Origami 2$ House (Jo Nakashima)

Origami 2$ House (Jo Nakashima)

Fold in half and unfold Divide each part in half Turn over Bring the existing mountain folds to the center Turn over Fold the top edge down Unfold Repeat on the bottom Valley-fold
(no reference point) Fold the bottom edge to the top and unfold Valley-fold the top
This is going to be the narrow side of the house
(no reference point) Fold the bottom edge up to the other edge Connect the ends Mountain-fold the edges Now let’s make the roof Fold in half and unfold Fold the top edge to the crease and make little creases Fold the top edge down to the little creases Mountain-fold Fold the edge up along the edge behind Use the wide side of the house to measure
Valley-fold the left and right edges Leave a little bit more than the width of the house Bring the mountain-creases together, folding at 45º between them Fold the flap inside Fold the corner Repeat on the other side Put the roof over the walls House finished!

100 thoughts on “Origami 2$ House (Jo Nakashima)

  1. I have never see a origami house before you did an awesome job!!! and the tutorial was very good too. I'm going to make one for my mother, but I'm going to try it with two, 2 dollar bills… thank you.

  2. Okay i live in Holland and we have 2 euro's and no 2 euro Bill's. But want look closer to this Bill illuminati CONFIRMED

  3. I should be making dollars in real estate but instead I'm making real estate with dollars. Very easy to follow instructions and works great with real dollar bills

  4. awesome design loved making it the only part that was hard for was to make the roof sit on the house so i used tape

  5. This is awesome! I appreciated that you used a larger print-out so we could easily see the small folds. Thanks so much!

  6. I folded this as instructed and the roof didn't fit. It seems as if the bottom of the house was wider than the roof. I'll practice some more.

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