Setting Up Profit Trailer

[Applause] ladies and gentlemen I am back the crypto crow is here and this time I’m not giving you any damn updates on anything because you hate them well not all of you I know a lot of you guys support a lot of what’s going on some of you guys are just like come on crow you’re slacking off with your pay this and like look I get it there’s been a lot of stuff going on I’ve been trying to figure out like how to structure everything in a way that benefits all of us but tonight I’m not doing any of that tonight I am going to go through what’ll probably get into being I don’t know we’ll see it could be the longest video I’ve done because I’m going to do a master class on profit trailer not even gonna go into profit feeder in this video I’m just going in to get those of you set up on profit trailer I am actually your host Zangief because I just got a haircut and I feel like I just look like this guy right now so anyway let’s get rid of him and here’s profit trailer so let’s begin I didn’t even bring a notepad or anything I I was I wanted to make a bunch of notes and go through them just gonna wing it alright and hope and I’m gonna use the wiki that all of you should be using but I know a lot of you guys do not want to put the time in reading this thing so tonight we’re gonna read it together because I don’t even remember every little damn thing we’re setting this thing up from the very beginning so so I’m going to assume that you you probably paid for profit trailer and you’re trying to figure out what do I do next so when you go to profit trailer calm which it used to be private trailer not i/o now its profit trailer com come over here and click on releases I’m gonna right click open this in a new window this is the newest release of profit trailer ok bug fixes so what is in this this updated two days ago there’s GUI same MO same Oh still no support for consecutive buy triggers Yatta Yatta display missing dust on finance automatically used a backup file of state file gets corrupted okay so there’s one CH of stuff in there and then there’s a convenient link right here to the wiki okay the wiki is you’re gone that that’s your ute you shouldn’t be reading the wiki like five or six times if you’re gonna be using profit trailer to make some serious money but anyway this is where you download profit trailer so we’re gonna download it and we’re gonna let that download and then while that’s downloading we’re gonna go back over here and we’re gonna go to the wiki okay this is where all the meat of everything you need to learn how to use profit trailer is this is your Bible alright so we’re gonna go through that this is gonna be a long video I’m telling you now you guys have been telling me begging me yelling at me everything else to get it this is this is it I’m going over every damn thing if you don’t know how to run profit trailer by the time we’re done with this video I’m gonna personally fly out to wherever you are I’m gonna leg kick the hell out of you okay and if you complain that I didn’t give you enough description or information or anything I’m cut this leg kick you alright so now we got well you can’t see it but hold on let me see how I’m gonna do this bingo-bango I’m gonna open up a new window here window capture alright there we go so we can just make this a little smaller yeah I guess we can wish there was a way to put these to the left maybe alright so we’re gonna leave that right here alright so one of the first things that we’re going to want to do is you’re gonna need to get your keys and such but this here is a base setup application properties so we’re gonna go in here and see what this says alright so basically this is telling you exactly how to set up your application properties file ok so that is this file here now I would propose you use what do I have on this computer I’m gonna actually download notepad plus plus notepad plus plus because I really like I use this on the VPS and it works really well so we’re gonna download notepad plus plus you just google it first link comes up hit download actually I’m going to get the 64-bit because that’s what I use so we’re gonna download that and this is ultimately gonna let us you know like I use Dreamweaver for a lot of I forgot where you were I use Dreamweaver for a lot of like code and stuff like that that I do for websites and things of that nature so but notepad plus plus is it’s really quick to open and there are a lot of benefits to it it’s actually pretty slick I just started using it I actually found out about it from another video somewhere else I don’t remember exactly where but so I’m going to install it which you’re probably not gonna see so if you’re installing it while we’re installing it together it takes like a couple seconds because it’s not very big yeah we’ll go ahead and put a shortcut on my desktop and we’re gonna run it so let me open up another window alright so that’s my notepad plus plus fresh open we can close this little window there and that’ll be that so let’s make this a little bit smaller all right so and we begin so back to the application properties and ultimately what you guys were wanting to do is you’re gonna right click edit with notepad plus plus alright so I’m gonna make this a little bigger it’s gonna be kind of hard to show you guys is there a way to make it I just want that kind of sucks alright okeyday so I guess we could try to do it that way I’ll just cover up my face for a little bit so you guys won’t mind alright so basically what it’s looking for here it’s looking for your server port so your server port your default will be 80 81 that’s you don’t need to touch that your telegram bought token so if you run telegram and you want to set that up I can explain how to do that later on I’m really really wasn’t prepared to explain how to set all that up but you have to yeah it’s a little bit of a process but you get if you’re if you have your own telegram channel or your own telegram group or whatever and you want the activity from your trading BOTS to just kind of show up on your telegram on your phone and alert you every time you make a buy or a sale that’s what this does and it works very well I use it I like it a lot your trading exchange is bid tricks or whatever exchange you’re using really let’s see here server timezone offset server site name that’s set for Polonius which no this is you can kind of change this to whatever you I call it like my crypto cro BTC bot okay and then your server password so set a password to require login before allowing access to your monitoring page so you don’t really have to do that if you’re the only one accessing it it’s fine okay trading history equals 8 that’s fine it used to be like two days so now I guess the defaults eight days because everybody got tired I guess everybody got tired of changing it I changed mine to seven so like every week it keeps to a week’s worth of data which is cool now this is where you guys are gonna put your api’s okay so what you guys are gonna have to do is you go to [Music] like I use bit tricks and okay so just to give you guys kind of an idea so you have you can get Polonia acts metrics for finance right bit tricks is the most popular because it has the highest trade volume of all the exchanges and what why is that important that’s important well you can’t even see me right now I guess you’d probably want to for this moment in time it’s important because or the hell all these windows are getting crazy bit bitch the bit ryx is important and the trade volume is important because it makes it easier for you to get out of a trade so if I you know on a low volume exchange if I if I buy you know a thousand of a particular crypto currency on you know Polonia acts it might take me longer to exit that position at profit than it would on bit tricks because the volume is much higher on bit tricks by I would if I were to rate the exchanges based off a volume and activity owed I’m guessing but I would say bitch tricks is number one by Nantz might be to actually Polonia X might be to but you’re very limited in pairs both Polonius doesn’t have nearly as many trading pairs as either of the other two so in trading pairs auction obviously important so if I were to list them in importance I would say bit tricks number one by names number two and Polonia X is three so but you know in some cases like right now I guess if part of it kind of depends on where you can actually get an account from what I’ve been hearing lately as finances now except new accounts I guess they’re all caught up on their backlog so things are working out for them so but you’re gonna need to set up two API keys basically you’ve got your default API key your default API key secret and then this is where this is where you have a second API key that will be used to do all of the buying and selling all right so the in what-what-what and this is confusing for some people because you’re thinking well I’m gonna have a I’m gonna have my API key from the bot right or from from profit trailer actually no you’re actually setting up two separate API keys and you’re using them both in here the one API key is the one you’re activating as licensed with profit trailer okay through their whole system what they’ll just a explain that somewhere in here which I’ll review that as well probably should have started there and then the other is the one that you’re actively using for your trades okay so that’s how that works I remember very early on when I was confused I’m like I don’t know am I is there something I’m supposed to get from profit trailer but profit trailer has their own like bot system where you plug in your API key and it activates it as a license under your name okay so that’s how that works chances are that’s probably the first thing you’ve done I’m assuming let’s see so you go down trading history okay so there it is two days server port API key so put your licence day peak I key and secret here which is they’re talking about this set here and then your server server time zone offset so based off of wherever you’re located and then your telegram bought token your telegram bought coke and see telegram set up so this here I actually tell you exactly what steps you need to take to get your telegram like your API keys and all that stuff so this breaks it all down for you right here I followed the instructions on this I got my keys and they worked so I don’t know if I should waste I don’t know if I should spend time explaining this or not it’s literally all right here on this page okay so I’m gonna guess that the majority of you aren’t going to be doing this so I’m probably going to spare the time so telegram Post New Order’s true yes okay all right so that’s your application settings hopefully that was does that make sense I hope so we’re gonna close the application settings you know I don’t need to save them alright and we’ll kind of minimize this again for now all right now upgrade instructions so if you’re gonna upgrade to another version minimal system requirements so first for some of you that might be having some issues make sure you look at this Windows 7 or higher 32 or 64-bit minimum 2 gigs of ram 500 megabytes of free space because the long file can get big Java 8 make sure you’re running java you will get errors if you do not install the latest version of Java especially as you’re using the latest versions of profit trailers so if you just bought it and you download the latest version of profit trailer you try to run it and it’s not doing anything it’s probably because you need Java 8 you need the latest version of Java installed so you just click this link free Java download you start it and then when it activates you’ll see a little like video and a little thing saying congratulations it’s very very simple but that is probably what’s causing a lot of you some issues right now a decent text editor like notepad plus plus there you go I don’t use the command terminals or anything like that I just use Windows I don’t you know I’m not tech headed enough to deal with all the command prompts and stuff I honestly haven’t touched that stuff since I was going for my what was that the triple a light a light when I was a tech guy I don’t even know what it was called a plus that’s what was a plus certification I failed that damn thing by one test I’m like screw this so anyway setup SSL on a bot running Linux I don’t know anything about Linux I’m not a hacker I don’t really run what known issues will profit trailer if you encounter the following error message in the log air application please fix trading API key invalid signature I ran into this myself go to API keys on your exchange create an empty API key with no permission save it and then save now set permissions for that API key save it use that API key and secret for default and trading so I I created I did that I had to do this myself when I first set it up I was getting that exact error and then I went into the profit trailer and I will tell you like you know the the I would not know and have done what I have done with profit trailer without profit trailers telegram and that’s been the support that they offer there ok elroy is great diesel is great and honestly diesel diesel helped me a lot when I first got started and and you know I feel you’re like I want to try and figure out a way to support that guy because honestly like if you go in there you know he’s almost always in there and he’s always answering questions he’s always very helpful you know Elroy who’s the developer who you know built this whole thing he’s helpful when he’s on like everybody is super helpful in that community and it’s one of the big reasons why I took the profit trail of the way I did you know the gob one I want to make sure I plug him because when I was first getting started with profit trailer I was watching his videos so make sure you guys subscribe to him like I know that my channel has blown up and it’s done very well but I learned a lot of my beginning stuff from the gob one so you know make sure you guys show love and support to him as well you know his videos are great like he doesn’t he doesn’t get on video like I do and but I’d like to see him do better because he puts a lot of time and do a lot of the stuff that he does and and I really respect that guy so you know make sure you guys show some love to him and he has he has videos too on different settings and you know he does a lot of the same things that I do now that I kind of understand what’s going on so anyway no other known issues for profit trailer all DCAA trigger pairs and properties in combination with stop-loss trigger so we initiate a stop loss before DCA is completely finished try avoiding this combination so I haven’t run into that known issues in profit trailer 1.2 6s o sell only mode on Finance does not work correctly disable to sell only mode triggers to avoid getting spammed by telegram messages I did run into that when I tried to use my us tether in BTC trades and I was just like I don’t know what the hell’s going on and it wasn’t enough for me to like challenge and push through it alright telegram setup fact application properties configuration properties alright now let me find the folder we’re moving forward here configuration properties wow this is a big file alright not a lot to do here folks sell options you’re really not gonna change any of this test mode false RH to just leave that alone and you’re done alright profit trailer so you got an application settings you have your API keys all that stuff should be done so now we’re gonna go into the payers settings where’s the pears pears pears properties alright so I’m gonna make this bigger once again so y’all can see my ugly mug with my new shiny haircut you know there I go there I go there I go there I go again all right so this is your market the majority of you guys are gonna be trading in BTC although I will tell you right now what the way Bitcoin has been doing I’m like I’m personally kind of afraid to be running my bot right now because man when bitcoins it like 14 14 5 you know bouncing around a little bit to 15,000 I swear every time I start running my bot Bitcoin spikes 2,000 3,000 dollars overnight because the Asian market going on online and doing their thing and I wake up the next day with a bunch of bags so in in a here iam is on a steady there kind of a steady but controllable rise it’s very consistent so I’m not saying you have to and I’m not saying I am just yet either but depending on what you’re trying to get out of the box I’m personally trying to improve my Bitcoin position overall but it’d probably be put more profitable at least short-term trading with an aetherium you know in the in the etherium market so I mean keep that as a note just to let you know because I know that if I were running my bought on the theorem right now instead of sell only mode waiting for Bitcoin to do whatever the hell it’s gonna do I’d probably be doing a lot of money each day and so that being said we’re gonna for now I’m gonna keep this at the market as BTC all trading enabled false all well that shouldn’t be false so you can do different things here um you can I say true okay because I want to trade everything but I also want to limit pairs now here’s what I’m gonna show you show y’all I got to remember hold on a minute I’m going to I might actually I’m actually gonna TeamViewer into my current bot and take a look at my files real quick I lost my TeamViewer I don’t know where the hell it is come on man sorry folks TeamViewer all right I’m gonna try and connect into my VPS real quick because I want to pull some settings out of there because what I’ve done I know that a lot of you guys were asking about it earlier so I stopped three pending in one pair waiting to be sold so all right what I did I’m gonna see if it’ll let me show you guys this hold on one more window to open here oh it’s not gonna let me show you the photo hold on I swear I feel like OBS kind of picks and chooses what it wants to support and whatnot all right so I’m gonna open this in a different one here hold on change over for you guys okay Wow why does it look like hell so okay maybe that’s why teeth my OBS didn’t want to show it you can barely see anything okay well I will opt to figure out another way to show you and what I’ll probably end up doing is creating a file for you guys as you can see this is the list of all of the bentrik spares and I went through manually and I you can’t really see what’s BC okay so the ones you can actually see are the ones that I have actually listed as that something I don’t want to trade and yes I put dash in there as well which that’s a personal choice so you guys can do what you want with that but I I went through every one of these coins and and ultimately locked out all the ones that I see huge pump-and-dump patterns okay because I don’t want those because that’s how you get caught with extra bags and I don’t want them so I did go through almost all of them all of these on the right here well you can’t even see me moving my mouse so I’m gonna create a file so that you can go in and block out where am I close this one and we’re gonna go back here and so pairs probably go into the pair’s properties master settings by pet possible okay alright so what you can do is you can say all enabled pairs all or you say all enable pairs b-tch and eth BTC and LTC that’s how bit tricks so each each each platform or each exchange that you’re using has a different way of doing pairs so if you’re on buying ants it’s just eth BTC LTC BTC so that’s that’s how you’re doing that’s how the the pair’s work there Polonia acts which I’ve never used I don’t even know if anybody does use it that’s how that works but you’re probably gonna use one of these too alright so all trading enabled true that is I really should have planned this a little better guards I’m sorry this is it’s just so much and there’s so many windows to keep open and I don’t really know a better way of doing this all right we’re gonna just get rid of that because we don’t really need it all right cool so that one’s gone now let me find there okay doing it this is not oh you guys are like damn it Jason why did you are you doing this to us wasting my time waiting for you to figure out these stupid windows I don’t know where the hell they’re okay thank you all right all right I’m just gonna cover my face again here so the easiest way to do it all right so all max trading pairs this so we’re gonna go down we’re gonna start here all right so all trading pairs true we’re just gonna say all enabled pairs all now if there’s a pair that I don’t want to sell I will let me find it by settings all bunched a bit tighter where is it I’m gonna kinda remember and I kind of know but I’m so worried about giving us bad info and make sure it’s right about price okay so for whatever I know it’s on here there’s just so much all right this is it so if there is a coin that I don’t want to trade so right now this says you know all trading and Abel true all enable pairs all however I come down here and all of the coins that I’ve put that I blacked out that I don’t want to trade I just basically create the pair here so BTC unlike sphere I know was one of them BTC sphere trading enabled equals false and then you just go down the list and you create these you’re just locking them out so that your BOTS not trading them so this is saying that it’s gonna trade everything but these coins okay now this this is your all max cost all right so this is ultimately you know you can so on that’s this is a fine setting honestly the default settings on this are okay like you could get away with a lot of the stuff just running them at default and you might even want to try it just starting out maybe this is the leave this alone leave that alone this your volume this is kind of high this is basically saying that you’re not gonna trade any pairs on bit tricks unless it has at least 500 Bitcoin a day and trade volume okay so this I just I would take it down to maybe 200 and because you’re basically you’re just trading strictly like the top 100 coins maybe I think at a 500 daily so change that to 200 all men buy price that’s okay leave that at zero all max trading pairs this is ultimately gonna depend on your budget so you can leave it at 10 just to try the bot out if you’re brand new I’m looking at the camera like you can see me and I know you can’t but if you’ve got a huge budget I mean I’ve run this in size 50 you know what I mean if I want to trade 50 pair but it kind of depends but for now I would suggest just leaving that at ten and just testing things out learn these settings look excuse me learn what everything means Oh max bye spread just you can leave that at one I mean here’s the thing like all of these settings here I’m just explaining to you kind of what some of them are but you can leave these at default and private trailer will still make money it you know my settings are much more aggressive in in a lot of ways so and if and for those of you that are trying to get this running with profit feeder the add-on it’s gonna change all a lot of this stuff anyway so I you know but this is for so I’m just showing you guys specifically how to get profit trailer set up right now but honestly the out-of-the-box settings are enough to get you going so if you’re having issues with you know I don’t know how to get this set up and it’s not working it has about anything and so long and I don’t know what’s happening you need to look at your log files and I’m gonna show you some of that all stoploss trigger I don’t use a stoploss because I don’t sell it a loss all panic panic cell enabled false all DCA enabled false which is true all cell only mode false so let’s say let’s say you’re not using a Bitcoin trigger so that a Bitcoin spikes you know six percent which is what you can do here you could say a Bitcoin spark spikes at 6% I want you to go into cell only mode and if it comes back down 3% I want you to go ahead and start buying and trading again all right that’s basically what that is and you can do it the other way a Bitcoin oh well this is Bitcoin drops I don’t know if that was reversed so if Bitcoin drops 6% and then if it recovers say 4% then it’ll go back to normal and it’ll start trading again that’s what this is now if I for whatever reason I just want to go into cell only mode maybe I’m experimenting with settings or whatever and I don’t want the bots to buy anything else I just put true and that’s it and the bottle going to sell only mode it will buy anything else at all it was just focus on selling all the bags whatever you have what is a bag I’ve seen this question I’ve answered it quite a few times I think in the in previous videos but ultimately the bag a bag is when you hold on a second let me move this because I want to look at you um a bag is basically when your body is looking for good trades okay and at bot let’s say let’s see profit trailer buys aetherium and $1 okay or buy maybe a buys card ah know at a dollar and it’s buying it expecting it to go up right whatever your minimum your settings are maybe you’re maybe you’re willing to sell it at a point six nine percent profit so that after the the fees excuse me after the fees you’re making it you’re still making a profit but you’re getting out of a trade right now the trailing aspect of profit trailer is gonna follow you know on an EMA spread which is what I trade with and it’s really the only strategy that I personally like but it will follow the trade so if I buy it at $1 expecting it to go you know to you know a dollar and ten cents or whatever then that’s fine it’ll do that but if it’s if it sees with using the indicators that it’s continuing to rise that trailer that’s the whole point of profit trailer is it will follow the profit all the way until it dips a little bit and that’s when it activates a sale okay so that’s that’s it’s not just chopping up you know hard sells sales its it’ll follow it one way or the other wherever you want it to go now um I forget what the hell you know what the hell by the original point was so stop-loss trigger yeah I don’t use that dca enabled that says false but on another page I mean you don’t need DCA I guess but if you want it to you can set the DCA I’m gonna show you my actual files for something to really explain because mine are different than obviously than these and because a lot of you guys are using them so I’m gonna explain with a lot more that stuff means but I just kind of I’m trying to give you guys an understanding and force you guys to look at this wiki so possible by log settings all max training pairs okay we don’t need any of that stuff all right so basically I mean as it sits right now when you take profit trailer out of the box and you add your API keys you can officially double click that profit trailer button and it’ll run and start making profit it should if the market is down so I’m sorry if the market is down like by that I mean Bitcoin is down a lot then you’re probably not gonna see as many trades you’re not gonna see as much activity because it’s just kind of I mean you don’t really want to anyway when I’ve seen some people who have bought they bought profit chiller or that you guys picked up feeder and you’re like man I just bought this you like yesterday and it’s barely making any trades this there’s actually a lot of reasons for that a the the settings are pretty aggressive and bitcoin is just not in a place where you’re gonna be making really good trades so I’ve been telling everybody like in discord and whatnot to just either put it in sell only mode or or I’ve been talking to the developers because I couldn’t even find a place to put that trigger because feet are overwrites a lot of these files and I couldn’t find a place to put a six percent trigger in there so I just left it in sell only mode and while I’m talking about feeder I know that a bunch of you guys had some issues when you bought whether you’re sending too much money or you know you bought it and you didn’t get your license quickly they so they told me last night that their automated licensing system is now up and running so now when you buy it you should just get your license key right there you don’t have to wait for somebody to manually create it if you do and keep in mind I do not own profit trailer I do not own profit feeder they are owned by completely separate entities one group built profit trailer another group built the add-on profit feeder I am neither I’m just somebody who uses it loves it and promotes it that’s it so I don’t have like you know I’ve had quite a few people come to me recently said hey man I bought this but I still get my license what do I got to do what can you get me my license I can’t I don’t have access to anybody systems but I that a lot of the profit feeder guys have been in my discord channel helping everybody as they come as well as their own discord channel and they’re actually in my channel pulling people into their channel so that they can help you more effectively okay so know that I had one guy tell me and I felt bad but I had one guy tell me like hey you know Jason I bought this thing and I haven’t able to get proper to support you know I feel like I’m being scammed you’re not being scammed I’m using the software I’ve showed you guys that it does work it exists it’s not vaporware or anything like that they sold like 1500 licenses in a matter of a couple of days and they are manually issuing every license I get the frustration that you didn’t get it instantly but I assure you these guys have been cranking it out I see I can do I can come online just about any time and I see caller boy and j-rod and all these guys in the profits theater team they’re still in discord still trying to help everybody so you know I you know and I and they tell me things that are there of course not going to tell you but these guys have been working to the bone to make sure that everybody is happy and you guys are up and running and so you’ve got a small group of people handling like 1500 orders practically overnight and trying to offer tech support in addition to that it’s a tall task admittedly they told me we were not at all ready for all of the volume that you sent us and they’ve made some jokes about it you know being like crow like traffic and stuff like that they’re all happy but it has not been an easy thing and but they’re finally getting to the point where the licensing system is automated and everything’s quicker and they’re able to start putting more support in place on helping everybody get up and running solve any issues we’re actually gonna be going tonight and sorting through some new because they’ve been upgrading some things and they’re we’re gonna tweak my settings more and we’re gonna make sure that that’s even a little more perspective because I told them and I’m supposed to tell all you guys that I counted them to get their together and they did so there you go call oh boy I told everybody you know I’m not I’m not a hard-ass but you know I know that a lot of you guys look to me for support you guys about this and when people are coming to me with a lot of issues I take that personally and so I did kind of go to them and and I don’t want to say I lit a fire but I just inspired them to make sure that all of you were being taken care of okay and he told me it was okay to let you know that I did that so anyway okay so you guys have been staring at this page for awhile I am going to open up my bot let me before I do that I’m gonna go into an older hold on sorry I know this is boring for just a second mmm I should be I should be on my laptop doing this okay there we go all right this is what I want to show you guys so bingo bango bingo bango I know this is a little bit of a cluster but I’m really just trying to give you guys everything I can in one video all right so this is actually an older set of settings before I started running feeder and so I’m gonna kind of go over what some of this stuff means and within what all it is so this is before I set things up a little bit differently since then but ultimately that’s what this stuff is this is me blocking out certain pairs that I don’t want to trade so BTC is my market all enabled pairs these are on manually entered every pair that I want to trade okay instead of just blocking out the handful that I don’t I put an every pair that I want to trade if you want this I can give it to you I’ll maybe I’ll put up my discord but it’s really not necessary so I had this running at point zero zero five max cost and this is a bit of a this is a bit more aggressive depending on your budget minimum buy balance of 0.1 and basically what this means is if I have point five Bitcoin as my total budget I’m looking at the camera again like you can see me but if I if I have if I have point five Bitcoin is a total budget it will stop buying when I’m down the point one now the reason for doing that could be different things maybe I’m not running DCA and I want to save a backup I want to save some money in case you know the markets not working the way I want it to and I can I can basically just turn on DCA settings with what budget I have left there are different reasons for doing that I prefer really to have just I feel better to have a little bit left instantly 9 o’clock I’m not really that tired so all minimum by volume 10 all minimum buy price so this is basically like that way lay low max trading pears have it at 35 minima buy spreads 0.7 now and this here these are all the coins where you know I don’t want to trade this one or I do want to trade this one and honestly what I was doing here these are kind of old settings but what I was kind of doing here is like PKB I picked up as a bag and I’m like I never want to trade that coin again and I realized it’s kind of a pumper and I was just like all right I never want to trade that clean again so I basically locked it out but some of these are coins that I plan to lock out but I needed to sell them first so if I just put if I have a bag oh that’s what I was explaining when I lost track because I’m an idiot so if you if you buy card on o at a dollar we’ll come back to this five minutes later if you buy card on o at a dollar and then ultimately it drops in price right it drops to 90 cents you’re not selling it it’s not gonna sell it the Box not gonna sell it cuz you’re not a profit so it’s gonna hold on to it so basically it goes into a nice little bag right where you’re basically sitting on a bag of coins waiting to sell them that’s what a bag is it’s just a term and so when you you’re the idea of the dca settings is when you get a bag if the price drops a certain percentage like negative 4 percent negative 3% then you use this anderson double down setting so that based off of the number of tears you’re averaging you’re lowering your average cost okay so if I bought a thousand card on Oh at a dollar and then the price goes down five percent and then I buy another thousand while I’m averaging down my price to maybe ninety five cents and if it continues to go down from there you’re doubling down again lowering your average price to like 90 cents so that when it goes up a hair you make that profit mark faster than having to go to like a dollar ten well now you only have to go to like 96 cents or whatever you see how that works so you can have as many dc8 tears as you want but it can really suck up a budget quickly and so that’s why you want to be kind of like until you really know what you’re doing or you have a significant budget you want to eat not use DCA because it’s just a matter of time most of most of the time until these coins go back up but you know that that’s that’s really what what that’s all about so EMA spread is my buy strategy by value I mean some of these things you don’t even really I mean it’s not even a big deal for you to know because you’re not gonna be changing much of this stuff anyway your stop-loss trigger you don’t need because unless you really like I I won’t I do not I will not sell it a loss I will hold a coin until it goes back up it takes a week it takes two weeks I don’t care I’ll hold a plan I’m not selling a coin and a loss because in crypto you really don’t need to it really is just a matter of time so I don’t use a stoploss trigger hello hello music wow it’s 42 minutes it’s probably be my longest video so I hope you’re learning I hope I hope I’m doing this well enough this isn’t like instructional videos aren’t necessarily my thing but I just I’m trying to help out a little bit all dca enabled is negative 4 so this basically means that if I buy a coin and it goes down by 4 percent the first dca it’ll go into my DCA and then from there let’s see if I can so from there you little start activating your DC 8 trigger settings and so forth indicator properties I think the default on that is fine you’re probably not gonna change those so yeah that’s it you’re really not gonna mess with much else so I’m just gonna leave that as it is so look I mean in a nutshell it sounds like some of you guys are having I think some of you guys are having more issues with the bots in terms of you know getting you say well he teaches how to get it set up getting it set up really isn’t tricky most of you I think have get that you’re getting it set up I think you’re running into things that oh interesting so this happened again at just date/time now this has been a problem that I’ve been having on this VPS it hasn’t happened in over a week but yeah a it’s the ninth and it is sorry eight fifty seven pm yeah my VPS sometimes likes to shutdown randomly and then reset its time which is kind of a pain in the butt because things don’t typically work well so yeah if you’re having any issues make sure you double check your time yeah you can see that down there make sure you double check your time okay so I mean all that being said I mean what this all boils down to and I’m hoping that you guys get this if you read the wiki let me see if if you read this wiki thoroughly a few times you’ll get a much better understanding as to what every one of these settings are and let’s say one of these files of settings it doesn’t contain something and you see something in here and you’re like I want to be able to use that functionality all you do is copy it and paste it into whatever that may be and so you just you copy and paste it you can really paste just about anything anywhere and the bots will recognize it okay and in the in the bots will like you can adjust settings on the fly while profit trailers running so that’s another thing you guys should know if I change this file and I hit save you’ll see my bot just then I’ll just say you know change is detected and then it’ll go back normal heartbeat and then it just it just adopts whatever you’ve told it to do and that and that’s it and it’s very simplistic I think the easiest thing from here to do would be to kind of if you have comments like if you’re watching this if I have happen to explain anything or I feel like I’ve explained a lot but I’m not sure if I’m nailing anything on the head because I know that some of you guys are having very unique issues some of your issues I might tell you flat-out you know hey that’s a that’s not like that’s a technical issue or it could be maybe your time change it could be like in order to really dive deep you kind of have to look at somebody’s log file and see what is the log saying when you’re if something’s not working you want to look at this often it will tell you it will give you an error here and tell you exactly what’s going on and if it’s a common error you’re gonna find it on the wiki that’s not the wiki but it’s a common error that you’re gonna find on the on the where is it oh that’s right because I’m on the VPS but you’re gonna find it here so you know without I mean I could spend three hours going through every little thing here which I don’t think any of you guys want but you know in a nutshell the the settings that I’ve provided you know once you’d be only setting I’ll tell you guys straight up the only setting that you’re really gonna change especially if you’re using a settings set that I’ve provided is your configuration I’m pretty sure but it’s your configuration settings and then potentially your application properties everything in this trading folder that’s all like stuff I’m giving you so you’re just dragging and dropping and it’s gonna overwrite all of these files here and that’s what’s gonna ultimately change the way your bot runs you can’t effectively and I suggest especially for brand new folks get your profit trailer put your license keys in there and just run it just run it and see what happens you can increase in showing me the settings that comstock are profitable settings they’re just not super aggressive so but that’s okay I want all of you guys to put more time into learning the intricacies of the bots understanding what the different settings mean and so forth and so on I know what every single little thing means or does but I don’t use all of it and so I just you know I found that I don’t really need to know every little thing but if something happens or if I like with my EMA spread strategy I’m comfortable with EMA spread specifically because that’s how I would swing trade and there’s I have a video on my course and I think I put something like that on this channel here about you know swing trading using the EMA indicators and how to kind of tell you know when one crosses over the other and all that I kind of went through though well that’s basically what the EMA spread strategy doesn’t profit trailer so that’s what I’m comfortable with so I’m setting up everything I don’t think I need to when I’m setting up everything this is a EMA game which this is this is from the old the old settings that I was actually testing last night that I did not like I was just testing them and I didn’t like EMA game so I’m close that so anyway there are new settings that I’m hoping to release this evening and under this video they’re probably not going to be up on this video is finished uploading I don’t know it’ll probably be late tonight because they told me they’re working on some things late it’s like 9 o’clock so they’ll probably be like midnight until they get around to working with me on fine-tuning some things so it’ll be later tonight but one they are ready I’m going to up late or up late I will be up late I’m gonna upload those settings here I’m just gonna upload a folder and well those are feeder settings by the way so if you’re running private feeder I’m gonna be updating those prophet feeder settings if you’re having a specific issue something’s not working join my discord and you will get help facebooking me directly texting me all that stuff you’re not going to get help that way because 99 out of a hundred times it is something that I cannot help you with okay just so you guys know this is not my software I’m just trying to help everybody make some money with it and that’s that okay I’m gonna cut this here because we’re closing in on a full-blown hour and but you’re if you’re having some concerns or issues with the bot post them in the comments here and I will alert the Prophet feeder guys because I think that’s what some of you guys are having more issues with than anything it’s just setting up prophet feet or not understanding how to do stuff but that’s not what this particular video is about this is strictly just to kind of help explain things and get people initially set up a prophet trailer it’s not difficult at all to get prophet trailer setup so you know when you when you do ask for help I want you guys to make sure that you’re looking at the Prophet trailer screen see if there are any errors in there so that you can help anybody that’s working with you understand what’s happening and why there might be an error or a bug or something alright hopefully this video is helpful somehow and for whatever reason I’m worried because I feel like it’s not as helpful as I want it to be but it’s really difficult to address a lot of random issues at once so my whole kind of thing for this video is to guide you to the wiki explains some of what you’re gonna find on the wiki and and ultimately get you moving in that direction I don’t think you should personally be running this bot strictly off of somebody settings alone without understanding what they mean and while you know people can go through and explain little things I really want I really want you guys to look at that wiki I’ve read through the damn thing five times myself so and I still don’t really remember every little nuance or detail alright but I’d refer to it a lot but I mean I’ve got it to the point where I can run the bot pretty successfully without any errors hiccups or anything like that and if I want to change some settings because I’m gonna try a different strategy out or whatever I know enough about it now that I can do that so that being said hopefully this is helpful and I’m gonna cut it there guys crow your coins and I’ll be back soon with a new video

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