Pokemon Blue: ZZAZZ trainer $FC executing arbitrary code

Pokemon Blue: ZZAZZ trainer $FC executing arbitrary code

The ZZAZZ trainer with id $FC has an interesting property – it will execute code from $FA60, which is in the middle of Daycare Pokemon data.
If the player had never deposited any Pokemon into Daycare, the execution will slide to $FA80 – the Pokemon box. I used the standard Mew/Ditto Glitch to encounter the ZZAZZ trainer $FC. I have my example code stored in the Pokemon box. I hacked the code in, because I’m lazy – but it’s possible to spell opcodes by hand, by storing specific Pokemon in the box. Upon choosing an attack, the code will execute. Pwned. I could give myself 9999 rare candies, but I decided to create a small animation instead. …you still watching this?

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  1. okay normally I'd call bullshit and say that doge was edited in, but seeing as how you turned a Pokemon game into fucking PONG, I actually believe this and am highly impressed by it.
    your videos are the best Pokemon videos I've seen so far, every time you make a new video, it's about a glitch I've never seen before and I'm almost always either amused or impressed.
    Your videos are both informative, and… well… fucking awesome! keep up the good work and I hope your channel grows to something huge, because you deserve it.

  2. Kudos for coding the doggie graphic. The GameBoy graphics encoding is ridiculous.
    Amazing also how far things have come since the Ditto glitch.

  3. I hope I got the right user here, but I been watchin' "lets glitch pokemon blue" by missingnoxpert, and he referred me to you, I think. I had a question, kind sir, regarding the japanese second type glitch, also the method for turning a magikarp into mew. I'm trying to do this one on a Pokemon Red japanese cartridge, but I'm runnin' into brick walls. Like the dokokashira door glitch, this one involves using the select button to swap items with Pokemon, but there are two ways to invoke the switch, being the 13th and 14th items in the inventory. I can do it through the 14th item without a problem, both through a battle and the day care, but the 13th item method constantly freezes my game up. Bulbapedia wasn't clear enough for me, as I'm not at all a glitcher, and I didn't see it on glitch city labs though I didn't search thoroughly. I was hopin' that you, or someone, could give me some insight, because unless it's deadly to the game, I really wanna see the 152nd pokedex page opened up. Thanks.

  4. The animation interestingly shows names of many glitch Pokemon. I'm assuming you're using around that area of the ROM to grab the tiles you used.
    (I see Q, 44hy, maybe a few others).

  5. i programmed MEMES into a GAME

  6. Sorry for the double post but…
    If a player had already deposited a Pokémon in the daycare, would it be possible to deposit another Pokémon and create an opcode to jump to boxed Pokémon data?

  7. When I saw the thumbnail, I thought Doge was just edited in…but then I started noticing oddities like Doge's text being aligned to the grid and Doge itself using a palette on-screen…I should've known this was real!

    I like how Doge is lampshading the random letters everywhere but…why did the game put random stff up there? Did you just make the gme glitch then added in Doge once that was finished?

  8. To confirm, this is done via manipulating the memory at DA80, ws m executes code from the exact same location! I can prove this!

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