Meet Crypto – Apex Legends Character Trailer

Framed for corporate espionage and murder,
Tae-Jun Park was forced
to abandon his identity.
To survive, he became…
Off-the-grid is the only secure way to go.
Known as one of the most
elite hackers in the Outlands,
Crypto uses his mastery
of engineering and robotics
to provide valuable intel
while staying in the shadows.
I’m here because I have to be.
What’s your excuse?
His aerial surveillance drone provides
a strategic look at his surroundings.
I’m watching. I’m always watching.
And his neural link sends
tactical information to his squad
about enemy positions…
You can only hide
from the inevitable for so long.
…allowing them
to control the engagements.
Don’t worry, I’ll defend over here.
Technology achieves
what gods can only dream to be.
If an enemy squad
has a fortified position,
Crypto’s drone can unleash an EMP.
They call this place ‘secure’?
Dealing shield damage
and disabling traps,
the blast slows enemies long enough
for Crypto to emerge from the shadows,
and strike with deadly vengeance.

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