welcome blockchainers, blockheads you
great block people, I’m back with the old
ball and blockchain and we are here the
New Kids, she doesn’t like that one but I
think is brilliant that’s not very nice
I have to say the old Ball and blockchain
that’s priceless, I will forgive him
because it’s clever but I’m this face
means I’m still angry but I think it’s
anyway aside from all of that let’s talk
about what we’ve got on the show this
week what have we got the show this week
we are really excited to introduce a new
trading partners are we common very
excited we’ve been trying to get this
sorted for a long time it’s hard to
trade out there and we need to have
whatever edge we can so we’re teaming up
for the next few weeks with three
commerce and we’re going to be using
automated BOTS all sort of exciting
stuff completely transparently we want
you to come on this journey with us
we’ve got an offer code on the screen
and down below for discounts and also
when you sign up you get a free
subscription for a short period of time
and then you’ve got discounts come with
us on this journey it’s gonna be fine if
we do it together we can ask each other
questions it’d be a lot of fun and you
may remember that we actually chatter to
these guys a while ago and there will be
a card up there now where you can
revisit that one because we are really
keen on these guys and we’re very happy
to have them as our sponsors so welcome
three commerce yeah I am especially
excited to be trading because I actually
tried to do it before if you remember I
try to trade some litecoin ended up
buying low selling high buying back the
like coin I lost and giving up so no you
did it the other way around high inside
it would have been ok to the boil oh you
sold high so I think we need some help
which is why three plumbers are going to
be giving us what we need and we’re
noobs when it comes to training as you
can tell me but let’s start the show
with a little bit of a news roundup so
let’s start the news roundup with a look
at the market over the last week brought
to us by coin paprika so let’s see
what’s going on so over the last seven
days we can see bitcoins down just over
1% and aetherium just under five we’ve
obviously had some gains recently which
has been good because it was a shocking
week last week Ripple currently up
nearly 3% on the 24 hours and four
percent over the last week
Bitcoin cash you can see there litecoin
still down 3% over the last week but has
been getting a little but it gains back
over the last day or so and EOS c500 ver
they’re very pleased to see that I mean
a little bit worried about us of late so
it’s good to see that they are starting
to make some progress and Bitcoin SV
just who knows what’s going on with that
one it’s a strange old project and
Manero in the top 10 position there so
our first story is from coin telegraph
and it’s an interesting one it’s all
about celebrities in crypto starting off
with 50 cent 50 cent allowed fans to buy
his album animal ambition with Bitcoin
some estimated they accumulated about
eight million dollars in BTC when the
coin his record high however the rapper
then denied he owned any Bitcoin at all
Serena Williams revealed that she had
launched a venture capital fund which
invested in coinbase among others
allegedly Johnny Depp partnered with a
blockchain based social entertainment
platform which held one of the biggest
icos of 2018 as the independent reported
Buhl partnered with the British crypto
provider to allow her fans to buy her
album utopia with cryptocurrency
nass said Bitcoin will evolve into an
industry as big if not bigger than the
Internet my main man Ben Horowitz really
opened my eyes to that point
this isn’t of the Internet age bitcoin
is its own age apologies that terrible
impression if we’re doing impressions
Mike Tyson says and grateful to be part
of the big time revolution and hoping
that my participation in his faith will
lead to more conversations and help
increase knowledge and awareness very
good not as lucky as the above people is
our next list starting with Lily Allen
who says about five years ago someone
asked me to stream a gig live on Second
Life for hundreds of thousands of
bitcoins as if I said hashtag idiot
hashtag ideas or mayweather was charged
by the SEC for unlawfully promoting 3i
cos according to an SEC official press
release however his pro mode tweets are
still available
finally deejay Khalid was charged by the
SEC also offer illegally promoting I
SEOs onto Bitcoin now and from decrypt
bitcoin will never hit fifty thousand US
dollars says Peter Schiff Peter Schiff
known for correctly predicting that one
thing that one time forecasts gloomy
days ahead for Bitcoin also buy gold
obviously for a man who wants nothing to
do with Bitcoin economists and Euro
Pacific Capital CEO Peter Schiff never
misses an opportunity to share his
opinions about cryptocurrency his latest
prediction Bitcoin will never hit fifty
thousand dollars shift proclaimed today
on Twitter Schiff is well known in the
world of finance for a catalogue of
profitable investments shilling gold and
yes correctly predicting the 2008 US
housing bubble an ensuing financial
crisis more recently though shippers
taken to duking out with crypto celebs
like Morgan Creek digital co-founder and
eternal Bitcoin ball Antony Pompeii are
no today’s twitter squabble in fact
began with a reference to his nemesis
pump just watch scope box host Joe
Kernan’s lovefest with Antony pump
lion-o as he touted Bitcoin Schiff wrote
prior to the 2008 financial crisis when
I was still invited on CNBC Joe was
critical of my advice to buy gold Joe
was wrong to be bearish on gold then and
he’s wrong to be bullish on Bitcoin now
on two litecoin now from the block light
cream foundation employees reduce
salaries in the week of reduced
employees of the light cream foundation
have volunteered for a pay cut to help
the organization sustained through the
times of decreased donations especially
in q1 of 2019
shinee Wang a board director at the
light-cone foundation told ex-con calm
in an interview published Thursday our
employees voluntarily decrease their
salaries which helped the foundation
weather the storm
Wang further said that the decrease in
donations for q1 due to market
stagnation did impact the organization’s
daily operations but q2 was much better
just last week the blocks research
analysis matthew yamamoto reported that
the light-cone foundation has depleted
75% of its crypto currency reserves
since q2 18 leaving it with a remaining
balance of 96 thousand four hundred
dollars as of q1 19 the Foundation’s
total donations have also largely been
under a thousand dollars a month in 2019
onto a US News Now and from crypto
briefing iOS slash USD a glimmer of hope
despite continuing technical weakness
not all is lost for EOS despite the
bearish technical outlook all may not be
lost for the eos USD pair as the daily
time frame continues to show a huge
bullish pattern that remains if valid
buyers maintain price above the $1 80
support level going forward a break
below the three dollar 32 level should
be the bearish trigger for a further
decline towards the $3 level equally
continued weakness across the broader
cryptocurrency market could provide the
momentum needed to reach the $3.00 level
according to the latest sentiment data
from the tied i/o the short-term
sentiment towards EOS is currently
bearish at forty two point nine eight
percent while the overall long-term
sentiment towards the cryptocurrency is
an overwhelmingly positive sixty nine
point three three percent from Krypton
news s said Carano price chart indicates
recovery price rally could soon begin
Cardona was seen making its own path
from the last week the coin was
anticipated to start an upsurge in some
time but now the chances of escalation
have turned thin due to the current
downtrend however we’re still hopeful
that the coin would come out of the
downtrend again the coin is likely to
close a year at around 8 cents in the
coming years the coin would be seen
dealing with a profit of 4 to 5 percent
the coin would be best suited for
long-term investors the same would bring
a colossal profit for the traders so
it’s getting more difficult to find
crypto news every week I mean I used to
search through and there were hundreds
of news stories I’d go on to searching
crypto news and it’d be like news
stories from an hour ago a few minutes
ago now I’m looking and there just seems
to be less and less of them and I’m
having to look harder and harder is that
an indication of what’s going on with
the market tell us down below please
what do you think’s happening is there a
lack of interest in crypto at the moment
the fact that like coin foundation
people have not been donating people
obviously licking their wounds still
with their portfolios what is going on
people what do you think tell us down
below talk to us and like and subscribe
while you’re at it tell your friends
that like and subscribe we’re nice
people me and the old blockchain ball
staying over here blesser
I’m gonna be sleeping on the couch
tonight I think comment subscribe join
our family we would love to have you
along the journey anyway our new section
coming up trading with three commas
welcome everyone to our trading with
three Commerce sponsored segments the
guys are going to be with us for the
next few weeks helping us to trade this
very difficult market now as Lisa was
saying before we’ve had a few attempts
at trading before with zero intelligence
yeah well I have one attempt and it
failed and scared me off but I genuinely
love the idea of trading because it
seems like you know we’re going out
every day trying to make money but we
have this this thing here this
opportunity where we could be using it
to make the money for us if we’re smart
and we know what we’re doing and that to
me is the exciting part that let it work
for us but you need an edge it’s
difficult out there people and a lot of
the markets have been traded by bots and
intelligent software and that’s what
three Commerce is it gives you basically
the ability to have complete control and
before we do anything have a look at
this little commercial and it will
explain all about it
so the guys at the three comas have
given us a discount code which is going
to be on screen now we have signed up
we’ve created our account it’s really
simple we signed up initially you get a
free period so I think there’s a seven
day trial and with this sign-up link
below you’ll also get a 15% discount so
my suggestion is come on this journey
with us sign up now let’s do it together
next week’s show we’re actually going to
be going step-by-step through
programming an automated bot we’re gonna
talk to the guys over there work out
exactly how it’s done
talk you through it step by step bear in
mind we are new to this as well we know
a lot about blockchain but we don’t know
a lot of that trading I’ve been through
the software these guys and it’s very
straightforward but it gives you
complete flexibility to take control of
your trading use all the intelligence
that’s available but be looking for tiny
edges in the market that allow you to
keep just pulling a little bits of
profit as you go so rather than just
going out there sticking a finger in the
air and kind of hoping for the best
which is what we’ve done in the past
this is the way to do it now we’re gonna
put our money where our mouth is we are
actually going to load up our account
with real Bitcoin we’re gonna start next
week we’re going to show you exactly
what our Bitcoin balance is we’re going
to automate a bot and we are going to
basically follow this process over the
next few weeks because the guys at the
three corners are so confident that
we’ll be able to show people that this
works and you’ll all be wanting to sign
up and do it so sign up sign up below
come and join us talk to us we can get
involved we can have a chat we can work
out what BOTS are working what isn’t
it’s a lot more fun if we do it together
party yeah that’s gonna trend but yeah
so at the moment we’ve signed up we’ve
got our account we’re ready it’s really
easy to connect to your exchanges we’ve
basically been in connected finance
exchange to it really straightforward
really safe again remember we had the
CEO on from three commas before have a
look at the card that’s up there watch
the video and I
grilled him at detail about it how safe
is it why people should do it why
they’re better than anybody else we’ve
done our due diligence people so come on
board of this journey it’s going to be
fun and it’s going to be completely
visible and open and transparent if we
you’ll see it if we succeed you’ll see
it and if you come on the journey with
us there will be a lot more fun so
thanks to the guys at three comas we’re
really looking forward to this and we’ll
be back next week for our segment where
we’ll be setting everything up so get
your account live by next week and come
and join us that is all folks if you
hear a shaky shake in the background
that is our blockchain hound trying to
join the clutching hands now good –
they’re both sleeping around our feet um
really exciting show next week with the
trading hope you can join us yeah we’re
gonna have some interesting blockchain
banter going on as well the whole usual
stuff again tell us what you want to see
if there’s something your it isn’t we
had loads of people telling us they’re
interested in trading I’ve been to loads
of people robots we’d love to know that
but we’ve gone and made that happen for
you guys tell us what you want
tell us who you want to speak to also
today was quite a good day because I
finished the first off light edit of our
feature documentary I now have a
beginning middle and end there’s still
some work to do so it’s still give me a
couple of months but it is four years
four years and we’ve been yeah so we’re
trying to bring the real story of what
happened in this whole kind of crazy
time we’ve been in throws two or three
years so yeah so more on that one but
until we see you next week there’s one
thing we want you all to remember


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  2. Good to see you both excited again. Thanks for the 3 commas offer. I am doing the same thing already. Would love to compare notes. But in a private chat. I don't want to be seen as a conflict of interest. Would you like me to contact you via email?

  3. Ok guys great video but I've found info about TON to be released on the 1st of September and I'm wondering if you will make a video about TON?
    @tonboard in Telegram:

    Breaking! The development of the core TON technology is almost completed, according to sources close to Telegram. The release should be rolled out by 1 September 2019. It will include the code of a node and the network validation module. The TON team is finalizing the documentation for these instruments. This will be the final release before the launch of the main network. The main network will go live after public tests.

  4. Guys! Blackmoon announced their brand new exchange where they will list GRAMs. Will you pay attention to it?! https://news.blackmooncrypto.com/blackmoon-to-conduct-a-major-platform-upgrade-4472cf6f9b4a

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