BTC and look for Instar.
I will choose Instar paired with Bitcoins.
As you can see, 1 Instar value now is 0.014 US dollars.
Not bad, important is that it has value.
Goin back to Bibox…
What i will do here, for a demo exchange like this…
i will use a sell limit orders.
As you have noticed, no Instar available for now
so if you want to transfer your fund here in your trading,
just click this arrow to transfer
then transfer your Instar tokens to your exchange account.
Click all then confirm.
Here now it my available token to sell.
I will place my orders now with 173 satoshi
and lets wait if someone will buys it.
If my all instars got sold, I will earn 0.10478437 btc.
Lets try to sell it now.
Click sell and you need to enter your fund password.
And your fund password is located here in your account.
Click account information and set your fund password,
google 2fa authenticator or sms authenticator.
So going back, lets proceed with sell.
Then confirm.
My 60,569 Instar tokens are placed here in orders.
so yeah, lets wait till someone buys it
if non, we will proceed with market orders.
After 4 hours, as you can see…
My Instar tokens have been sold.
And i have reached my price target of 0.1 BTC
You can see it here, your available btc in exchange account
we will vice verse the procedure we did earlier,
so we can now withdraw on my btc wallet!
Alright, click the transfer arrow again…
Then vice versa this two.
From my exchanging account to my wallet, click switch
then click all
then confirm.
And BOOM! We can now withdraw it on my
to make a proof of withdrawal!
Lets go back to FUNDS.
Then click wallet.
Proceed with withdraw.
Enter BTC wallet address, lets go to
click receive
then paste it here.
Remarks: “Withdrawal”
Click max amount to withdraw it all.
We also have this transaction fee of 0.0005 btc!
Minimum withdrawal is 0.005 BTC!
Take note of that!
lets submit it
and it is also required to enter your fund password and your 2fa code. and confirm!
Success! Your withdrawal application has been processed!
Now lets wait again to receive it in my
to let us know how much the total BTC
i really earned from
Were back again with my and as you
can see
i am now receiving 0.1428437 BTC
receiving from external account
less than 30 mins, im now receiving it here
in my wallet.
sooo yeah, lets try to convert it to philippine
select php then convert..
paste amount of btc here and
I earned 43,288 pesos for free
and believe me, we can make money online without
This is my full video tutorial how to transfer
Instar tokens to Bitcoins
and how we can make money online using a survey!
I hope this video helps you how to earn money
if it does, please click now the like button
and dont forget to subscribe to my Youtube
and Telegram Channel for more
online earning apps and sites!
Thanks again for watching!
Stay cool, stay payaman!
My name is Aiza Mercado
and see you on our next video!

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