You have probably heard of
of this virtual currency that is Bitcoin
: true pillar of crypto currencies, he
first exploded in November 2013
reaching the crazy value of 800 €, but
mostly went to the moon in December
2017 with its value of € 16,000! Guys
who bought that when it was worth
penny bunnies must be well
happy, but for two years soon the
value of this cryptocurrency only makes
go down, certainly with some peaks but
a slow decline undeniable despite everything …
So that today it is not worth
“That” 7400 €! Well, that’s a lot
money but blow for those who have
bought at the peaks … Especially now,
we hear more about it. So,
is bitcoin dead? Well, we’ll see
what it is !!
Hi it’s Leo from the TechMaker chain
and today we will talk about Bitcoin
! That’s right, you’re probably numerous
to be interested in it, be it
his debut, or to his recent explosion of he
two years ago since all TV news
have spoken of it as “The currency of the future
! “And that” Banks will die “
Oh dear !
Good two years later the banks are still
standing, and I still have some euros in
my wallet, but for all that, was
what a bad idea to put in this
crypto currency?
By the way, what is a crypto currency
? Well it’s a virtual currency aimed
to replace our current currencies, sometimes
by removing an intermediary: the banks.
Because yes today our money is at
inside banks and concretely
their operation is not transparent,
and if you have in theory 1000 € on your
account and you’re told that this money
is yours, the bank in question is actually going
use it to make loans, for example
investments, etc … And so possibly
not be able to return it to you if
too many people trying to get his money back
at the same time. There we speak of small values
but imagine that over several hundred
thousands of euros and certainly in France
we are protected, at a height of 100,000 €
by the so-called Deposit Guarantee
banking, but that’s not the case in
from other countries like the United States and so
if a bank your money and she
goes bankrupt, your money is literally
gone in smoke!
But in short, you are obliged to confide
your money to someone if you do not want
not have to hide stacks of banknotes under
your mattress! Or even just if you
want to use it in a dematerialized way,
for a payment on the internet for example.
Crypto currencies make it possible to
so that the transactions are made of you
to the seller, without any intermediary, and
it more or less encrypted in
function of cryptocurrencies. Accounts
are held in a decentralized way, this
which makes us not dependent
of a particular person or organization.
The best known of these currencies is surely
bitcoin, created in 2008, but it’s not
the first to have emerged, because in reality
crypto coins it goes back in 1989 with
the DigiCash! But hey, it’s a bit like
Virtual reality is not the Virtual
Boy who marked the spirits even if it is
the first helmet to be released decades
before the Oculus.
In short, behind, this currency makes talk
of her, her operation related to the blockchain
also, many other currencies have seen the
day and some have met with them too
some success, the best known being
surely the Ethereum, the Ripple, or
the DogeCoin; Yes it exists, and all that shows
also that there is a gigantic market to
that level, and anyone can create
his own cryptocurrency! There is even a youtuber
who did it for the joke and for
finance one of his projects, the baborcoin.
Listen, one day I’ll sell
TechMakerCoin who knows!
After all that, first sales are
do with these crypto, the first for the
bitcoin being the famous pizza with 10,000
bitcoins when it was worth $ 0.002. Yeah today
that’s equivalent to 70 million! I hope
that she was good anyway!
All this allowed to make known the
crypto and mainly bitcoin, which
did it two years ago now it was
became ULTRA popular, a little too much.
The purpose of this video is not for all that
to make a history because if I have
to talk to you about history
cryptocurrency, what is the blockchain
as well as to explain you the mining one in
is for 150 years so I will stay succinct
on it and that’s also why I
took a lot of shortcut but if you want
to know more, I advise the chain
PowerHasheur that can allow you to
learn a little more about how it works
in a little more depth, or
the very long video of Amixem on the subject
who is serious cool!
In short, with all that, other currencies have
created, the best known being the Ethereum
that many consider the best
cryptocurrency, or the Ripple, which is
private and managed … by banks. And that
has his little success eh! Like what, there
who are going on crypto just because that’s
too much digital tavu.
The hype for all these crypto currencies to
been growing, to the point that both
more known make sacred leaps, bitcoin
and the ehtereum, but also other alt
corners like the grpace verge to a tweet of
John McAfee, the guy behind the famous anti
virus! We are talking here about a currency that is
spent from $ 0.005 to
$ 0.23! And that makes ridiculous values
if we look at them like that, but it wants
to say that for $ 1,000, we could
buy 20,000 yards, that’s a lot
of verge! And so bah resold at $ 0.23,
we arrive at $ 46,000! Yeah a little
X46 thanks to a tweet, we say thanks Twitter
and thank you Johnny!
But that’s nothing compared to Bitcoin
which reaches a meteoric value that goes up
nearly $ 20,000, which means that everything
the world is talking about it and that everyone, on
Internet, radio and television
and everyone buys, me, you,
your grandmother, everyone is interested,
to the point that some banks forbid
buying these crypto directly and you
call if you plan to do it, and I know
of what I speak because even my banker had me
called for that when I had squandered
all my Youtube Money in there! Good luck
he did not stop me from taking it.
could be from!
In short, but all that, it existed before
boom of 2017 so we do not learn much
and that hurts me because we stop learning,
so we’ll talk about what happened
Because indeed, on the threshold of reaching the 20
000 dollars worth, patatra, the hype is
party, whether for bitcoin and others
currencies like the rod that we just talked about,
and that’s quite understandable, full of
people got into it just because we
told them “Bah wait, it’s money
easy, look on BFM TV, they said,
and since it’s TV, it’s surely
true “and paf, people started to
buy, with even physical stores
to do it ! Is it that shocks me
or ?
The worst thing about this story is that
people were buying without knowing what it was
serves, how does it work, what is the purpose
or even how to use them .. Just because
that “oh too lol easy money and then the
blockchain it’s the future there is Nabila who
said it”. What makes people
were disappointed when they visited
account that this money could not be
used at the corner store, and that
finally they felt like
threw money out their window because it
just did not know what they
were doing. Add to that the banks that
for some did not want it to evolve
because it breaks their business, and the governments
a little too old who did not understand anything
all that but who wanted to regulate everything despite
all, bitcoin was in the sauce.
In addition to that, since many buyers
naive potentials have arrived on the market,
a lot of sellers have also arrived to
try to enjoy it, with unfortunately
too little knowledge, and so did
lose money to a lot of people,
and here I’m going to talk to you about one of my
experiences, as I myself
a lot of interest in the thing at the time
I bought RaiBlocks, a cryptocurrency
promising enough, but that was not
available on many exchanges (the
sites that could be exchanged
its currencies, usually against Bitcoin
but who can also manage your wallet).
In short the currency goes up, I’m too happy,
she is renamed Nano, that’s good Imen
crazy, but overnight, Paf, Bitgrail,
the exchange in question, is stolen all
his NANO! So, bah users have it
in the bone, and this story continues
because if you go on the homepage of the site,
it’s written full of stuff like what the
trial is still going on, and finally,
we come to the same problem, our
Money does not belong to us here either.
And hacks of this style, damn it
had, too much, already that one is
boring, but then it was much more
only one ..
And certainly we could keep it on a “cold
wallet “(the name for a personal wallet)
but it loses in practicality as soon as you want
make the exchange, and suddenly between this
kind of issues, the scams in
any kind, and the non-evolution of the system
within 5 days after buying madam
Michu who could not buy his iron at
return to Amazon with its flaming bitcoin
nine, all that has actually dropped the market seen
that a lot of people wanted to sell everything
to release the ship.
Yet, there are a lot of changes on
all this system there, be it cryptocurrencies
in general, or bitcoin!
To talk about newcomers in crypto
currency, the best known is the Libra that arrives
soon. a Crypto made by our boyfriend
Marky Mark that we talked about ago
two videos
And yes, this cryptocurrency has been created
by Facebook, and the purpose of the latter
is to propose a cryptocurrency with
very low transaction fees and a
high volume capacity, ultimately
get a stable currency. This currency
could be used in emerging countries
where a lot of people does not have any
just no bank account right now,
and for once I do not think it’s stupid
all ! Especially here it is easier
to have important partners, already
because having Facebook in support, it creates a
certain weight, but also to sell in
countries where it is currently complicated,
and thanks to these two points there, Mastercard
and Visa joined the project, but also
services like Uber and Spotify! All
that to already allow to buy Libra
more easily, but also to allow
pay your Spotify subscription with.
Well, the fact that it’s such a society
who pushes cryptocurrencies we lose a little
the free side of the thing because it also wants
to say they have control over it despite
a blockchain management with software
open source … So well it’s a little bit
same problem as other crypto currencies
we saw so much
Especially that the project a little wind of
face, with for example Paypal who dropped
the project this October 4th, but also
Visa and MasterCard and some others
big supporters, so to see how things are going
really evolve … But all this for
to say, there are still people today
who want to evolve all this market
! So, maybe for good or bad,
it’s another debate, but for all that
if companies of this style are involved,
is that there is a real interest in
my humble opinion!
And the bitcoin in all that? Is
that he is dead? Well no, he even
rather well evolved since! If already
look at his price curve, he recovered
of his fall from the beginning of the year, with a
new peak above $ 10,000 this summer,
which did not last very long, but is
today findable in the $ 8,000, this
which remains low compared to its historical peak,
but a tour de force when again,
we think back to the fact that it was worth $ 0.002 y
less than 10 years old!
At the level of the currency itself, the
problem is that we come across something
that we can no longer generate, or in any
case more with moderate means; there where
a few years ago you could generate
bitcoin thanks to your computer hardware
with the famous mining you surely have
heard at the time, today
it would take 15 quantum computers turning
in parallel to hope to glean a
thousandth of this famous cryptocurrency! Well
I exaggerate a bit, but you see a little
the problem; the number of bitcoins being
limited, it becomes more and more complicated
to acquire, which makes it
become very complicated to count their value
and we will often prefer moreover
talk about satoshi that fits the value
in bitcoin, 8 commas on the right; basically
0.0005 bitcoin corresponds to 50 000 satoshi,
basically 4 dollars. Satoshi being the assumed name
of the creator of the currency, still unknown
to the battalion so far elsewhere.
He also had children; the bitcoin
Cash, Bitcoin Gold and Bitcoin SV,
fork help. Here, it’s a huge
bazaar to speak of fork in a video of
this style so basically tell you that these are
derivatives of the main currency allowing
to change the rules of how that
works, to lower transaction fees,
or improve security behind
all that. The advantage of these forks allow
already having “free money”
between big quotes because when they are
arrived the owners of bitcoin started
with a small starting wallet, a
little like the legacy stuff in World of
Warcraft, and so also to distill the different
users, as well as repairing rules
of Bitcoin because unfortunately this currency
is far from being flawless, due to its
old age in the first place.
In conclusion: Bitcoin is clearly not
not at the best of its form as a value,
but it continues to evolve and especially the
global market for cryptocurrency is changing
also on his side and that’s what
is the most important, so that can
we will have other alt corners that
will still arrive on the market, and who
know, maybe a real successor, maybe
same as the latter already existed, there under
our eyes, but we do not know it yet. And
it’s a very complicated subject because it’s
impossible to predict today how
all that will evolve unless you have a
crystal ball, and there will always be
people who are far too refractory, like others
Too much enthusiasm
And do I regret to have
invested? Well, not really, already because I
invested money I did not have
need and that’s a tip that I give you
here: put in there only money
you can lose and you do not care
limit of losing: I personally
said as soon as I had put in that
I lost that money
not be disappointed if it flops, and at worst
happy if it works
And second, it’s also because
I believe in technology, in the blockchain,
and a world that can evolve with crypto
currency, and maybe bitcoin will only be
not the crypto currency of the future, surely
but I find it so much more exciting
to live that than to arrive in a world
where the technology already exists, after all
we see the story being shaped and can
to be that it will not lead to anything, but can
to be faced with a real revolution
economic, and that, only the time we the
will say! So to see how to continue
to evolve!
And you? do you still believe
to bitcoin? Or in another crypto
change ? Or finally you are happy
with your euros? Well tell me all this
with the card that just appeared at the top
right on your screen, and of course
argue in comment!
Besides, if you believe more and that
you have it, at worst you can
get rid of me by sending them eh! here is
my bitcoin address and I really do that
heartily and to help you huh!
I hope in any case that the video you
will have pleased and that I would have managed to synthesize
and popularize all this without losing yourself or
take too much shortcut, if you liked
my job in any case do not forget the
little blue thumb of love and of course
to follow me on social networks
: Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok … We are already
I never did anything about it,
unbelievable !
Do not hesitate to share this
video a maximum, especially to your friends who
have spent in bitcoin when they have it
seen on TF1 and who have been waiting since
a recovery in vain, and of course if this
is not already done subscribe to the
chain by clicking on the logo that comes
to appear right there, it was Leo of
the TechMaker channel and above all, do not stop
never to learn! Hello !

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  37. Très bon sujet de vidéo et bien traité mais malheureusement tu as fait quelques d'erreurs/raccourcis:

    – Le but du BTC n'est pas DU TOUT a remplacer nos monnaies actuelles, c'est une alternative! Deja de une, personne n'envisagerait de vivre uniquement d'une monnaie qui fluctue autant et de deux la blockchain et les cryptos, c'est un système "trustless", il y a des choses dans le monde (du moins d'aujourdhui) qui ont besoin de se reposer sur des tiers de confiance ! Va expliquer à ta grand mère que les technologies de registres distribués sont fiables et qu'elle peut y mettre toute ses économies 😉 I
    – La cause de la chute de 2017 pas du tout à cause des investisseurs "retails" qui n'en ont pas compris l'utilité et qui ont vendu ! C'est un retrace qui est pas si étonnant que ca quand on compare ca à l'historique du BTC. La pluspart des nouveaux arrivants ont hold comme des sourds et c'est les whales qui se sont régalés

    Par contre le comparatif aux objets héritage et les forks m'a fumé, gg

  38. En passant on ne parle plus de crypto-monnaie pour ce genre de "monnaie", mais de crypto-actifs car ils ne respectent pas les caractéristiques d'une monnaie.
    Mais il existe des vrais crypto-monnaie qui peuvent etre indexe sur le prix du dollar, euro ou autre en tout cas qui ont des prix stable.

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