The Bitcoin around the world
Hi, my name is Xolali Zigah and I’m your
high return investment expert
So today, we are going to discuss about the
Bitcoin industry around the world and
specifically around the five continents
so today you know that the Bitcoin has
more than ten years of existence and the
development has been tremendous so we’ve
seen the development is in our country
in my country for example in France
we’ve seen the development around the
technology behind which is the
blockchain but today we are going to
talk more about the core of this
industry which is the aspect and what
you can do with the Bitcoin around the
world so let’s start from west to east
around the globe so first of all in the
United States which is one of the
country that has seen the best
development in Bitcoin we’ve seen
something really special something that
maybe you don’t know yet which is the
ATM Bitcoin what is an ATM Bitcoin
because you’re familiar with the fact
that you can withdraw the money when you
put a credit card but you’re not
familiar maybe with the fact that you
can withdraw some Bitcoin or you can
withdraw some cash against Bitcoin so
United States is the country with the
most ATM machine related to Bitcoin so
whether you go to California whether you
go to Chicago or to New York City or
Miami you may find this kind of machine
back there in a few years ago I was in
and I saw this machine the ATM Bitcoin
that was really funny for me because
that was one of the proof that the
Bitcoin is still evolving that the
Bitcoin industry is still growing so
basically how it works so you have a
wallet with Bitcoin on it you have your
smart phone or your iPad and you go to
the Machine you have something to scan
like QR code or something like that and
you just put your smartphone be below it
you scan it and then you recognize that
you have a wallet and then you can
choose the amount of money you want to
withdraw for example one thousand
dollars five hundred any amount and then
the money get withdrawn from your
Bitcoin wallet and you receive it
there’s a conversion from dollars
to Bitcoin on euro to Bitcoin and you
receive some cash so isn’t that amazing
because before it was all always credit
card credit card now you have a whole
system that is not depending on any bank
any government and you get the ability
and possibility to get some real money
and there’s the reverse of that so you
have cash for example hundred dollars
and you want to put it in your wallet so
you go to the same machine same ATM you
put inside you deposit the hundred
dollars and then you choose you scan
your wallet you scan your Bitcoin wallet
and the money gets credited inside of
your Bitcoin wallet so that’s one of
the aspect of the development of the
Bitcoin industry in North America
basically and in South America the other
aspect of the Bitcoin development is the
fact that it is it is another option
when the government’s economic policy
are really bad so there’s a country that
you know that has a lot of problem
economy and the monetary policy which is
the Venezuela and in Venezuela the
Bitcoin is so important because some
people have been able to buy goods and
to buy something that is really
important for the life thanks to Bitcoin
because the money has lost like 80 90
percent of the value and there is
something that is called an hyperinflation
in Venezuela so basically what
the people do is they get Bitcoin and
they are able to buy abroad goods they
are able to buy abroad medicine for the
people they are able to buy medicine for
the families, something that is
really important for them to live
because right now is a life-or-death
situation in Venezuela it’s really
critical and with this new money this
new monetary system the people are
allowed and are allowed to get and to
grasp some money without any
authorization of the government so this
is really something important when you
have a country with difficulties in
their finance in the economics so that’s
why I wanted to take this example of
Venezuela to enlight the fact that
bitcoin is still evolving and it helps
many many industries so that’s it for
the West then you go and you cross the
Atlantic and you arrive in Europe so how
people use Bitcoin in Europe so for
example in France there is a
neighborhood around Paris where you can
buy clothes when you can eat at
restaurants you can buy jewelry you can
even buy precious metals in France
thanks to Bitcoin so that’s one of the
aspect that shows that the development
of Bitcoin is really huge because back
then it was impossible to buy this kind
of stuff this kind of goods and right
now you’re able to go to the restaurants
with your wallets with your smart phone
you just scan and your money on the wire
get withdrawn and you pay and it’s
instantly so that’s a great point of the
development of Bitcoin also in Europe
unfortunately in France there’s not that
ATM Bitcoin but when you cross and you go
up North in London or in the UK there
are many of them, many of the
people are able to withdraw some British
pounds against Bitcoin so that’s
basically the same thing that I just
said about US is the same in UK so
Europe you can see many countries that
are involved in this sector involved in
the Bitcoin industry and cryptocurrency
industry and let’s go below Europe and
cross the Mediterranean Sea so now you
are in Africa Africa you know it’s one
of the country with the more and the
most works inside but one of the poorest
continent of the world and thanks to
Bitcoin people are allowed to have more
freedom because you know that there are
a lot of dictatorships in Africa and
right now they have the possibility to
buy and to access to bank in their
country because like 70% of the people
living in Africa they don’t have access
to bank they don’t have access to credit
cards but most of them have a smartphone
right so if they have a smartphone they
are able to buy something on the
internet so if they have smartphone and
if they have cash there they are able to
buy some Bitcoin that able to buy some
cryptocurrencies and exchange and I
discover also when I was travelling that
someone created an app for them to be
able to buy and to credit their
smartphone or their phone with a new
currency so that’s one of the aspect of
the development of Bitcoin of
in Africa now they are able to buy goods
they are able to credit the smartphone
and in the future they will be able to
vote maybe
to vote they will be able also to have
medical medical attention thanks to
and it will be a lot safer than what
they have today so that’s it for Africa
the development of Bitcoin then let’s go
to Asia so Asia you know that there are
a lot of gigs there a lot of people that
are crazy with computer science they
like to create all kind of technology
related to new investments and you know
China there are a country and there is a
country that invests a lot in new
technology they invest a lot in gold and
precious metals for example but they say
that Bitcoin needs to be more watched
they say that Bitcoin needs to be you
know for the people then don’t need to
have all this access to cryptocurrency
because they will do bad things with it
but that’s totally not true so in China
they are buying Bitcoin but they are
telling the population to watch and to
be careful about that but the
development is still crazy in this
country even though it’s not beacon
specifically the developing thing
related to the technology behind it in
China not just China in South Korea in
Japan Japan is one of the best country
which we can buy stuff in malls in
commercial center with crypto currency
you cannot even have a credit cards when
you pay with your own wallets it’s a
credit card that goes through the
networks such as Visa or MasterCard but
you get withdrawn from you Bitcoin or
cryptocurrency bank accounts so Japan is
one of the country that you need to
follow regarding the Bitcoin industry
and South Korea as well now let’s go to
Australia Australia you may think that
they are not that much involved in this
sector but you should get attention
to this country they like new
technology as well for example they have
like exchanges where you can buy crypto
currencies in it so Australia is really an
interesting country regarding that
there’s an also another one
close your Australia which is called New
Zealand New Zealand you know what they
created an exchanges they created an
exchange whether some countries they
didn’t have the time to create an
exchange and they are still waiting for
big countries like UK like United States
but New Zealand they move a step forward
and they create their own crypto
currencies which is called crypto key
crypto Pia so you can buy a lot of
crypto currencies in New Zealand so this
is all to show you that the development
of Bitcoin is worldwide
whether you’re in America whether in
Europe Asia I didn’t mention Middle East
but they are also involved in this
sector especially in the blockchain
industry but this is a topic this is a
field that is going to be more and more
recognized more and more global and you
will see a lot of wealth gather in this
sector so you need to pay a lot of
attention to that you need to be
involved in that


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