Spool Racer 2.0 at #MRRF2018 // Filament Friday + Barnacules Nerdgasm + 3D Printing Nerd … AGAIN!

Hey guys, it’s uh, it’s Joel The 3D Printing Nerd. We’re here at Midwest RepRap festival right now. We’re gonna. Go straight that way. All right. You’re gonna be powered by Barnacles. Barnacles horsepower Yeah, bhp yeah. I hope Urban dictionary doesn’t say that’s a bad thing I weigh about 320 foot pounds of torque as of last time I stood on the bathroom scale Now the question is do we have to turn? I’m not the rule maker. Because that’s the topic. Turning is okay as long as I don’t try to slide the *bleep* end out. All right, so let’s go down. We’ll do a kind of a fancy turn and we’ll come back here. A fancy turn? We will start slow, and then we’ll end hard! That’s it! Let’s go engine Spool Racer 2.0 This looks just like last year! No! beefier axles better spools we got atomic spools, atomic filament spools and Toner plastic they donated it to this expensive machine I think the filament Friday night stickers add to the experience. Yes filament Friday Is there, their a sponsor, but I’m still waiting for a check They add 15 horsepower too. Each? Just like Honda Now see I wanted to do this as a kid So I do wait till I’m 57 years old so I could do this. This is my birthday present It is not my birthday but we will do it anyway. Not mine either. Alright, you guys ready? *chatter* 5, 4, 3, 2, 1… GO! We’re gonna turn Joel! I’m gonna lose it! Don’t kill the camera man! *more chatter* Okay, okay Chuck how’d that go all right? I went awesome. We still haven’t broken. We went too fast for you Joel. We got a little Tokyo Drift in there Okay, we got a little almost 180, so now I think we need to take out a crowd Lets do it! Here we go! Watch out crowd! 2.0’s a success! Plus it didn’t break didn’t break! Now, Jerry your turn Jerry any last words. I’m going to be the greatest that’s ever done this, ever. Do you need extra pushers? Jerry style! Let’s do it! 2, 3, 7, 5, 4, go go go go go! Jerry, Jerry! How did it go? I was scared. I think I pooped my pants. Oh again? A little bit… It sounded fantastic. Wow that was amazing! The spools did survive. I don’t understand how! Physics are weird. They are. I am Proud of you man, I am too. Good job. Love you, mom. Good driving! Shout out to mom. 2.0 is a success! It survived Jerry. Oh my God… 2.0 Barnacles. This is amazing. I’m exhausted. That was amazing. Hey, Joel I need you to move for me. I need you to move.

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