Right and left attacks from Ripple.
What are these attacks?
What development in Ripple, XRP, and Facebook’s
Libra triangle can start a super rise for
Ripple, XRP?
Why can the US government choose Ripple and
XRP instead of Libra in the crypto-money war
against China, and are the good days for XRP
Now, sit back, we’re gonna
Let me tell you this at the beginning.
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I’m Eren Caner.
I say welcome to everyone, and I’m in full
Guys, Ripple, and therefore XRP’nin you know
the last 2 years in general terms had a hospital
stay, especially after the rise of $ 3 and
then fell down, I suppose, but then the power
of Facebook to give the Ripple Ripple so many
companies in the company Ripple changed everything.
I have talked about them in my previous videos.
I’m going to tell you what’s going on in the
Ripple and Libra races today, and I want to
analyze how recent events will affect the
price of the XRP.
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This is important for me.
Now let’s talk a little bit about the new
developments in Ripple, and then let’s move
on to the price of the XRP.
Because they know that they know that crypto
coins will eventually be used because I have
a saying here that I often say.
Technology never goes backwards.
Hence, I say that crypto coins will be used
compulsorily, whether Trump or not.
Here, if you restrict companies as government,
press them, Moon-style start-ups will emerge,
and the American shopping giants like Amazon,
Ebay and Target will instantly be integrated
with a small Google plug-in, allowing users
to pay with Bitcoin.
Do you think that these companies are not
aware of their Bitcoin integration?
If they want, they can easily block, but stop
the blocking, maybe even from bottom to bottom,
but with such small maneuvers they accept
Bitcoin without officially accepting Bitcoin.
Anyway, this is not the issue, but I wanted
to share this example with you.
Folks, whatever you call Ripple or XRP, wants
to fill the official crypto-money gap in the
US before the Libra, which is why Ripple has
just opened an official office in Washington,
where we can consider it the center of politics
in America.
In the past, Coinbase had opened an office
to be close to Wall Street.
Anyway, Ripple’s CEO announced this development
on Twitter.
Ripple didn’t even settle for this, and Craig
Philips, formerly an adviser to the US Department
of State Treasury, joined the Ripple team.
This man will run all of Ripple’s operations
in Washington, whose role is probably Ripple,
as the XRP, between us and the government,
before we get Libra to get approval from the
government because Ripple knows that getting
approval from the US government is actually
getting approval from all over the world.
In fact, Ripple’s CEO says in a statement.
I don’t know what other companies are doing,
but Ripple will start all over again with
lawmakers and regulators.
Central banks all over the world continue
to learn about blockchain, and we are talking
to other governments, so opening an office
in Washington is a natural part of our current
business, and Ripple joins the Blockchain
Foundation to support it.
Folks, considering all this, I find Ripple
and XRP strong at one point and weak at one
I find it strong because, in order not to
stand behind Libra, she attacks on the attack,
opens an office in Washington, and maybe even
in the coming days or weeks we can see Ripple’s
CEO at a meeting at the White House about
I find it weak because in the course of this
few months, I have waited for them to buy
much larger companies or at least partnerships
because they have raised the expectation with
their explanations, but I think they stayed
below in the sense of stave but I would like
to touch on the subject that I mentioned while
entering the video.
Now Ripple and Facebook’s Libra want approval
from the government, or a scenario like this
can happen.
The government may give Ripple an approval
before or instead of the Facebook Libra project
that it is already trying to rein in, or Ripple
can do anything after legal regulations, and
as a result of these efforts they can make
an agreement with the government.
If such an event occurs, it will probably
kill the XRP and raise it too much.
Because the US government was able to get
approval, agreed with them to make a joint
decision to act cryptoI feel that it certainly
does not count, but all possible scenarios.
It’s not my job to transfer these scenarios
to you without any instructions, fellas.
So from now on, I think it is useful for XRP
investors or those who want to buy XRP to
follow Ripple’s work in Washington, follow
the negotiations, or follow me and I’ll pass
it on.
Anyway, you know why the government can choose
XRP instead of Libra, I think there are 3
The first one may want to rein in Facebook,
all right, America wants its own companies
to grow, global, of course, but it never wants
those companies to get too large to be controlled
by America because it might even be a competitor.
I remember that this issue has emerged in
the previous senate talks or something, so
some fronts, we approve Facebook to the Libra
project, we can not control it to a point
or something they said.
Here, friends, if the US government technological
developments, crypto money, blockchain can
not be indifferent to take a positive step
in the regulation of Facebook before further
rise, you can do this by using Ripple first.
The second reason might be that.
They may want to add another globally-influential
company to the American economy by approving
So both Ripple and America can win.
Thirdly, even if the US will approve of the
Libra of Facebook, friends can first give
Ripple approval and at least have an idea.
They can see what they can be, what they can
do on a smaller scale.
Here are three reasons why Ripple and XRP
can stand out, if they get the approval of
the lawmakers can raise the price of friends,
but I’ll tell you what they can not know what
happens in a moment if they give approval
to Facebook’s Libra project.
Although friends, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg
will have seen this uneasiness that he is
coming from the domestic statements.
He says that Facebook will not implement Libra
without the permission of the American congress.
Well, of course he knows, companies like Paypal,
who recently left the Libra network, know
that if you do something without the permission
of the American government, that state comes
into your business.
So let’s do
it on Facebook.
He can not.
I think there was a story I shared with you
the other day.
The Facebook Libra began testing in India
and Mexico.
He wants to say that these tests don’t mean
starting Libra, but on the other hand, there
are other warm statements.
Zuckerberg says Libra can fix the corrupt
financial system.
With Libra, we can take banking to 1.7 billion
people who don’t go banking in the world,
and if we don’t do this, China will soon make
new crypto money based on the central bank.
If the Libra is not allowed to leave, I’m
afraid that America may lose its financial
leadership in the world arena.
David Marcus, the head of the Libra project,
says similar things.
Look, he says, do not accept Libra if he is.
China is coming China can take America directly
out of the financial system with its own crypto
If we don’t have a good answer to China in
the next 5 years, China will probably rewrite
the world.
In addition, ING bank CEO Ralph Hamers gives
an interview to the Financial Times 1-2 days
ago and says that Facebook’s Libra project
brings a serious risk to banks and that
they can leave Facebook as ING bank.
As you know, Facebook’s main revenue gate
brands are
the advertisements on Facebook.
Here, ING says that if you are going to be
a partner to our food, we will cut your food,
of course, if you don’t work with the regulators,
it would be like that or something, but this
is the summary of this interview.
Ok, if
the man is not considered smart, international
financial crimes may increase with Libra,
but there is no process without precaution.
There is a very slow Libra.
Now let’s go to today’s bonus information
Friends, you
know the Eiffel Tower, located in the heart
of Paris.
Now, the designs I will bring to the screen,
did you know the designs submitted
but rejected?
So if one of them were chosen, there would
be another Eiffel Tower.
You can search the details if you want.
Now, let’s look at
a few of
you in the previous video, which questions
have come to what comments.


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