what is going on guys Patrick here
bringing you a brand new video today we
have another litecoin video or do
another litecoin price predictions
because the price of light coin has been
mooning recently it’s been around about
one’s the last one we did we did one
right here so talking about five days
ago we were talking about light paying
everything but that we have more news on
that right now and litecoin has been one
of the more active cryptocurrency so
definitely something a lot of people
have been talking about now let’s
quickly go over everything
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anyways guys let’s get into this market
five hundred and seven billion dollar
market cap Bitcoin up four percent light
point up eight percent those are you
know some of the big movers again V
chain aetherium classics been having a
good run vici has been having a good run
today’s looking like a very about a very
balanced day let’s say it’s a very mixed
balanced day because a lot of coins are
in the green and a lot of coins are in
the red it seems like a pretty split
maybe a little more red but either way
it’s still early in the day guy it’s 11
a.m. on Tuesday February 20th so ton of
time still for the day to recover but
we’re gonna talk about litecoin after 2
quick overview I talked about Bitcoin
basically as the overall market because
the market does follow what big point is
doing and without drawing any fancy
graph or fancy analysis we can see two
things there is you know we have the
resistance the decline resistance right
here that’s gonna touch this point this
point it’s gonna go down almost to where
it’s at right now so we’re are reaching
a resistance point there now if Bitcoin
can break that resistance we are going
to see Bitcoin you know both the
resistance at this level and the
declining resistant
we are going to see Bitcoin go up to the
15 14 $15,000 range here pretty shortly
I do think it’s gonna happen either way
but you know depending on how Bitcoin
reacts to these resistance levels maybe
maybe we have a little correction before
we continue to go up
however we are looking strong you know
the move upward this last week has been
looking very very strong and so
hopefully we just crush through the
resistance like it’s nothing and just
keep moving upwards almost out of 200
mil 200 billion dollar market cap at to
see how many zeros for a second there
it’s a big number 200 billion dollar
market cap but yeah obviously Bitcoin
leading the pack 38.5% dominance it’s
killing it this week has been fire for
anyone who is in cryptocurrencies now
what we’re talking about today though
litecoin zoom into the one-year charts
it’s significantly easier so you guys
can see like when I had a huge run up
over here 356 dollars that’s a lot of
money for I was at a hundred not even a
hundred dollars I wasn’t like corn it
was steadily increasing like went to me
was always one of those steady increased
coins because you know it was first it
was at 40 they had a little bit of a
spike and then came back down then I was
at you know 40s went to 50s went to 60s
went to 70s
went to 80s all of a sudden they went to
90 and then 300 right 350 and they
corrected back down with the rest of the
market and now we’re seeing you know a
solid pickup right here a little bit of
a correction which we predicted once
this level hit we hit the resistance
level right here we predicted the dip
and now it didn’t even care it turned
around and it’s keeping its keep gonna
keep pushing forward now what caused
this two main things which we talked
about in the previous video as well so
there were rumors about litecoin cash
the the fork of litecoin now that is
true there is a fork of litecoin called
litecoin cash that might be a hundred
percent true thing is litecoin is not
doing it and Charlie Lee has announced
it on his Twitter that litecoin is not
doing this fork meaning it’s just a
completely random group of people
completely random coin
they just decided to call it like coin
cash just to try and make people believe
that it’s associated somehow to like
coin and therefore to Charlie Lee this
is not the case
guys like coin cash no bueno
I’m not doing I’m not having anything to
do with it because I you know it’s not
to do with like coin
I don’t know who’s behind it not my
thing like point is that thirteen
billion dollar market cap though and
still at these prices
all these crypto currencies I still
think are undervalued you know bitcoins
undervalued right now it’s not at what
it’s worth like coin same exact thing
and that’s why we are seeing such a
great correction right now such a strong
move upwards because these coins are
worth significantly more anyways the
hype of that of the the hype of that
light coin cash which know how they are
tricking people into doing it I mean I
guess they might not be tricking people
might know that’s not anything to do
with it but still not a good move to get
into something and make sure you do your
own research if you want to get into
light coin cash but that’s not that’s
not what I’m about anyways then light
pay was also launched which is awesome
they would announce light pay bitpay
wasn’t going to accept like coin so
light pay happened awesome this was
another thing that brought up in the
news if you click on get started you
will get taken here they’re currently
having a private beta it’s only a few
people are testing it out and it’s gonna
open up signups in February 2018 so
we’re in February 2018 there’s only ten
days no there’s like eight days left so
it’s gonna be out here pretty shortly I
don’t know when the exact day is but
it’s gonna be out here pretty shortly
and lipase another reason why the price
of light coin shot up because this is
huge this is an easier way for people to
accept like coin payments and to use
light point as a payment methods which
is what it’s supposed to be used as it’s
a crypto currency that is what it’s
supposed to be used as but yeah so those
two things combined really really
brought this strong momentum upwards and
now people start gonna start realizing
that like coin cash if they have not
already it’s not really to do with like
coin which a lot of people fear is going
to bring the price down however the fact
that light pace coming out as well is
helping hold
I’m strong now I want to do something we
haven’t done in a long time on this
channel and what I want to do is I want
to look at a more interactive chart now
you guys can already tell up here like
coins at 245 it was just that $246 on
here which means it’s already up three
dollars to what it said well what it was
that here now it’s up to dollars more
than that here but anyways let’s take a
look at what where we stand so drawing a
horizontal line we can easily tell right
here right there we are going to see
resistance right basically we’re at
right now move a little higher we’re
gonna see some resistance for like point
in this resistance is basically the you
know $250 range I think if we can beat
the too much I’m gonna move my head down
here so you guys can take a look at the
actual numbers if we this is that 258 I
think if we can you know pass to 50 to
55 hit to $60 dancing like coins Anthony
has potential to shoot up and be
anywhere between the 280 and 310 dollar
range which wouldn’t bring it you know
all up to here or the 310 which would be
even all the way up here is what we’re
gonna see the next sort of resistance so
this is the long term bull I’m looking
to see a light coin add my long term I
don’t mean end of 2018 I just mean in
the coming week / month because we don’t
know yet if like how like one’s gonna
react to this resistance level maybe it
will crack back down here go back to 220
and kind of hover around here for a bit
or maybe we’re gonna see some sideways
movements starting over here at this
level or again we’re gonna see like coin
just absolutely crushes so I want to
give you guys all three possibilities to
make sure you guys make an educated
decision when you guys choose if you
guys choose to invest don’t forget guys
I’m not a financial adviser none of what
I’m saying here is financial advice this
is just for educational purposes and I’m
showing you guys my opinion so make sure
to do your own research before you put
your money in anything I don’t think I
said that yet in this video but now I
did now yes so I think long-term like
coins definitely worth past its all-time
high in my opinion now and we’re gonna
see it there by the end of 2018 I think
see it past its all-time high now for
the coming week / months I’m looking at
this level is where I want to see
litecoin at again if we break this level
then we’re gonna go straight through the
all-time high but this is the resistance
level at roughly three hundred three
hundred ten dollars was with where I
think we’re gonna see some more
resistance of see like one hit some more
resistance but first I would personally
set a buy order for like two hundred I
don’t even know like 255 260 because I
think if we hit here this is a good
chance we’re gonna hit here kind of
where I’m looking at um however be
cautious because it is possible that we
have a little bit of a pullback over
here and you know start trading again at
the $220 levels which is a solid it’s a
solid point for litecoin um I think it’s
a great support for like coin if like
where does bounce back or if it does
recover I’m have to correct a little bit
it’s going to come back down here and
trade sideways for a little bit before
trying again to move upwards so be
interesting to see what happens with
like coin I’m super excited for like
point to you know for like pay to get
introduced and like coins making some
big moves guys do not miss out there’s
an opportunity with like point if you
guys do like the coin litecoin like coin
that’s funny
but anyways ignore my terrible sense of
humor like coin has a ton of potential
guys and I think in becoming we slash
months we are going to continue to see
that because it has been one of the best
moving crypto currencies in 2018 so far
if we just take a look if I go to the
overall cryptocurrency markup and click
view all you know you guys can see like
what’s already up 9 basically 10% now
today at $247 so mu it’s up 57% after
that you know bitcoins up 34.8 which
again we said bitcoin was gonna have a
great February that’s great
Mineiro is up a good amount to V Chains
up a ton but litecoin moving itself back
into the top 5 crypto currencies which
it definitely belongs in and it’s here
to stay I believe you know the one hour
to move 2.3 percent 24 hours to move 10%
now these big moves do make me cautious
up a little bit of a correction
that’s been going up so much like crazy
however who knows honestly at this point
it there’s three possibilities that
could happen which we talked about in
the chart and I’m curious to see which
one you guys think is going to happen so
guys this at the moment leave a comment
down below what you guys think is going
to happen with litecoin let me know what
you think is going to go up all the way
to the three hundred levels straight
away do you think it’s going to correct
back down and train up to two hundred
twenty levels or do you think it’s going
to move sideways from the level it’s at
right now two hundred and fifty ish and
kind of fluctuate there first before
making a move up or down let me know in
the comments down below what you guys
think this is always smash the thumbs up
button if you guys did enjoy the video
and subscribe to the channel if you guys
are new I’m sorry I had to make another
litecoin video I know it’s only been
five days since I made one but dude guys
this is absolutely crazy it’s up so much
already up 10% today already so I had to
talk about it maybe next video I’ll talk
about V chances it’s also up 10% and oMG
which is up 9% doing some great moves
all these coins but litecoin so glad to
see into the top five cryptocurrency
again where it belongs probably even
higher than that soon however it still
has some grounds to catch a Bitcoin cash
or ripple or aetherium and it’s not
gonna pass a Bitcoin but you know it has
some ground to you know has some ass to
move a little bit something it’s gonna
happen anytime soon I’m happy to see it
in the top five cryptocurrency again so
guys thank you so much for watching this
video I hope you guys enjoyed and I’ll
see you tomorrow for another video


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    **DISCLAIMER**: I am not a financial advisor nor am I giving financial advice. I am sharing my biased opinion based off speculation. You should not take my opinion as financial advice. You should always do your research before making any investment. You should also understand the risks of investing. This is all speculative based investing.

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