Putin: Any Integration Of Russia And Ukraine Would Lead To The Emergence Of A Global Rival For West

Putin: Any Integration Of Russia And Ukraine Would Lead To The Emergence Of A Global Rival For West

The Ukrainian leaders or those who got power pursued their self-interests. And what were they?
It was not even to earn more by robbing the Ukrainian people but to retain what has been plundered before.
This was the main objective.
So, where is the ‘dough’? Pardon my French. Where is the money? In foreign banks.
What do they need to do for this? Show that they serve those who have this money.
Hence, the only thing they sell is Russophobia.
Because some like dividing Ukraine and Russia, they believe it’s a very important mission.
Because any integration of Russia and Ukraine, along with their capacities and competitive advantages,
would lead to the emergence of a rival, a global rival for Europe and the world.
No one wants it. That’s why they’ll do anything to pull us apart.

100 thoughts on “Putin: Any Integration Of Russia And Ukraine Would Lead To The Emergence Of A Global Rival For West

  1. That's that's how they West make money, they use and let corrupts in other countries and let them deposit their money in their (western) banks to get rich. That how they've always made money

  2. No HUMAN is your Saviour…no matter how many bombs or bullets they claim. When Messiah Returns…He will melt all these things simply with The Words of His mouth…all consuming Fire. Repent before He Comes.

  3. Very soon, the real Orthodox Christians of Ukraine (not the fascits and the criminal establishment in Kiev) the real people of Ukraine who live in deep povertty are going to organise litije religious processions leading by Orthodox Christians prists on the streets of Ukraine cyties in protest against only 30% of Ukrainiane citizens who are supporting the fascistic Ukrainiane government in Kiev. Majdan is dead very soon. Live for ever the reall Ukrainiane People the Christians in their hearts.

  4. Future is all upon us (Humans) and nothing divides us as (Humans) , we all together entering 5th Dimensional beings, more collect consciousness….💚❤️💋

  5. Ukraine and Russia should be working to become closer. NATO, Zionists, and the U.S. Bolsheviks should keep the hell away.

  6. Sadly the new Ukrainian President licked his lips wile talking about millions, hopefully his fun side will come out and all can play together in Peace, global Peace

  7. I wish Vladimir Putin start exposing the United States Democrats party. Cuz this Democrats are coming with another HOAX to blame RUSSIA so they can attack Trump with the FAKE MEDIA. Putin always Straight Talk and no BS 👍

  8. Kievan Rus the first Russian Slavic state which was made up of Russia,Ukraine and Belarus.

    This is pure historical fact that Ukranians and Russians are the sane people.

    United we stand and divided as the West wants us to be we fall!.
    Glory to Russia and all Slavic Warriors our there where ever you might be in the world.
    Stay strong brothers.

  9. There are old families fighting for control of earth,it is that simple.Do you accept Zionist as your world leaders?.. Probably NOT.

  10. Copiously explained, thank you President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. with all the lies, deceptions and ignorant strategies deployed by those who sought to justify the coup of Ukraine, it is refreshing to hear your voice of sound sense.

  11. The ukrainians hate the russians, why would they integrate? The only people in ukraine that want integration are russian. Ukraine also wants to join nato and the eu.

  12. Similarly, any integration of the muslim world would result in great threat for zionism.. which is why they must perpetuate war in the region and further sectarian fault lines.

  13. Slimy US government like Clintons..Obama sodomite..Joe Biden and many more used Ukraine to launder money. Ukraine always have been a weak country. Weak identity and weak self respect. Like some other countries Ukraine cannot self-govern.

  14. The world has very good reasons not to trust or like the russians,40+ years of keeping eastern europeans behind a wall with machine guns and land mines like cattle is not something to forget

  15. The Ukrainians are an unfortunate people like the Croatians. Both then and now have been used to divide and commit crimes against Orthodox Christians.

  16. here Putin is wrong, a bunch of thieves steal Ukraine for them and showed Russia as enemy.It was the same in the whole easter europe, I saw many trailers with trees, the best black earth for agriculture near Kharkov is now Bayer, everything is soldout for nothing, next step is migration, in ukraine will remain 22-23 million maximum in the next 3-4 years because of massmedia saying "the mediu salary in France/Germany is up with 50% comparison with last year" and then "tousendsnof jobs available in germany" and when they go there they will find the true including rasism. From Antonovmplanes, Zenit rokets, agriculture Ukraine in is nothing left

  17. It is very painfull to be finnish nowadays. Even our president Sauli Niinistö is feminist. EU is Big Mistake. Russian is our home not EU. I hope Putin will be our president. ☦️♥️🇫🇮🇷🇺

  18. Yes of course we do and No we do not want this EVER to happen. Everyone needs to relax, we have enough tension as we speak, slowly take your fingers off the triggers and back away, very very slowly.

  19. The west’s Ozymandias is on the horizon. It is destined to eat itself from within with the mass immigration. Russia and Ukraine just need to be patient as the torch of civilization will be theirs alone soon.

  20. America here. Putin. A sensible man. We have been lied to by evil people in our government for years. Disgusting.

    They are greedy and powerful.

    Hopefully Trump is working with Putin to take down central banks and their criminal operations.

    I believe so. Let’s kick these bankers and their evil currencies!

    Gold and silver is real money and nothing else!

  21. This interview with President Putin calls to mind the words of our U.S. founding fathers:
    "And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm Reliance on the Protetection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor."

  22. When those ukraine people will be understand…. that they are being USED by west and oligarch to hate you're own Slavic brother Russia, i hope Those Slavic Brothers United again like Soviet Era…. i have enough of U.S and West Elites medling on another country affairs

  23. Why this thai land king still disguise u .
    How ever we are this our problam n holdhouse why he still love interfere people business n he unconscious his self he o ly for sex women . Pmip king . N only banan long

  24. Those who hijacked Russia were driven by the very same objectives as those who are in power in Ukraine. Do not be fooled. Russia is the slave of the organized criminal group of Russian-speaking monsters who have nothing in common with the country's titular nation. In this regard, Russia is no different from Ukraine. Two Slavic countries are suffering from the non-Slavic oligarchs…

  25. Such an intelligent leader and one imo is a legend for Russia and the world.. Inessa S posted a longer version of this which further strengthens my belief that there is no other statesman of any country that stands for the future welfare of ones nation. TY Russia Insight and Inessa S.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bLj2feLgiBo

  26. Would any of you that speaks the Russian language kindly translate this into English, Italian, Spanish or Portuguese? Many thanks

  27. Why is there no English subtitles available on this video ?
    Is U tube stopping the audience from understanding what Mr Putin is saying ?
    Is this not Political interference ?

  28. Russias leading politicians are the biggest russophobes out there, living in their mansions and earning insane amounts of money, while parts of the richest country look like Uganda.

  29. I love Putin direct conversation however I have to try to read him as I don't speak Russian. Can we get a English translation perfecto to every point

  30. THIS LIAR will destroy your country…
    This kgb corporal is keeping you down…
    Ukraine is not part of Russia and if you invade Ukraine en masse Russia will be sanctioned into the stone age…
    $100 dollars a week this thief has you on will look good…
    putiN has to go

  31. …………………………Trump wins 2020………………..

    Nancy: Russia! Russia! Russia! Russia!
    Schiff:  Russia! Russia! Russia! Russia!
    Nadler: Russia! Russia ! Russia! Russia!
    Schumer: Russia! Russia! Russia! Russia!
    Swalwell: Russia! Russia! Russia! Russia!
    Warner: Russia: Russia: Russia: Russia!
    CNN: Russia: Russia! Russia! Russia!
    MSNBC: Russia! Russia! Russia! Russia!
    NBC: Russia! Russia! Russia! Russia!
    ABC: Russia! Russia! Russia! Russia!
    Fox News: Who? Who? Who? Who?….😂😅

  32. I No longer receive the English Subtitles ? ((I Don't believe it is 'R I" )) as Many are responding in English in the Comments.

  33. Russia already is a world rival to the west. They have been so going back at least a century. Russia has had it's ups and downs as happens in life, but is never defeated and will remain when others fall.
    ПУТИН МОЙ ЛИДЕР!!!!!!!!!

  34. You guys are close to Russia and Putin and the russian Government! Please ask what really happened at the Dyatlov Pass and what is in those classified documents. It’s time for the people to know. It’s been 61 years, I believe that’s long enough to hold a secret. Thanks

  35. Putin's desire to interfere in other countries democratic elections and subvert their integrity does nothing to stop the rest of the world from treating Russia with a very great deal of justified suspicion. Before Russia can become a trusted nation it must become an honorable and honest one with a genuine democracy of it's own and not the autocracy it currently endures.

  36. Erdogen can not let Idlib go, it will destroy his dream of becoming Sultan of Ottoman Empire. If Russia supports Assad to take control of Idlib then Erdogen will call NATO.

    It was a mistake of Russia to trust Erdogen. Erdogen never had any intention of fulfilling his promise. He was just buying time to dig in Idlib. But Russia's fire power dislodge him and he is furious and will call NATO to help him to stay in Idlib. Putin should never made an any agreement with Turkey and legalized his base in Idlib.

    Events are unfolding rapidly which pointing towards End Time Great War (MALHAMA) prophesied by Prophet Muhammah sallalahu `alaihi wa sallam : Russia, Turkey, America in north of Syria.

    If America start sending troops to north of Syria within in next few weeks then Armageddon is sure to happen within next month or two informed by Sheikh Imran Hosein.

    Sheikh Imran Hosein – Signs of the Times – 23-02-2020


  37. Little Dragon, your Beast is strong, you are strong, but just as your god once told me, so I tell you, "your following the wrong god".

    You have chosen the losing side.

    God will crush your Magenta Beast!!!

    You do not have the gift of understanding, and thus my words fall on deaf ears.

    But I know who you are! I see you! You do not hide from me, even though you hide from yourself.

  38. Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan are populated with Russian people. Almost all ex-Soviet republics were artificially created by Bolsheviks on the historical Russian territories. Therefore Russian people is the biggest divided people in the world. The West is deadly afraid of any forms of reunification at post-Soviet region. That's why they the US and EU organised illegal state coup in Ukraine's Kiev and imposed illegal sanctions on far-fetched pretexts.

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