Review of gold and silver yielding crypto token Kinesis Velocity Token (KVT)

Review of gold and silver yielding crypto token Kinesis Velocity Token (KVT)

I’m going to talk to you today about the Kinesis
Velocity Token.
If you haven’t already, watch the short video
in the link above or from the description
to get a quick overview of the Kinesis Monetary
The Kinesis Velocity Token (KVT) is a fund
raising token to facilitate implementation
of the Kinesis Monetary System. A quarter of them were sold in pre-sale.
The requirement for Development funding was
covered some time ago and the established
company, Allocated Bullion Exchange stands
behind the project.
Similar to Visa’s revenue, KVT yields are
funded by transaction fees. As the number
of KVT’s is fixed, their yields will grow
in direct proportion to the growth of the
Kinesis Monetary System.
The yields will effectively be paid in gold
and silver, so the KVT could literally be
a goose that lays golden eggs, and every month
at that.
Let’s look at page 39 of the Kinesis blueprint.
These are the spectacular yields that Kinesis
is projecting, all from a $1,000 investment.
I always like to look at the safety of my
investment, before getting carried away with
potential yields.
Let’s just focus on year 1.
It is likely that the year 1 market cap will
be achieved due to the free storage and yield
Kinesis is using 30% velocity for their projections.
Let’s try and find a break even point.
OK, I’m going to knock the velocity right
from 30% down to 1.1%.
If the market is prepared to pay 10x the yield
to buy a KVT, then that velocity would
value the KVT at it’s cost price.
Also, 10% is quite a healthy yield, especially
with it being paid in gold and silver.
Now, existing major cryptocurrencies have
velocities of between 3 and 9% and these are
not being used as everyday currencies.
Let’s look at a 3% velocity. That’s 1/10 of
the Kinesis projected velocity. That gives
the KVT a 27% yield in the first year, which
I’d be more than happy with.
If the projected numbers happen to be achieved,
the yields will be quite spectacular.
No trading is required. Just hold your KVT’s
and receive and spend the yield.
Here are a few Reasons for confidence in the
The core of the team built the company Allocated
Bullion Exchange, and now include some notable
additions. Check them out at
Partnerships already exist with several notable
companies. FIrstly, there’s the de-facto national
bank in Indonesia, PT-POS. There’s the Deutsche
Borse through ECC. There’s MBAex, a significant
cryptocurrency exchange in South East Asia.
There’s the Jakara Futures Exchange, there’s the
Hyperion exchange and TicketSocket, who provide
a platform for selling events tickets.
Although the risk to reward looks favourable,
bear in mind that KVT’s are not redeemable
for bullion and the system to provide their
yields has not yet launched.
If you want to get deeper into the numbers,
have a look at Kinesis KVT Review and Calculator,
where we look more at the Year 5 numbers.
If you want to understand more about how Kinesis
works, have a look at the Cradle to Grave video

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  1. Same question. The KVT looks good but when does the system go live ? If there is no trade there will be no velocity and hence there will be no transfer fees one would have thought. I am also unsure about the KAU. Is it worth one gram of gold or one 100 grams of gold. ? If the KAU is 100 grams then that would mean a huge barrier to entry into the system ? Any help would be welcome as I am beginning to think there are no people and no community to be honest. These videos are now months old and there seems to be no up to date interaction ? Thanks. Tony J

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