Searching Chinese banknotes for notes worth $$$

so hello fellow coin like this and bike
like this as well keep on forgetting use so today I’m just gonna so true Chinese
you won or remember so this is a one-room MV note they all had Mao Zedong
I did make another description video which I’ll actually upload later about
these back night time we’re just gonna check these serial numbers so this one
gets a bit tricky because you get different sequences and you get get a a
and then the numbers and you get this one a number a then the rest of the
numbers then you got a two numbers and I so what we’re looking at mainly used to
black numbers here so 666 number at Beast mmm so when it actually gets like
this actually gets less attractive to actually ever boys and as you can see at
any of one number serial number sequence on each okay any of these phones to nine
yeah and I won 50 so this one is actually good because we found I’m
saying you got the in in and the rest of the numbers so this one you want to
check all the numbers but no none of him another five this is well circulated in
these conditions I’ll be lucky to keep it even serial
numbers glued Tim remember looks actually a very good condition as you
can see that number letter number letter okay so for the interaction see if that
had a mean of five that would have been good war at five or four 20mm be very
circulated when you get to China and these ones fifties and a hundreds no
most likely won’t you get can a fitted it’s only worth about for straining
dollars but in the China it’s actually can buy a lot more than what for
Australian dollars connection by more triple free from this nothing
anything here no look at the back of it nice is the limestone karst formations
which are being carved by the river and I have no twenty is the rest the
hundreds which is good for me so I have these are the older ones it’s still
quite common I’ve never been your China but my friend or actually guys are
trying to quite a lot no one let’s see them get through this
quickly as you can see the number descends get smaller be garden and
smaller again knowing though eight double nine I maybe not UK one seven
four nine seven don’t react Eva there’s nine seven four nine no if I have been double 5-volt our
children good the game as you can see when they got a hundred data all the old
series these ones are actually be decreasing in China because that
actually have the new series coming out I’ll do it with few of them here I think
she’ll be I did say one where I turn up before here’s some new ones it has a new
100 on it and it has two places where they put the serial number so one here
and one here is this one any good no not really cool sequence J yes and these
ones are brand new five three three four five and Xion Avenue and I sure resines these
replacement that night but maybe maybe not oh so that’s it my god just check these
ones out and please like easy to be all thumbs up and subscribe to my channel
and check out my links below and also keep searching your money people you
never know what you’ll find that’s worth more than face value okay who

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