Simple Medicine Cabinet Organization

Simple Medicine Cabinet Organization

Hi friends! It’s me, Simply Cherie, helping you make home and
hospitality simple. In this video, I’m going to show you how I’ve
organized our medicine cabinet. If you want to see my DIY first aid kit, I’ll link it in the i-cards above and
anything else that has to do with my prepper pantry or things like that. So this cabinet is to the
right of our refrigerator. I’ve had this here for
several years because when my
kids were younger I decided to move our medicine cabinet from the
actual medicine cabinet in the bathrooms and not necessarily because of the idea
that it might get moisture or things like that, but I just didn’t
want my kids to have access. So since most of the time
I’m here in the kitchen, if we needed anything for them,
I could just grab it here, and I could keep track of who’s
getting the medicine right. So here on the inside part of the door, I used to have other things
here on these command hooks, but now I just keep this,
this is a medication tracker. So what I’ve done is to organize
the medications by symptoms. Most of them are over-the-counter
medication. In fact, I think all of them are because none of
us are on prescription medications. Now, if you were, you can organize
it per person. So for example, if someone in your family always
has a certain prescription, you can have a container just for all
their medications for that particular condition or you can, if they don’t,
if they have different conditions, but they would fit all in one container, then you could label this the person’s
name versus here I have cough and cold, cuts and wounds, allergy
and bites, fever and pain. So in my mind I kind of
went backwards on that. But in my mind I think fever and pain,
cough and cold, allergy and bites, cuts and wounds. So I go from
top left down, then over down. So I wish this could have fit the other
two then that would have been perfect. If I need more containers, I can actually fit four more
cause they would go in front here. Now that’s if you know, I need those different categories or I
need more medications and then I could add another two here. I got these from Daiso and
they’re absolutely so cute. Daiso Japan. The store was
in Gardena, California. So obviously right now you can’t go
out and get them there in California. But you can always use like
a plastic shoe container, containers from the dollar tree.
You can find things on Amazon. If I find something similar, I’ll
link it in the description box, but I just thought they were
so cute. They’re perfect. It has the little red handle,
the little you know, cross. And then this container
here is red. If you want to, let’s say, make your
own little cross here, you can use like electrical
tape or washi tape. You can even print something
out on your printer. Put it on, and then you can even cover it with
like a clear tape so to protect that printout. Or you could use a
label from your label maker. So of course this can be like a little
to go if you want to bring it with you. Let’s say if it’s all your prescription
medication or your vitamins and you want to take it for the day, you could just bring this wherever you
are and take it and then put it back in the cabinet. So it just opens with this little latch
here and the plastic is, you know, a pretty good material and
then it opens up like that. And I like how there’s space up here. So if you put something in
this little red container, you know there’s space above it.
So this actually slides over, but it doesn’t slide
cause I have stuff here. So I have a thermometer with some of the
you know coverings that are disposable. And then some Aleve,
pain relief like Tylenol, Ibuprofen, and then I
think this is the Advil, right? I don’t ever remember those names, but I will check on it
before I give it right? And then these are from
like The Dollar Tree. I love these because I can grab one of
these like and throw it into my first aid kit that goes in my car if I run
out of Tylenol there. I always, I have that first aid kit
also. So I’ll link that also. I showed a video of
how I organized my car. And then on this side I think there’s
just more Tylenol or pain relief medicine. Yeah, generic brand. And then so this is kind
of also like extra stuff. So that’s another thing that you
could use for this type of container, not just the ones you are currently using, but if you have a bottle or two as backup, it’s a good place to contain
it. And then I have this. Alright, just putting it back. The next one is cough and cold. I just have a Vicks vapor
rub there. Some lozenges. I love Fisherman’s
friend. And then this one, I guess they are lozenges. Cough drops,
sore throat. Okay. And then Mucinex. And some more nasal decongestant.
This is The Dollar Tree brand. And I just love it because these boxes
just fit perfectly in these little containers. Remember the goal here
is not to get the cutest container, although that helps. It helps keep
me motivated to keep it organized, but it’s really the function. Again,
you can categorize it by symptom, by person, by condition. And you’ll see how much
that works for you. And if it doesn’t, then you
just tweak the organization. So this is allergy and
bites. Some Benadryl, sinus. Then you have anti-itch,
cortisone, A&D ointment. More anti-itch, hydrocortisone, A&D.
So look at your Dollar Tree. They have all this stuff for obviously
a dollar just to get your maybe overflow going or get your basics
going. Okay. Cuts and wounds. Neosporin. Okay. I always suggest to have a
Neosporin to go in your car, especially if you have younger kids
because they get cut or scrapes here and there. And it always worked for
me when my kids were younger. They always seemed to need
it, and I always had it. Okay. Then I have some smaller ones.
These are from The Dollar Tree, some waterproof tape from The
Dollar Tree. Gauze, bandages, different sizes also from The Dollar Tree. I think I got this from there, too. We don’t use that a lot cause you
can use lavender essential oil. And here’s some more bandaids. Let me know in the comments below. If
you are organizing your medicine cabinet, how would you categorize the
things that you need. Then back here I have some Metamucil, extra Tylenol and extra Advil. Here I just have a pill organizer. So we use this more when my daughter
can fill this up for my husband or if we need to take it on a trip. Here,
bowels and belly and then vitamin C. So we stocked up on vitamin C. You can even have a separate container
for different vitamins. Okay. And here I have some glucose.
These are like a dollar 89. Those have come in handy, not
just for us, for other people. Stool softener, laxative, gas relief and anti-diarrheal.
So actually if this was, if this is able to move cause
I don’t have extra things here, you can just look up here like that, slide it over to see the other medication. And then here I just have this
container with essential oils, and I think I have some more
cough drops in the back. I do plan to make a better
organization of my essential oils, but that’s what I have for now.
And then here I have a lazy Susan. Lazy Susans are great for any cabinets
when you’re reaching up higher or deeper because you just turn it and then it’s
easier to reach whatever is here in front. So here I have some vitamins
and then some cough medicine, petroleum jelly, and some
Tums. I also want say that I do like that the containers are see-through. I used to organize this with
containers that were covered, because I thought when I opened it
I didn’t want to really see the, all the bottles. But since then I’ve changed
my organization style maybe. And I just want to see things more
visible so that I know if I only have like two of these bottles remaining, I
know that I have to replenish these. I hope you enjoyed this video. Please let me know in the comments below
where you keep your medicine cabinet. And stay safe, and I’ll see
you in the next video. Bye [music].

11 thoughts on “Simple Medicine Cabinet Organization

  1. I love this idea! I’ll pick up sone of these boxes just as soon as this situation is over.

  2. Hi Cherie ☺️ Loved your Medicines categories, simple n easy 👍 Loved your Transparent Containers 👍 Have a Good Day ❤️

  3. What I really like about this medication organization is that you can quickly check the expiration date of each item. I know I often get ready to use a product and I notice that it has expired because it was buried in my bathroom closet and I lost track of it. I'm definitely going to Daiso and look for those plastic bins once we are able to get out again.
    Thank you for this video. I've always loved watching how you organize your home.

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