More Bitcoin traders than BTC holders? Bgold site update! Ethereum Vega and South Korea?

More Bitcoin traders than BTC holders? Bgold site update! Ethereum Vega and South Korea?

Hello everyone this is adam meister the
disrupt meister welcome to today in
bitcoin today is october the toilet
october seventeenth nineteen golden hold
strong hand so it’s odd time it’s
running here in spain i’m getting ready
to go i’m getting on a plane
pretty soon the east coast so this is
not the one bitcoin show we’re not going
to just talk about one thing we’re just
doing the regular than i used to do then
we’ll flip them around who knows what
you’re going to get day-to-day but i
can’t do the one bitcoin show with the
usual one time because i’d like to say
though this time in spain has been great
i linked to chris’s air B&B chris
everyone should check it out how
beautiful it is here now beer you should
come stay here because he loves bitcoin
he is a bitcoin fan all of all the
people in australia and asia who are
watching this live this is a convenient
time for all of you over there and i
hope to expand that audience and
remember the shows from previous days
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so uh coin shirt today because I’m going
on a plane never wear a Bitcoin Sherman
plane because they give you problems
when you land
apparently so I’ve heard I mean they’ve
given me
they’ve given me problems for less
United States at least Israel they’re
pretty cool when you land there they’re
pretty cool when you land there people
on Twitter I i I’ve got thank you
everyone who’s been following me on
Twitter at Tech vault-tec H please
follow me there and there have been all
sorts of new people following me and all
sorts of discussion I’ve been tossing
out there and it’s the it’s been growing
but one thing I notice is there are so
many people in their profile description
currency trader I mean this is what they
say they are I mean it’s as if this is
my page of some of their primary jobs I
don’t there may be something we just
like to to put out there what would it
made me think bitcoin traders
cryptocurrency traders are there out
there and how many more of them how many
more people and crazy things risky
things with their cryptocurrency with
their Bitcoin then just simply like for
the ecosystem that there’s so many risk
takers out there and one never be able
to figure out how many of each type of
person there is out there but I wonder
if it’s like 80 percent risk takers and
then 20 percent holders now of the
Bitcoin of the 16 million Bitcoin that’s
out there
14 million out there 14 million Bitcoin
that’s out there that that can actually
be moved because you know there’s so
much this lost so much is Satoshi’s
you flipped around everyday and how much
of that is being held that probably
isn’t any 80/20 percent thing I would
think the holders even though the
holders might be a minority in terms of
their numbers of people in terms of the
Bitcoin I want to hope that more people
there’s more Bitcoin being held than
just is being done with the Bitcoin but
who knows in terms of all coins of
course yeah I doubt it in any of the
author maybe I don’t know I don’t know
about aetherium but let’s say light coin
for example that is being flipped around
then being held lower down the rankings
is even more more you know some of these
all coins that’s all people do is just
flip them that’s all no one’s holding
anything it’s interesting to contemplate
what the numbers are and what does it
really mean for bit I mean that people
are even holding Bitcoin differentiates
it from the other alt coins which are
just mostly flipped around so it shows
that bitcoin is the rock under I mean
when are we going to get more
cryptocurrency right now is basically
use just as a played games with the
trade to gamble with and ant be the way
people look at cryptocurrency forever
and I’m I’m differentiating current
currency for Bitcoin on this because
Bitcoin isn’t just used for gambling
definitely but I think a lot of a lot of
people are using it that way and a lot
of Bitcoin though is being used that way
as much as the people so
I was talking a friend of mine I emailed
him good friend from high school and we
still stay in touch he’s the lawyer now
he lives in Georgetown in DC he’s done
very well for himself
okay so and about how I was on the
Africa CNBC yeah Africa show he said
Adam though I understand a word of what
you were staying this is like very
reassuring to me I don’t need to be
reassured but I think I’ll be reassuring
to a lot of you my friend is obviously
very successful very smart very smart
person he’s a Nobel crypto he doesn’t
know about cryptocurrency Bitcoin he
shows you that he here man we you’re in
deep and it’s just the beginning because
one day a guy like this who does have
money he’s going to have to have he’s
gonna have to diversify in the
cryptocurrency into Bitcoin eventually
and at this point it is way over his
and again when on the show we were
taught at the show I was talking about
be gold and and Forks friendly forex
crypto dividends I see that’s gonna be
complex for someone who big learn about
Bitcoin but it just shows we’re we’re
way ahead here in a little YouTube space
but there there are some smart guys out
there that are going to learn and it’s
still there’s a little story yesterday I
forgot that you know nothing gave the
media outlets and the big stalkers out
there and if you just pay attention to
the mindlessness you’re gonna miss
things one thing I forgot to say big
core I mean very few people were talking
about the big core crypto dividend and I
thank the people who informed me about
it to begin with but it had you just
been paying attention to the you never
have heard about big core you wouldn’t
have gotten that free crypto dividend
the turn in the big Bitcoin and I
mentioned that about beagle but it’s
it’s good to talk about big court
because big old people eventually did
start talking about the big core people
still aren’t talking about it they don’t
do a good job of marketing themselves
and obviously it’s a very small altcoin
here if don’t get into these gatekeeper
traps follow keep your mind open pound
that like button if you like these
little uh Arnall miss channel but you
don’t learn anywhere else so let’s talk
about be gold here this key Adam about
be gold well their site just got updated
it’s got all your answers on it now it’s
got names of exchanges it’s got it’s got
names the people behind be gold the
developers it’s got pictures it looks
real pretty Dow for the people who love
pretty websites if that makes you
respect something more because it has a
pretty website if you’re that super um
you’re gonna yeah like if before I wet
the wouldn’t need improve you know at
first it was terrible because it was
written in broken English which was any
now it’s gotten your answers let’s say
crazy Chinese things about it anymore
whatever we’re trying to spray and based
on the looks check it out
BTC GPU org it’s linked to below
everything I talked to uh link to below
a link and I mentioned this yesterday is
just Josh Nussbaum uh block Jane Pro the
blockchain projects ecosystem chart
yesterday but I haven’t read the whole
thing yet but it really every aspect of
the blockchain ecosystem if it’s great
that he kind of categorizes everything
it puts it all out there so it’s gonna
attempt a lot of people like well why
shouldn’t invest in this look and look
at all these it Bitcoin is the rock at
the top but I’m sure this is going to
some people are gonna read this the
wrong way and be like well maybe I
should get into these I CEOs here Josh
makes it look so nice and pretty and he
hit the charts great that the chart is
great and it makes me it does make me
think like if Bitcoin was taken away
from this chart would any of this mean
would it be worth anything and probably
sure is a you know places where you
cannot add a chorus that as to me it’s
like one of those places
you can get free crypt eternity into
Bitcoin I think you know I think there’s
something again there’s something to
this getting paid to do stuff that you
would usually do for free
see there’s something to it
I don’t think Stephen has perfected it
something there’s gonna be more and more
of this gamification out there earning
through Chris’s just walking behind you
like watching this show when he hears
like you must shot out there anyway
there’s something to this there’s
something to this
this some category there look at it and
check out my poll below the etherium
Vega thing it’s still they’re still
tweeting stuff out there again and these
are not native English speakers one of
the the latest thing is since our
project is supported by a Korean
exchange we are expecting they will list
first alright that’s pretty bold right
there that’s that’s pretty bold you know
and they’re also saying they mentioned
something about the theory of agus
should be a hundred dollars again
they’re pumping their coin they’re
pumping a coin that we don’t that’s
forth from aetherium that we still don’t
know how we are going to get it their
web pages but I thought I would mention
it because I told my guy in Korea on the
ground to research this thing right away
when I heard that heard that mentioned
the word Korea and they’re gonna get
listed they say them you get lists of
their Korean exchange we all know
business you know when you get it listen
to Korean exchange these days woo
there’s major puppet Tory is still
interesting interesting to me no one
else really is talking about it from
what I can see out there none of the
major wannabe gatekeepers or at least so
link to that below or a links of the day
a real quick this story is story 11 says
flashing based economy is like
everything else governments do do to
make decisions for yourself
yeah that a lot of what the government
does this day we don’t we don’t trust
you to make your decisions for yourself
good government we’re going to Bitcoin
where we’re going to be responsible for
what we do be mistakes or good things
all right and in the final tweet of the
Bitcoin census rights again this is
linked to below for all its benefits
Fiat into decrease in value over time at
least with crypto you have a fighting
chance I like it alright pal that like
button and everybody I’m gonna get out
of here I’m flying to Israel I’ll see
everybody and Israel the Bitcoin people
how to be interesting I haven’t even
told them I’m going to be there i’m adam
meister thank you again chris here now
Alba you’re Spain is beautiful Spain is
cool i’m adam meister the bitcoinmeister
the disrupt meister remember subscribe
this channel like this video share this
video do check out the notes section
below pound that like button I will say
hello to you guys in the chat right now
trillion in Asia

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  1. Lets guess how many bitcoins Adam is holding.
    He is holding total of 236 Bitcoins in 10 different Trezor devices ; )

    Adam you need something with POS. ..use your 20 ETH to stake

  2. Love your content but your Travel vlogs are pretty choppy. Maybe you could premake your videos and upload them instead of relying on the live stream quality. I know you prefer live streaming in general but on the road it seems pretty compromised.

  3. This Crypto space is getting so boring I cant be assed anymore my btc is staying in cold storage i will forget about all my coins I accumulated since 2012 Listen to Adam buy and hold, I will stop looking at the prices lol and I'm unsubscribing from all my crypt o you tube channels no offence Adam its all doing my head in now, not you personally just all the FUD from the whole space.

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