Ripple (xrp) price prediction

Ripple (xrp) price prediction

Today we will try to predict the price of Ripple(XRP)

we all know what Ripple(XRP) is
if you don’t know then you may watch my 1st video
in which i have discussed what Ripple(XRP) is
what is it used for and who used by whom
The price of Ripple depends on
its demand
just like any other comodity’s
price increases or decreases on demand
now if entire world is to buy gold
or they wish to buy the price
will obviously increase
same is with Ripple(XRP)
but what we are discussing is
the price variation

from a traders’ perspective
who trade in stock market
the indicators they use
to predict the price
we will also do the same
as we can see that
in 4 hr chart window
25 EMA
it has crossed 100SMA
and stochastics
which is an indicator it touched 20% level
it changed its direction
similarly RSI also
after hitting 10%
started the uptrend so now
the price of Ripple(XRP)
its highly expected
that it would rise
now we can view it in magnified

I have indicated 200SMA, 100SMA, 25EMA

which is RSI and Stochastics indicator

here you can yourself see
the trend direction
and what
can be the prediction of it
secondly we can check with indicator
Boilinger Bands
Price had hit the lower level of boilinger band
now it has started to rise
as you can see here
at this point price had cut the lower level
and now it is
starting uptrend
so according to this
according to 4 hr chart
the price shall rise
lets see the same in 1day time frame

price touched the 100SMA
then it bounced back and again
it was about to reach the same point
but again bounced back
The RSI direction in toward uptrend
now we have added another indicator
The Fibonaci Series

it basically indicates us
the different levels
the price can fluctuate within
where the resistance and support is
as you can see at this point
The 100 SMA
the price received a great support
price did not go lower from there
with the market fluctuation
and bounced back
after bouncing back, it touched 25EMA
it had a flow down

when it hit the 25EMA
it could not break
the momentum of Ripplre(XRP)
it could not cross the level and fell down
so now
as you can see it has hit 786 level

the 78.6% level
it touched it
and bounced back so accordingly
we can predict the price
may reach the upper boilinger band level

and it may reach 50 level
though the possibility is low to grow further
as no market can gain so steap
if you see back in time
the price of Ripple(XRP)
it shot high
but with breaks
this is the principal of market
no stock can grow straight high, it goes up
then lowers down(Correction)
again rises and falls
same is implied

cryptocurrecny price fluctuation, if it falls
even then it does not fall straight down, it falls
it will get a support people will buy at lower price

rise and fall
rise again and fall again
we can assume it as if
we throw a ball on stairs, the ball does not slide down

it hits the first stair
bounces back a little, then hit the second
bounces back and hits lower stair
same is with uptrend
and down trend
the prediction that we did

it is as follow
according to 1 day time frame
it is in an uptrend, so according to uptrend
1st take profit shall be at 61.8%
and 50% 2nd take profit
means half of your stock

you shall sell at 61.8% level
and rest at 50%
as the possibility to grow further is very low
if it dips? then
your stop loss shall be
at 100SMA, as we can see
the blue color line

put your 1st stop loss, and 2nd
stop loss at last month low

which is this point(cursor point)
if these levels depicted in price

on which ever exchanger you have your Ripple(XRP)
pur price may be more or less form the price on your exchanger

you can alter your price accordingly

1st take profit at 1.36$
2nd take profit
at 1.75$
1st stop loss at 0.778$
2nd stop loss at .56$
these are predictions, neither i
nor anyone else can point the exact value

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