New COVID-19 cases in China stay below 1,000 mark for 5th consecutive day

New COVID-19 cases in China stay below 1,000 mark for 5th consecutive day

the number of newly confirmed could be
19 patients in China stayed below the 1000 mark for the fifth straight day
signs that the outbreak is slowing down there still authorities are retaining
the lockdown of the epicenter of Wuhan meanwhile countries across the globe are
seeing a spike in new cases and deaths Kim bo-gyung has the full story the
growth of kovat 19 cases in China seems to be slowing down with a number of
newly confirmed cases staying below the 1000 mark for the fifth consecutive day
as of ends Sunday China’s National Health Commission reported that the
total number of infections in the country reached the 77,000 mark with a
death toll nearing 2,600 with girl with other disease slowing Chinese
authorities initially announced that they will lose in their month-long
quarantine measures in Wuhan allowing some non-residents to leave the
epicenter of the outbreak conditionally but shortly after the announcement the
city government reversed the decision claiming the previous announcement had
been made without the consent of a local leadership and is now declared invalid
meanwhile other countries across the globe are seeing spikes in coronavirus
cases although the countries hit hardest is Japan where thousands of passengers
are quarantined on the diamond Princess cruise ship as of Monday Japan including
those on board a cruise ship has a total of more than 800 confirmed patients with
at least four deaths elsewhere Italy saw hundreds of new cases over the weekend
the number of confirmed cases in Italy rose to more than 150 and four people
have died of the virus Kim Morgan Arirang news

29 thoughts on “New COVID-19 cases in China stay below 1,000 mark for 5th consecutive day

  1. They still have people confined on the DP cruise ship?! That's terrible! They should be moved to proper , safer, quarantine premises. Disgusting.

  2. If u believe this…please.send 200,000 usd for a bridge i have brings in over 3 BILLION a year in tolls alone.

  3. Yeah this is officially a global pandemic and the window of opportunity is closed so stop towing the company line, cut the crap and tell the truth! We are not blind!

  4. No different in the U.S., no Coronavirus spreading here. About as true as the Federal Reserve saying inflation never goes above 2%.

  5. Numbers approx over 1.2mill to 2mill pontentialy infected or are infected, aprox between 35k to 100k dead. 10k to 100k plus in critical condition, 24k plus recovered supposely. Death rate seem to be between 7.5 to 15%

  6. Numbers of new cases in china are codes. Only to be decipher by selected world leaders to know.

    In a sense, China is giving out the real numbers.. But we just don't know how to decipher it. Those selected leaders knows the real numbers and know how bad the situation is…

    Brace yourself everyone…

  7. I don't believe a damn thing that comes out of China .. All information is controlled .. all social media is controlled .. China wants to put on a happy face and exclaim their people have been triumphant and have conquered this Beast .. Chinese Math !! .. Now the rest of the world has to deal with The Crud ad every indicator is .. It is spreading like wildfire and will be everywhere soon .. Those comparisons that the yearly flu is worse numerically is more horseshit that the worlds media has lapped up .. In essence .. This is the spread of communism .. Seeing that it has been so great for the world in the last century .. Gotta rewrite those textbooks now .. .. Ideas are more powerful than guns .. If we don't allow our people to have guns , Why would we allow them to have ideas ..

  8. No one talks about the size of these viruse.. 120 microns or nano meters.. The N95 mask is rated to 300 microns or nano meter particles… Just a thought

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