ICO Review BlackMoon Crypto⚡ Free Bitcoin Technical Analysis: How To Buy Bitcoin Sell Cryptocurrency

ICO Review BlackMoon Crypto⚡ Free Bitcoin Technical Analysis: How To Buy Bitcoin Sell Cryptocurrency

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Hope They do
Because the minute they induce Fear into the Market the price will crash
But the Longevity Will survive that Will Just about
Guarantee That Bitcoin Goes Up to 10,000
Society The Smart Society has Been waiting
For Governance To Try to stop Crypto That’s why they haven’t done it they can’t do it but the minute They Try
They Will induce a
Huge Panic
That Will Crush The price but in the long term Will propel It much Faster and much Farther Than It would Have went?
Had they not have done them so here we Go Game Theory you know enemy of my Enemy is my friend
So Who’s Your friend in the crypto verse
What side do you Play on Governance
Privacy Us China
All It is is being set Up right in front of our Eyes
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Let’s go with Francisco Sails bam Who said –
Not sure Which – he did but he did two of them so That’s a
Good Pivot Point you Guys That’s gonna be what we Talked about today
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As well with That being Said let’s Jump back to the money
Black Moon
Crypto platform
This Is one i actually took a Little Bit of Time
And and putting the information together i think it’s Very Very Very important you guys to understand all of
Not Necessarily Two implications of doing an Ico but Really the factors that are in place
Behind the company That you’re investing in right so before we move on you know i Just want to let you guys Know
That this is
a sponsored video That Helps Support the Expenses of This Channel so shout Out the G4
investing for connecting Black Moon and Making This video
Happen Right
Just Because it’S a Sponsored video Does Not Mean That they
Influence My opinion so you will see there are Goods and there are beds
With Any Opportunity and it’s my Job you know
It’s my obligation to this community to try to highlight those and make your Job as Easy as possible your Job is to make Money
My Job is to communicate the value and and together you know
We facilitated on throughout so here we Go black moon i
See oh you can see it’s a Two Days
from Now
What they do or What They Say They Plan on doing is being the bridge between
The Crypto universe and the traditional investment Market Now what does that Actually Mean
Right From
My interpretation of It They They’re gonna be more or less a
Digital Crypto
Index Hedge Fund if You will etf That Will Mitigate Basically
decrease Your risk and the volatility of The Market and increase
The stability They Refer to it as sustainability right in a Big way They compared is the best of both Worlds diving
diverse income sources and
Basically Reducing The risk One of The Things we Know about Crypto is it can Get Go up 30 percent in a day or it
Can Go Down 30 percent of the day so What These Guys are looking to do is create a situation to where
That Down doesn’t Happen as
volatile volatile Right
One of The Ways They do that the biggest way they do that is with This quote downside Protection
Where they Say 30% of the proceeds
Will Be Reserved for a Guaranteed Buyback
At 80 percent of the distribution rate
Now this
Is is
Maybe controversial Maybe Smart it’s yet to be seen this is not standard for any Crypto Currency
What They’re Saying in Layman’s term is That
The Company
Black Moon Will buy back The Shares the coins to preserve the
– essentially
Guarantee That the price
Increases and so this again is not
Standard in most Crypto economies Crypto economies are normally Supply and demand the more People that want to coin the more Expensive It gets What
Black Moon is Saying is that our
value is to reduce that risk that Uncertainty That
Volatility and The Way we Will do That Is we Will buy the coins back from the Market
Once They get to negative 20% Below to distribution rate right and the distribution rate we can see is
One dollar
First 48 Hours
105 and 110 so about a dollar a coin Right
This is something to take note of –
The distribution of Tokens
50 percent to the public Thirty Percent company reserve 20 percent administrative
Personally I think That’s way too high i
Think That’s Way Too high and i think That’s way. Too low
you do Not want an economy Where 50 percent of the Market is
Controlled By
Interested individuals
That’s not a free Market
Because What What the reality of What can Happen is all
This side Of The Equation has to do is
Throw in ten Dollars Over Here in the public and Now the public can never own a Majority share of the economy
Which again
Depending on how you look at It may not be good may may not be Bad
but it’S Just something to take note i believe ripple is set up in a Similar situation Where you know
60% of
Economy Is controlled Behind Closed doors and The public Will never see it something like That
so it’s Just interesting how these
Financial Market Coins are coming in and That’s how They’re set up off the top that the public you know will never ever ever
be a Majority
Controlling Interest They’ll Probably At Most Be Twenty Maybe Thirty
Maybe Right so
Knowing That
Talked about Having a Platform again i think it’s good and Bad
to this Opportunity right you you you have an opportunity Here where this is a
more or less a Wall street back to hedge fund
venture capitalist Firm
Hedge fund for all extensive purposes
International Look Into its band into the blockchain Bam Good Cool
One of The Things i noticed right off The top
is that
And Shout Out to the guy on Crypto Versity for you know discovering This is the fact that they Actually
Already Have a Functioning
prototype of Their platform Which is you know again
Lightyears Ahead of most
I seos that come out
so you can
Jump on this
website Right Here
I’ll put a Link in the description i’ll also include the
username and password in The description as Well and The first comment of This video but essentially
you Know It looks Like any Just Standard
Long-Term investment Index you know account statement it’s nothing
Amazing Here you can’t really control
you Know too many of the Variables or the indicators but It does a Good Job at
Essentially Showing How the platform Will report on the assets that you have?
so again Just imagine Wall street you know Index you know Say you own
you Know 20-Year Bonds on wall street right Every quarter right That
Company Holding That Bond Will mail you of financials and a Lot of Times It Looks Just Like This
Has a Lot of Legal Information in the front some of The numbers in the back
All in all Just Showing you you know how to portfolio looks top down so essentially What they did is they
Refurbished the platform probably Already in You somewhere i made It made It specific for This use right
Blackcoin demo Investor so That’s cool that means They already Have something?
Like a
Skeleton That They’ll Be Building from so they’re not Basically Building It from scratch Which is a Lot of What these ics are doing Which
Is why most of them Fail
Which is Why i say don’t invest in most of them
Then We Start to Get
Into the Nitty-Gritty of Their Business operations one of The Things you know as a Digital Marketer One of The things that i
Wanted to look at is well What Kind of Hype Does this Thing have behind It because iF we’re gonna buy
Into an ico then We Need to be buying into something That People Know about right
You don’t want to buy into something That Nobody’s ever Heard of and then You don’t only One Buying into it
So i Just went on Google trends Anybody can Do This and Type in black moon ico and
you can See that it has some
Solid Hype behind It Which means that the People the pr firm or the marketing firm that They Hired That
Contacted me is doing a Pretty Good Job of getting The Word out right Which in Turn
Validates That These Guys Do have some serious Money to play With and They’re Willing to put Up the money
To make sure that They Make Money in the future which is which is another
Bout for their Credibility i do not Think for one second i do not think that this is a
scam coin i don’t Think it’s a Pump and Dump you know again my Job is to try to educate you guys on
you Know the pros and the cons
To getting Involved in something Like This and Really What the Market?
Entails Right a Lot of Times especially With Ico some People Just want to throw Their Money in it and
Expect It to go 3,000 x and Now They’re riding the lambo sitting Next to a model you know
well Let me tell you something i went 3,000 x Already and
Don’t drive a lambo
but i do Sit Next to an extra so you know you get one out of two you know you could Pick your Battles Every
Now and then i wouldn’t drive a lambo either i’m waiting on my gold Ferrari
Yeah first One Here gold Ferrari B kate The Boss will have a Chromed Out gold Ferrari
Y’all clowns could drive lambos Clowns drive lambos Bosses drive Ferraris
Tell them i Said That
Back But We Got to get back to this i get distracted i’m sorry
Here we Go and so this Is where we start Looking at All the different Variables
If We look at The Black Moon White Paper That’s Kind of a micro write i talked about
Two Sides to the economy micro and macro Right small scale Big big scale
But Then i want to take a look at The macro What’s going on
Behind the scenes Right That Will influence and more or less predicate where this Money is moving
Inside of This One Company right so this Was one of the first posts That They link to on their reddit Board and
It’s Just a quick high level Snapshot Black Moon Financial Group
Talking about Their creating This new platform
Sec you know They’re Working with the big Boys
To make sure it’s all Legal but this is What i thought Was interesting Black Moon first Launched in the u.s.
in June 2015 based in new York
The Firm offers Marketplace Lending As a Service so essentially What you’re looking at Guys is something Similar to salt
Perhaps on the blockchain
In this new platform Right That’s What They specialized in already but i think What They’re looking?
To do now is more
To where they aggregate all of the gains pay You a base nominal Return?
Just Like Big Connect or any of these quote
Faucets or trading Bots Whatever They you Know tell you They’re doing behind the scenes They’re Basically Paying you a Fixed Return
and It Operates in Nine countries with offices Moscow New York
Cyprus Lousy Block Moscow turns Out to be their Headquarters and the reason i Am
Enlighten You Guys to this information is Just so you can Understand the
International governance And Potential Legislation That May in fact
Limit Your ability to
be profitable Should You choose to get Involved in this Company again it’s Always Good and Bad it’s two sides to every coin
This is What One of The sides Looks Like
After Doing a Little Bit more research on Their Russia Division
This is from Bloomberg so this is straight from the source you know you can look it up on your own if you choose to
It’s it’s interesting Because again we have an American What appears to be an american-based Company
Doing Business Out of Russia
Launching This ico
Which appears to be a Financial
Instrument for The Markets
and with that being said i Just wanted to Jump Over and show you guys
The Promo video That They have on Their website so let’s Check This out Together?
Now more Than ever Blockchain technology Is revolutionizing The Landscape of the global economy
Despite the inertia and conservatism of key Players The most visible Changes are happening Within the Financial
In Crypto
A flat fee for asset managers to create and manage Tokenized investment Funds
We provide the technical and Legal framework That Bridges The Crypto and real World economies
This Framework
dissipation in traditional Investment Markets Watching
The Investors Rights are Formalized and Protected Using Smart Contracts on the etherium blockchain
Crypto platform and invested in traditional offline assets as Well as in the blockchain
Economy We See protecting The interests of The Crypto society As a Major responsibility
By Maintaining close Contact With regulators and Financial Institutions
Join Us in Green Crypto to the real
participate in the distribution of What Crypto-Jew
It started
Well if that ain’t a promo i don’t know what is so you can See
interesting Use of Imagery to Say The least
but i think What’s even more interesting is
you Know
Let’S see if i cannot pull this Up here there we Go is
When We Go Up to their YouTube page
It has
Let’S see it’s Just getting started i don’t want to play That Again i Just want to see their page
Fine if You Go to the YouTube page
There you go good
Has a Hundred and Ninety six Subscribers
Publish This video more Than a month Ago so apparently They are not focusing on
Seo Which is okay i’m okay with That they’re a Financial Company
Not digital Marketers so That’s fine
but i think the comments
Our interesting as Well
so i’ll leave that to you guys to go look up
But The comments on this video are
Definitely something to consider When you’re talking about sentiment Analysis Society Pays for What society Values
And Normally The first
Interpretation of a Piece of content is uh
Usually Pretty accurate if you Listen to cliff High
and The Things he talks about with Humans being intrinsically psychic and Everybody
Understanding Each Other and boom boom universe of continents essentially Everything Got teach You Guys about the charts
Society and an interconnectedness of the universe
Normally Filters Out and rises to the top of most comments under videos
So That’s Just interesting Always to heat That When understanding again the micro?
Influences of an
investment Opportunity
and Then The last Thing i wanted to take a look at Real quick with you guys Was Just some of the global
That are you Know will influence the direction this Company can Go This is straight from this Week
China Ico Ban
CnbC calm You know and it’s interesting Because
Black Moon Was Actually Listed in This article One Company affected by the ban is the leading
Platform Black Moon It Said It Raised more Than Nine million Dollars in ico presale
That Company Has Halted Its promo activity with China
And we’ll Refund Citizens who took Part in that presale so you can See that They already are
Enacted on and upon By governance and Legislation You Should also Note That
Nine million Dollars in Ico presale Is a
Significant Amount
Because most of Those coins were paid for and
distributed At an extreme discount
Which means That
Again This percentage That We Talked about earlier
That 50 percent 30 percent
20 percent this Thing Right Here they consider That
Public so that Nine million Dollars may Very well account for Say That much of
The Public’s share
you Know and What’s coming Up and if your own Black Moons team by all means
If you want to Clarify This Let me know what it is i’m Just doing the work to try to better inform My audience
But from My Understanding of How it works especially with Those Icl’s put It this Way i don’t even have enough Money to
Buy into those discount Rates at The icl’s you have to put in about 50 grand Plus
right and When you do you Get 80 90 Percent off
you Know to make It Worth Your while and this is Why i
Seos Crash The minute They Hit a major exchange Because Everybody That Got it at
50% off 90 percent off They don’t care about the price When it hits in exchange They Just want
To cash Out so they can by the next
Ico at 90% off
This is why some People you know a Lot of those a Lot of those uh!
Comments in the Chat Earlier in this video said i don’t i don’t buy any i seos i wait you know
You Know i don’t like The gamble i wait bet on a sure Thing and then Again You click on different articles Around the internet
Again you see a
Vivid Vivid Imagery to Say The least
But Still along it’s backed With some solid statistical data so do i think This is a
Scam i see oh absolutely not this is essentially a Big-Money Company coming in plant in its flag in crypto and
you Know Looking to bring Their Money into the crypto verse through some etf Heads Related
Platform Right
So there you go that is Black Moon Crypto
With That being Said you Guys i wanted to
Highlight our Digital Community If You are in the tech right Now do me a favor
Shouts a Country Out I’m coming back to you in 90 seconds i’m also gonna do Another show this
Evening in about Six hours i do two shows That day Now i’m trying to i’m trying
to grow This community we coming out with a
Two more Channels
In the next couple months so i’m trying to grow This one as much as possible before i start making some content on there
So again i’ll be back probably three four Six hours from Now with with the trading video but This is our community we have?
Amazing community Members Right Now and the doors are always open we You can see i don’t
My Job is to empower society not profit as a Result the problem with a Lot of
Fiduciaries and Financial Entities in our society and if You are not One of them Reach Out to me personally
And prove me wrong but the problem with a lot of
Fiduciary Entities in our Society is that They profit from
Society Not provide value Society Pays for What society Values but but the minute you take
That for Granted Is When society Does not value You any Longer
So again my Job is Merely
To evaluate the information and be
Of Some service to our community
That’s What i try to do every day
and so much That i went and created a website for our community both of bitcoin
Dot-Com and if This is your first time tuning in Let me tell you a Secret baby i
Got to see sauce and that is how to chart like a Boat, oh?
So you’re going Boss a Bitcoin calm Right Now you go see our homepage my man on the right Hand side suited and Booted
You Know i’m Saying in the Red White and blue Looking like The American Dream
They Said it’S a hard Job being a Boss but
Somebody Got to do It and i think he’d do it Very Well and so much That he has put together three different
Products for for You Guys to buy and be Very profitable in the
Marketplace The first of Which is the profit package This is $25 and you can See right there this Thing has some Major
returns on It Listen it’S ten coins that are the movers the Shakers
and the Money Makers in This Market Everybody Keeps Asking me When are you putting another profit package out i’m not you can Make
millions of Dollars
trading Just Those 10 coins right There When one gets hot
Another gets cold And When One’s warming Up One’s cooling off and all we’re doing is we’re Jumping Around
When That Green Crosses That orange That’s when you Throw That Money Down and you reap The rewards as a Result so this
Quite Possibly Could Be you know the only
Document you Need to be successful in the marketplace it Will not be Updated
All that You see right there that august 15th That’s Just When i
Redid The Excel Sheet in Show
Updated Prices so in the past three weeks i got three coins on there that are north of a Hundred Percent returns
Using The Boss method right
Next Next Thing We Got on the list is the dream team This is our Generation to generation’ three coins a Lot of These
Nobody Has even Heard of You know me and my Brother used to work out in high school listening to J cole and one of
His songs Was a Dollar in a dream and This is What you’ve Got Right Here
Every coin on this list can Be Bought with One or two dollars you Guys and these are a Lot of These Coins Nobody even
notes and so in two Years These Will be the coins that are 100 million dollars a Billion Dollars and You are in on the
Ground floor Because you boy bk
Put You on to the game right again if you want a Check you Got 30
Seconds i want you to shout your country out i need a
Kaleidoscope a Country’s in my Chat Right Now
Last Thing We Got Is the one-on-One meeting with the Boss
This is when we Get some face time you know Google Hangout Skype Whatever Works for you a Power hour where i’m putting Your
portfolio Together and We are Making You profitable and prominent in the marketplace You Pay
$25 to open My Calendar The details are in the description
And Then That Will take You to this website right Here so say You wanted to get some
Get some time with me Monday morning you know after the Kids went to school 11:30 a.m.
Bam Click That Button you know Now we set Up to make You profitable and prominent and
Prosperous in the Marketplace You see i like alliteration Baby you know i’m Saying if you can if your Mind can conceive it
Your life can achieve It and then Your Kids will receive It you know it’s a Beautiful Thing Here
And and on this side This side of The team so let’s go into our Chat Let’s see who we Got
Rocking Out With Us live on the air again if you are in the chat shops your country Out and we Will be wrapping this
Thing on Up so who do we Got
Slovenia South Africa Portugal Kenya Australia Romania
Who else Who else who else
Seems to be a little Leg so let’s see jar Money i solved our Money Earlier i need to start Doing my check-in earlier
We Might Try That Next time so let’s see let’s see
Portugal is big in the building scotland is big in the building estonia
Romania Usa
I know earlier we had cape Town south Africa sweden
Miss Danielle Rockin Out From Brazil Canada
Uh and
You can See you know i’m sure they about to be pouring in right Now uk uk
America America – Great America
Come in the same day i used to be a Movie back in a Day
Everybody 30 and Over probably Remember It estonia Serbia Vietnam Hungary serbia one mo one mo let’s see?
One mo no
and Austria Bam
So again Thank you guys you know for your loyalty for your involvement in this community
i realize this video is not typical
Again It One of These Big Banks Go give me some money Just to tell the truth about them then i’m gonna take It and
Enlighten My People That’s What Happened
How much did They give me enough
more Than most Channels i make sure that That’s Why i never do these Type of videos Right
So That’s it with that being Said it’s that time of the day Signing Out You’ll boy bk
The Boats no Matter Where you stay Brazil – Bay at California
Good night the Morning in Good day i truly do appreciate your time
Hit that subscribe and share This video if You appreciate mine Until we meet again Stay Cryptic y’All

13 thoughts on “ICO Review BlackMoon Crypto⚡ Free Bitcoin Technical Analysis: How To Buy Bitcoin Sell Cryptocurrency

  1. Thanks for reviewing Blackmoon! One thing jumped out at me though. You said in your video that the 9 million tokens that were sold during the pre-sale were available at an "extreme discount" This is not true. They were $1 per BMC just like they will be at the beginning of the ICO on the 12th… the only advantage the pre-sale gave investors was a guaranteed share.

  2. Hey Brandon fantastic video!  I like that BlackmoonCrypto provides a bridge between the gigantic fiat and crypto universes.  Their focus on legal and regulatory compliance helps traditional Hedge Funds and Pension Funds to invest in the Crypto world. Mass adoption of Digital Assets is quickly approaching with Fiat money slowly crashing. BlackMoon is an established business with an existing product with expansion plans into the huge U.S. market early next year. I like that BMC tokens are set to increase in value since Fund Managers need them to operate on the platform and since supply of BMC tokens is limited!   I also like that as the platform expands, BMC tokens must be bought off the exchanges, which further reduces supply and drives the price of BMC tokens up! I have high expectations for BlackMoon Crypto, expect them to do well and will definitely be investing!

  3. Wow Brandon awesome ICO video!  I plan to invest in this one as well as BlackMoon Crypto, an asset management platform briding the fiat and crypto worlds, as well as KyberNetwork, a decentralized exchange. All these projects are leading the way and have great potential!

  4. Hey Wonderful video! I appreciate the information. I have been looking into Blackmoon Crypto for a while now. I really want to get into the ICO. This one stands out because of it’s great company support. I think it will sell out and I want to get in. Do you have any recommendations on how to participate? Thanks again for the great information!

  5. That crypto and promo scared the pants off of me.. I've never been religious but I have a deep urge to go to church now. I will not be buying Satan's coin.

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