Okay, so hello guys! I’m Jhazel de Vera and welcome back to my channel. So if you’re new to this channel, click on the subscribe button and the notification bell so that you can watch all types of videos about home-based jobs and anything from which you can earn online Okay so for today’s video guys, I’d like to share with you some of my ideas on how to earn at home especially during this period, we need to stay home because of the enhanced community quarantine. There are a lot of people who can’t work and for sure we would like to make our stay productive as much as possible. So, I’ll be suggesting to you some things that you can do, some are effective some are not. Not everyone will have the same experience. Disclaimer: everything is based upon what I experienced. So let’s start with our first racket that we can do. It is actually my most recommended online job that we can apply for, it is being a chat support agent at So we’re going to talk about the pros and cons based on our situation nowadays. The pros of working as a chat support agent at are: no interview when applying, there won’t be an interview, there is only an online exam. You can google the answer of their online exam. But guys it’d be better to have some knowledge on what we apply for; the chat support is non-voice and you can earn more than $250 a week and yes it is proven and tested because we have a lot of subscribers who applied and work at and they are making around $400 a week, so it’s a big thing. The good thing is that it’s available on mobile and data because it doesn’t require specific computer specs, you’ll be just talking with your clients; weekly payment through PayPal. So, guys, it’s a good thing because– for example, you applied and got accepted right away for this job. You will receive your payment weekly. Which means that during the quarantine you’d be receiving money. And the fastest response that my subscriber has encountered is 2 days, within 2 days she got accepted at This time, we’re going to talk about the cons of applying here at We’re realistic, if there are pros there’re cons. Some of the disadvantages of applying here are that when they accept applicants there’s no assurance that they will get back at you right away. And some of them only accept selected applicants. So there’s no assurance in getting accepted immediately. And the longest response that my subscribers, some of my subscribers got is 2 months. So there’s a chance to get accepted at once the enhanced community quarantine has ended. And the ration of acceptance is 20/100. That’s why they say it’s a matter of luck. If you want to know more information on how to apply as a chat support agent at I already made a video about that. You can check the link in the description box below. The next online job that you can apply for now is being an online English teacher. So we’re going to talk about again the pros and cons. The hiring process to be an ESL teacher is fast. Well, actually it depends on the company you’re applying to. But for most of them, generally speaking, the process of the application are interview, training, demo, and onboarding It most likely lasts up to 2-5 days. So the hiring process is faster if you check all the qualifications of an ESL teacher. But I think most of the companies nowadays accept 4 years of bachelor graduates. But there are some who accept high school graduates guys. This job right now is really on demand because I believe some of the territories in China are still under quarantine, they take the opportunity to teach their children English at home. This means they need more teachers because there are more students. That’s why being an ESL teacher is now really in demand. Now, let’s talk about the cons of this situation. Most of the companies require you to have high-speed internet and a computer. You can’t use data, even more when applying. Most especially nowadays guys, we can’t apply for an internet connection because of our enhanced community quarantine situation. Some people of the internet service providers aren’t working. If you have a fast internet connection, make use of it you can apply as an ESL teacher. To work here, you need to have a quiet environment. Why did I put it as a con? We’re all in quarantine and our children that are supposed to be in school are at home with us, and kids are loud, aren’t they? That’s why I put it as a con, because of our situation. And you need to have patience, so if you have patience and you’re passionate about teaching, then it’s not a con for you. Another con is that the pay is only twice a month, sometimes once a month. It depends on the company guys. There are some that pay weekly. Working as an ESL teacher is kinds of a hassle on the time. If you’re not good at time-management it’ll be hard. But on the positive side, you plan your timetable, your classes. Just make sure you can handle your schedule. If you want to know more information about the application process of an online English teacher, I already made a video about it, like where you apply, what do we need, all links are on the description box below. The next online job that I suggest is being an online transcriptionist. You write, type the conversations, phone calls that you hear. That’s what a transcriptionist does. The pros here are: no interview, it’s like where you need to do an online exam; the job is non-voice, it’s not tiring and it’s not a hassle; reasonable payout guys, the salary of a transcriptionist is quite good. The cons here are: difficult exams and demos, so you have to be very particular on the details you need to be good at your English listening skills. Another online job that I can suggest you during the enhanced community quarantine is being a virtual assistant. It’s like being a secretary online, you’d be managing documents, emails, stuff like that, uploads, downloads… It depends on what your client will ask you to do. The pro here is that you have a good payout, especially if you have foreign clients, guys. What I mean is that because of the rating, it’s like working abroad, but it still depends on the clients that you’ll be accepting and the tasks that your client will make you do. Now we’re going to talk about the cons of being a virtual assistant. On the portals that you can apply to, there is a lot of competition, especially if you’re a newbie and still building your experiences. The process of building a big salary will take a while. Clients prioritize virtual assistants who have an experience and have a high rating. If I were you and got accepted for a gig or project from your client, put effort in it so that you can get a higher rating to have more chances of winning. Another con is that you cannot use it only on your phone. You need to have an internet connection, a computer, or a laptop since we’d be writing documents, some editing, those kinds of stuff. for example, you have a computer/laptop and an internet connection, make use of it, take your opportunity to work at home. Make the enhanced community quarantine productive as much as possible. Another con, especially for those who have foreign clients is the graveyard shift. You’re up all night and sleep during the day. Another online job that I can suggest you is being a transcriber. A transcriber translates audios from one language to another. They write it as a document or as subtitles. If you’re good in English, or if you’re linguistic and know a lot of languages, you can be a transcriber. The pros of it are that it’s non-voice, you only have to focus on typing and translating. It is project-based. It depends on your client if he’ll give you a lot of projects. You can get clients from YouTube. You can contact online Filipino influencers and ask them if they want their videos translated in English. You can convince them about this opportunity– yes! it’s an opportunity because when I got an English captioner I got more traffic on my videos. Because when you have English subtitles, you’ll acquire international viewers. The only cons here guys is that you have very particular in details, you have to match the subtitles to what the speaker is saying. And we have to follow the deadlines. It’s a con for those who want to become transcribers because being a captioner for YouTubers will only be a sideline. It depends if the YouTuber will upload, then you’ll work and earn money. Maybe the technic to make it full-time is to contact a lot of YouTubers and tell them that you can be their transcriber. Speaking of YouTube, another online job that I can suggest to you during the enhanced community quarantine is being a vlogger or YouTuber. Because it gets boring, even more if you’re living alone or you’re a few, you don’t have a social life. It’s a good thing for you to have this kind of hobby. Because it kills boredom, guys. You’re really bored and want to share some ideas. You can share it on YouTube and start it now, right? You can share your experience in quarantine, on what to do. You can vlog inside the house too. If you plan to do travel vlogs, do travel vlogs inside your house! And you can make use of your passion if you like editing videos. It’s a perfect time because you’d at home doing nothing. The only cons here is that you won’t get paid right away. Because YouTube has a threshold and qualifications to reach before getting monetized. And you can lose passion if there’s no one watching your videos, just be patient. Always make videos. Always upload content. Follow the trend. You can talk about what is happening now. You can talk about what you’ve experienced outside. Just don’t spread fake news, okay? So if you want to know more information about being a YouTuber, you can watch my videos where I talk about the earnings, the process, how to claim the salary and everything. All that is in the description box. Another job that we can do at home is to download earnings apps, guys. And I have a playlist on how to earn only using your phone. Just look at the description box. Let’s talk about the pros and cons if you want to do this. A pro of it is that it kills boredom. Most of the earning apps are games. It’s useful for when you’re bored. Why play other games that don’t pay you? So just play earning games. Another good thing is that it’s free time, you can play whenever you want. Now, let’s talk about the cons of earning apps. It takes forever to earn something, even more if you don’t have any referrals but it could be a pro for those who have a community, like Telegram group chats, Telegram channels, YouTube channels. If you have a lot of followers, subscribers… It gets boring at times. If you expect to earn a lot, you’ll get bored of these earning apps, you won’t have patience with it. Because their only purpose is to entertain us. The money that we’ll be getting is only a bonus. Another thing that we can do, most especially now is to crypto HODL. Is it HODL? It’s H-O-D-L So yes that’s right, start buying cryptocurrencies because in this period of the virus, also the economy of cryptocurrencies dropped. This means that the price of BTC, Litecoin and everything has lowered. It’s a good time to start. The market price is low. It’s better to buy because if we buy now once the price of BTC or whatever cryptocurrency gets higher, also the value of our money will get higher. Just hold onto your cryptocurrencies. The cons here is that you can start with crypto now only if you have additional money. Because if you hold cryptocurrencies, it won’t grow immediately. Maybe it’ll grow after 2-3 months once this virus crisis has ended. The market price has lowered, there are a lot of people selling because a lot more need some FIAT currencies. There are a lot of expenses, that’s why themarket value lowers. I don’t think it’s only in crypto, also in the stock market dropped down the price. That’s all guys! More information is in the description box below. I’ve suggested a lot of jobs and you can try out what’s suitable for you. Oops but first commercial! This is my question this video’s giveaway: What job do you want to start for you to start earning at home? Put your answer in the comment section and I’ll post the winner on our Telegram channel. Hopefully, I shared enough ideas on how to earn online during the enhanced community quarantine while we’re staying at home. What I would like to say right now is to be careful with our health, follow the law, the county’s regulation. Don’t go out if you’re not going anywhere important and don’t go out if you don’t have a quarantine pass. For our country’s sake just follow the law. All we have to do is follow the regulations, cooperate by staying at home and pray that what our country is going through will end soon so that this virus will go away, and pray that the people affected will heal. Pray for our frontline, they are face to face with the virus, they treat the victims. They are exposed to the virus that is now spreading. This is what we can contribute to our country. That’s all guys and thank you so much for watching this video. If you’ve enjoyed it, give this video a like and subscribe to my channel. Click on the notification bell to get notified on my uploads and don’t forget to subscribe to my second channel JhazeldeVera VLOGS, okay? So have a nice day, God bless and goodbye!

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