How to convert bitcoin to cash | Best way to sell bitcoin

How to convert bitcoin to cash | Best way to sell bitcoin

Hello Friends
In this video i tell you how to convert bitcoin to cash
by follow this method you can exchange & transfer your bitcoin into bank account
into paypal, perfectmoney or any other crypto, into many e-currencies or even into credit cards
& friends this is the most easiest & profitable way to exchange bitcoins to cash
you’ll find link in description of this video simply left click on the link & page like this will show up
friends this is basically an currency exchange monitoring service
that you can use it for free to buy and sell your bitcoins & e-currencies
now how does it works
It basically tells you about top exchangers
that at the moment which online exchanger pays you high
now how can you exchange bitcoins here simply come to this page
& you see’s here a “GIVE” tab next simply select bitcoin here
next you can see a “GET” tab which means in which currency you want to exchange your bitcoins
you can see here that you can convert you bitcoins into many cryptos, e-currencies
& if you scroll down a little you can see that you can also exchange your bitcoins in wire usd, visa/mastercard usd
or you can even exchange your bitcoin in usd
let suppose you want to exchange your bitcoin in perfectmoney then underneath “GET” tab select perfectmoney
now at the moment the exchanger that is paying you the highest rate should pop up top of the list
you can even read the reviews of these exchangers simply click on review tab and all reviews of the specific exchanger show up
peoples from all over the world use this platform and drops their feedback
here you’ll get all top exchangers
through which you can exchange your bitcoins
let suppose you convinced with first exchanger simply click on it & exchangers site opens up in new window
here enter the amount of bitcoin you want to give
& the amount of perfectmoney dollar you receive shows up here
next enter your perfectmoney account no and finally click on exchange tab
next simply follow the exchangers instruction to complete the exchange
now if you want to convert your usd to bitcoin
then select USD in “GIVE” column and select bitcoin in “GET” column
then it’ll show you a list of exchangers
the exchanger which pays you high shows up at top of the list
simply click on it follow instructions and complete your exchange
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