I MADE P2728 ($50) WEEKLY EARNINGS! Recommended! $500 Giveaway! Free bitcoins! 👍

I’m back with my Abra Wallet and i already got the 0.00772751 btc that i withdrew from this website and if i will convert it to Philippine Peso… Click convert… And there you go, i earned 2782 PHP and i know you want to earn money like this all you have to do is to watch this full video update and will tell the mechanics how to join $500 giveaway! Hello friends, hello everyone! My name is Aiza Mercado and welcome back again with my Youtube Channel! For today’s video, i will be updating you for another proof of withdrawal and will share you our MASSIVE giveaway! If this is your first time on my channel, please subscribe coz im uploading video where we can earn money online! And please do LIKE this video now! Without further ado, lets dive to our Coinpayu update! If you wanted to watch my 1st video about this site and how this site works an (i) button will appear where you can watch the video. What we do here is to CLICK ADS then we can earn free bitcoins! Let me announce, we will be having a massice giveaway! Here in Coinpayu, you will see a contest.. And it’s a referral contest. I’m at the top 6 place and if ever i placed here in top 1 to 5 i will give you the prize! So how to do that? In case i got placed here in 1 which is $1000 prize half of that prize will be given away. So that means, the $500 will be given away to those who used Coinpayu under my referral. In top 2, $500 prize so that means $250 will be given away! In top 3, $100 Top 4, $50 and in top 5, $25 About the mechanics… Lets proceed with our dashboard And here in referrals, you can see all people who signed up under you and how much commission you earned from them. Okay, i will sort this to “You Got” I can see here the commission i earned from you. Going back to the mechanics if every you placed here in my top 20 list referrals i will include you in my $500 giveaway. For example, we got the top prize of $1000 and half of it will be given away $25 will be given away to in my top 20 list. You can still join me coz referral contest will end by December you can still click and upgrade your accounts so you can join my top 20 list. That will be all for our give away mechanics and lets proceed now with my dashboard! Im my account, i have shown you in my last video that i only have 2328 satoshi in my balance before and as you can see, my main balance now is
771,064 satoshi! How i do that? Simply i upgraded my account. From free account, i upgraded to Senior Partner. Here in Senior partner, 3x or 300% will increase the value of clicks when you click an ads. Any of this like Junior, Medium, Senior Partner you will get more earnings in ads clicking. You can get back your money ofcourse if you are active in clicking ads. And later on, i will share you my tricks how i click ads fast! Let me show how to view ads and how much im getting satoshi for being a Senior Partner. As you can see here, im getting 57 satoshi with 1 ad! Thats a big value, and when you have free account you can get this by 10 to 15 satoshi only. but if you upgrade your account, you can get more earnings! Basically, you need to click the ads and wait for the timer to run out. Okay now, i will share you my trick how i click ads and not to get bored. All you have to do is to minimize this window, (you can do this to any devices as long as you have incognito or different browser) Next, open incognito or open different browser go to the website and log in again. Log in the same account and proceed to surf ads and lets proceed to the last page… And what we will do is to click ads from the very bottom. In your first browser, start at the beginning (1) and in your 2nd browser, start at the very last ads. Thats it, just start from beginning and up to last. Remember not to close the ads do timer will still run. And there you go! This trick will not consume your time and very easy! Just use 2 different browser or use incognito. That trick is very much effective and less than 5 mins. i already finish the 40 ads! Next, click ads and active windows. You can do that tricks here but much preferred use 1 browser coz only few ads will appear here and it will not consume your time. I already done all ads clicking and now i will make a live proof of withdrawal and lets check how much this satoshi converted to PHP. Copy the satoshi i have, and click withdraw… Paste here the amount you wanted to withdraw then proceed. Please confirm that we cannot use faucethub.io coz it will shut down soon. Use any bitcoin wallet address as for me, i will use abra wallet and click confirm. This is the email code, copy and paste it right here. Withdrawal has been processing and i will now wait until i receive it in my abra wallet and will see how much we earned from this site. I’m back with my Abra Wallet and i already got the 0.00772751 btc that i withdrew from this website and if i will convert it to Philippine Peso… Click convert… And there you go, i earned 2782 PHP and you can get this amount ever without investment! This will be our video update in Coinpayu If ever you want to participate in referral contest help me to place alteast in top 5 and remember, the half prize will be given away! Lets target $1000 and $500 will be given away to all who signed up under my link. Thank you again for watching! and God bless with joining this contest! Stay cool, stay payaman! My name is Aiza Mercado and have a great day!

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