Putin Explains What Happenned At A Navy Testing Range In The White Sea

Putin Explains What Happenned At A Navy Testing Range In The White Sea

Russia is a great power, including militarily, as President Niinistö noted in his speech yesterday.
And, of course, military powers are responsible for security.
Finland is concerned over the events in Arkhangelsk Region, a little more than 400 km from the Finnish border.
A question for President Putin. What happened in Arkhangelsk Region, in Severodvinsk?
What can be done to ensure that events like this do not affect Finland’s security?
Perhaps it would be necessary to improve the mechanism for information exchange between Finland and Russia not only on peaceful atomic use,
nuclear power plants and civilian facilities, but on closed military facilities as well.
What further actions must be taken?
I have already said what happened there. Unfortunately, the tragedy in the White Sea took the lives of our experts.
This is work carried out in the military sphere, work on prospective weapon systems. We are not concealing this.
The people who were injured or died were performing very important work for Russia’s security.
The fact that our partners, including the Americans, test new systems proves that we have to focus on this.
I have just answered a similar question. We must think about our own security.
Speaking about information sharing, our corresponding services are working. According to the reports I have, everything is fine.
The neighboring countries did not record any increase in background radiation either.
This is obvious to everyone; this is objective data, everything that is happening can be seen from many kilometres, dozens of kilometres away.
Both military and civilian experts are working at the site of the incident, the site where this tragedy, without exaggeration, took place.
Of course (and I believe you will understand me), there are certain restrictions on access to information when military matters are at stake.
However, I fully agree with you on security issues; we must establish effective tools and an effective system to share such information. I agree with you on this.

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  1. Arrogant behaviour of USA and Russia is leading towards ww3 ..America's trade war with China and other countries must be stop .. remove sanctions from Iran so that more countries can get cheap oil …

  2. Remember was French President Holland's asked Putin in Normandy, " Are those your boys down their in Crimea?" Putin looked straight at him with those rat-fuck beady eyes and told him "Nyet". If he can lie straight to the face of the leader of another nuclear armed nation without reservation…why on Earth would he be honest to citizens he does even have to answer to?? You really think he was honest with the sailors families from the Kursk? Those scientists were buried in lead and graphite coffins. Like all things in Russia…the first order of business is deception!

  3. If you believe what you’r lords and savior Putin said at 2:20 then have officially earned the title of most brainwashed person on Russia Insight. That’s an achievement! 🤣

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  5. Nothing to see here, it's not like a Advanced Small Modular Reactor FUCKING detonated !!!! But don't worry they shut off the detection systems so nobody has to worry about the FUCKING RADIATION. CHERNOBYL !!! But wait now they have one on a boat, AWESOME ! FUKUSHIMA ! You have a nuclear war going on around the world now and are to dumb to realize it. FUCK ANYTHING NUCLEAR.

  6. Reporters : whats happend ? Putin : Nothing special. Just sent 1000 Jehova Witness to siberia and made some nuclear blast on them for make sure they are not survive. Reporters : Is this the normal way to talk with people in russia ? Putin : Of course. This harritage name is satan rocket test. its old fashioned russian thing from our ancesters. After we stoled this 40 years old technology from US and Canada we need to say this is our best technology ever. We will sell it to north korea and china they are wanna talk with christians too. Reporter : Are you antchrist ? Putin : What was the question ? Reporter. Reporter ?

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  8. Putin wants to think about his county's security than stop the pissing contest with the US and join us to end the CCP threat. Russia has nothing caporal we want.

  9. Putin “We have many nuclear bombs, but we don’t know where they are, sometimes they explode by themselves then we find them.”

  10. I believe that Russia is not only for Russian anymore. Russia is for the whole world nowadays. Unfortunately for the nation of America who would have been higher after slavery. But headed recently by that little tribe for no good. Putin is god sent I hope the almighty is fishing another Putin or higher.
    The devil never rests: his the universal hacker into the humans minds.
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  11. Can't say this about some other countries, but mr. Putin always explains these things personally and with all honesty, it was indeed a high tech weapons system. I hope that Russia did not loose any viable knowledge with the loss of these experts in this tragedy. God bless Orthodox Russia.

  12. First time I see Putin’s body language not telling all the truth and hiding something, nevertheless always diplomatically equanimous in his answers

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  16. He launched a weapon before America these weapons had been ready you don’t just make it over night. This provides people with the truth Trump has warned us of, make the world Putin Free

  17. Nuclear powered rockets are incredibly dangerous/risky. The US researched the concept about 20 years ago, and abandoned the idea as too risky. 🙂

  18. The Russian tendency to do things on the cheap and half a dozen experts don't go home. Maybe they should have bought the expensive quality gaffer tape. Putin says "nothing to worry about" and no one believes him except for the Russian journalists who dare not ask a awkward question. Politics aside, they are on a long run of serious cock ups, less haste more speed.

  19. Ohhh my god Puting admitted something?? This is shocking i thought he was going to say it was Firecrackers lolololol


  21. This KGB weasel has a lot of blood on his hands. He is a master of deception. Don't have anything against the good Russian people.

  22. Oh God the expression on his face😂 HE'S LIKE, Here we go. I have to get grilled when if this happened in NATO it wouldn't even make the news.

  23. Thankful that Putin is insuring his country remains powerful enough to keep US government in check. From Arizona USA.

  24. America tests a missile so Russia has to one up them by blowing up there scientist and polluting the land with nuclear fallout and radiation. Dam good job

  25. Although it may not seem so at times the Lord has chosen well to have Mr Putin at the helm of the magnificent country and its people of Russia

  26. Russia has been dumping radioactive waste all over the place for a very long time. Launching radioactive material into the sky is the height of stupidity. Chernobyl was bad enough, but this Russian shit storm, is nothing compared to the Japanese shit storm we have at Fukushima Japan, still ongoing, still killing the entire Pacific ocean, still killing all of us . Yet I hear only crickets. Keep burying your collective heads under the sand. When you have your head buried under the sand , your ass is still stuck in air. Take it how you want it. Kill the oceans, kill the planet. That's pretty much it.

  27. What is the point of an English Russian site that doesn't translate? Typical Russian incompetence, no wonder their bombs are exploding all over the place.

  28. I dont know the average age of all the posters but lets assume it leans to the younger generation.
    Now, to the supporters – it is completely understandable that you want and behold something to step on. Let me move on:
    To the opposers: I would really like to know how you see a country that has the means to defend herself, a threat! Please, americans.. yes, americans! Everyone knows that the very vast majority of critics of russia are the…. muricans. Tell me, what kind of threat do you see in the russian federation towards the rest of the world? And while you're on the topic, can you please tell me (and please be as objective as you can be) have you ever thought about maybe.. just maybe… that YOU are in fact the world aggressor? Please, do tell!!

  29. All these dead shite bible bashers make sick .
    Your sky daddy or his fictional son are not saving or blessing anyone , now build a bridge and get over it.

  30. Russia is becoming both internally and externally very difficult to defend and this incident just proves the point.

  31. Just a pity it didn't blow up a bigger part of Russia so that they can for once and all learn to stop experimenting with weapons of this magnitude? Who is gonna call Russia to accountability? They like deflecting the attention away to other countries' trouble but back on their own soil, they are busy gearing up for serious war. I can smell that Russian ambition to conquer that world again and it stinks… like death.

  32. Russia shoots down airliners and tries to hide what happened. Russia poisons opponents. Russia invaded Ukraine and Georgia. What crimes does putin do inside Russia ?

  33. Footage of the incident is obviously a small nuclear explosion/accident. Last year Putin boasted about nuclear powered missiles, so they may have had at least one successful test. Hopefully they will abandon this foolish concept now. 🙂

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