Step-by-Step Tutorial on How to Buy Bitcoin With Paxful

Step-by-Step Tutorial on How to Buy Bitcoin With Paxful

What’s up CryptoPeeps it’s your girl Kyla,
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So you’ve done your research on Bitcoin,
you know what it is, how it works and now
you want to get started.
Lucky for you, today I’ll give you a
a step by step guide on how to buy your first
Let me tell you that buying bitcoin is easy.
And it’s made easier by our video sponsor
today, Paxful.
Paxful is a peer to peer marketplace where
users can exchange their giftcards and other
forms of payment for bitcoins.
There are over 300 payment options to choose
Step one, in buying bitcoin is having your
own account.
With Paxful, when you create an account, you get a digital wallet instantly.
We’ll put a link below for the tutorial
on that.
Once you’ve logged-in, click the ‘Buy
Bitcoin’ button on top of the site.
Enter the amount you are willing to pay in
your local currency and select your payment
Paxful has more than 300 payment options.
From gift cards to bank transfers, surely
you’ll find a option that best fits you.
When all that is done, click search, and an
offers page will open.
Here you can see the list of vendors and
their details like, username, country, amount
of positive feedback and payment method.
Find an offer you like and click buy.
This will lead you to an individual offer
Once you read through the seller’s offer
terms, enter the amount of bitcoin you wish
to buy and click BUY.
This will open trade with the instructions
and the chat box.
When a trade starts, the seller’s bitcoins
are transferred automatically to Paxful’s
secure escrow and at this point, the seller
can’t cancel the trade.
Only a buyer can cancel a trade at any moment
and bitcoins will be transferred from escrow
back to the seller’s wallet.
Follow all the instructions for a successful
Send the required files, documents and
make a payment.
Once all these are done, click the “I HAVE
PAID” button.
If the buyer hasn’t made a payment and
not marked as payment completed within the payment
window timeframe, the trade will be cancelled
and bitcoins are moved back to the seller’s
When both the buyer and the seller have verified
that the transaction has been confirmed and
all the terms have been met, the money will
be released in your wallet.
Now, you have acquired your first bitcoin!
Paxful makes buying and selling bitcoin secure
and easy in just 4 steps!
So create an account with Paxful today!
Sadly, that’s all the time we have.
If you would like to know more about Bitcoin,
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