How To Minimize Loss With Binbot Pro! Watch Till The End!! Live Trading

How To Minimize Loss With Binbot Pro! Watch Till The End!! Live Trading

Hello guys! Faysal here and welcome to
our Channel. so I have been absent for
like a week and did not trade. I have a
farmhouse which is 365 miles away from
the city. so I went for a vacation and i
refreshed the mind and recharged myself. so it is
necessary sometimes because money cannot
buy everything. you see money
can’t buy health! so you should work out regularly and you can go
for vacation for the refreshment of the
mind. so yeah! it was awesome and I’m back
to trading. today I’m trading with BinBot Pro. our BinBot Pro balance
reached like almost $50,000. you see
Doc Binary robot still shows lower
profitability. I don’t know why because
it is like more than 95% accuracy but it
shows 72%!! I guess if you don’t
trade regularly with your own created
robot then the robot performance will
show slightly decreased. today I will
trade with my own robot and you have
seen the settings then you can use my
settings. no problem at all. so just
activated the robot and see what BinBot Pro
places. I checked the economic
calendar already and there is no major
news. you can see in 21 GMT there
will have news and that will not
have any effect. it is the 19:24
GMT time. already placed a
EUR/USD trade. confirmation came. stop the robot. check
the trade. for a call that means BUY
signal. from this point it
placed for a CALL signal and the price
is staying in the opposite direction
right now! let me check the
candlestick chart pattern. the trend is
not that clear so I’m kinda confused
about it.
I checked one minute and five
minutes but the trend is not clear. let’s
see what happens here. Bin Bot Pro places seven & half minute expiry trade.
should have gotten into a better
strike price you see. well, let’s see what
happens here.
six more minutes to go. in my previous
video I showed a trick to you guys that
I FENCE the trade sometimes manually
with my BinBot Pro trading. so you need
to follow that to boost your
profitability. not much movement in the
market right now. it’s a slow market. the price is staying in the opposite
direction. I will place for an withdrawal
soon because I need some money. it is almost
$5,000 trade.
four and a half minutes to go and Dr.
binary robot has been so consistent.
I guess the profitability of my
created robot is like 95% and I
trade with only the four major currency
pairs, you can see EUR/USD, GBP USD, USD/CAD,
and AUD/USD. if you have not seen
that video of this robot creation
then I will put a link here. so watch
that video of how you can create your own
robot and modify it accordingly. you
can also choose a robot from this list
and most of the robot recommended deposit is $500 and the top three
robots recommended balance is $2000. the rest are $500.
This is the EUR/USD placed by my Doctor Binary robot and it will be
a close call! let’s see what happens.
three more minutes to go.
someone asked me a weird question that
does he need a faster computer or laptop
for the better results? no, you don’t need
a supercomputer or a super laptop. you
can trade from a moderate laptop or
desktop computer but you need a
faster internet connection. so that’s it.
our trade is heading in the opposite direction so I’m thinking about
doing something. one minute left so I
will place a $5,000 trade for a BUY. you
see I placed 5,000 CALL trade
manually for one minute because
I’m pretty sure that I
am going to lose this trade placed by the
robot. so in order to minimize the loss
I placed another trade from the lower
point. I just lost the trade placed
by the DOC Binary robot but I placed another trade from a lower
point that means a better strike point
and and then minimized the loss
you can see. let me get the
calculator. okay $4935 i
lost from the trade robot placed.
deduct the profit $4250 so I lost $685 in this session. it’s a losing
session but I managed to minimize the
loss in this way. so it’s
$685 losing session. well it’s not a good
session but I somehow minimized the loss
in this way. so now you know how you
can minimize your loss. you cannot win
every day so it’s a losing day for me
but I minimized my loss to $685
yeah it’s a losing session although but
I’m happy that I did not lose $5,000.
instead, I lost six hundred and eighty
five dollars.
I am happy with that. so you should trade
this way. don’t forget to
like and subscribe to our Channel.
until then take care!

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  1. Apa kah masih bagus binbot pro….
    Soalnya aku baru mau coba …
    Dan aku udh perhatikan binbot selama 1 bulan d chanel doctor binari

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