The Fugitive: Plan B | 도망자: Plan B – Ep.11

The Fugitive: Plan B | 도망자: Plan B – Ep.11

(Previously…) I’m Jiwoo, head of the Korean division of International Association of Private Investigators. Do you find people too? Who are you looking for? Melchidec. Someone attacked me as soon as I took your case. I almost died. Why did you pick me as someone you don’t mind dying? Because I took your step-parents’ case? It’s murder. I’m sorry, but it’s suicide. What do you know? Melchidec killed your friend Kevin. Jiwoo. He’s a PI from the US. He was supposed to split the money with his partner Kevin. The Asian couple’s death in Las Vegas. You sent money to Kevin. Did you kill your own friend for money? Melchidec killed Kevin. And Melchidec is that PI. What is that thing? Why did you kill people for it? Where did you put it? Do you know where it is? Joseon bank note. I think Kai is hiding something from me. Your boyfriend Kai is one of them. (Previously…) Check and shake off any suspicion. Maybe calling it rattlesnake poison will be easier to understand. Maybe calling it rattlesnake poison will be easier to understand. Kill me first! Kill me first! Stop! Stop it! Is this how you killed people all this time? Without a moment’s hesitation? Let me tell you what’s going to happen. Listen up. I’m going to… …kill you guys. (Episode 11) Step on it. What? Let’s go faster. This is the speed limit. Let’s observe the law. Do you want me to drive? There are many Joseon bank notes. You can find them in the museum or the bank. Since they insist on the note that you have, it must be the clue to finding the gold. So what? I don’t remember where it is. All my uncle’s belongings were cremated. I think we burned the bank note too. Then it’s over. When was the last time you saw it? At the mortuary. The funeral was over before I knew it. My uncle adopted me and raised me when my parents died. It’s selfish to be alive… Jini! Why didn’t you tell me this before? Tell you what? The mortuary! Good! Good! Good! Mind your manners. If you saw it in the mortuary, you can find the bank note. I don’t remember what happened after that. You don’t have to remember. You signed the inventory checklist, right? Yes, I did. They’re supposed to take pictures of everything and keep them. Just in case the family of the dead complains about a missing ring or jewelry. So? Let’s go to my office and open the files. We’ll be able to find the information, including the picture of the Joseon bank note. Why do you have that? The person in charge was supposed to send it to me. Your phone. Why? Someone who knows your number might track you down. You can just tell me that you’re worried because Kai knows my number. (Myeongguk Industry) (Professor Hwang Mijin – Park Myeongguk?) Are you sure this is the place? No one’s here. No way! Professor Hwang Mijin gets her research grant from Myeongguk Industry. The CEO’s name is Park Myeongguk. Hwang Mijin said that she doesn’t know who Park Myeongguk is, right? She didn’t admit to anything. Then what’s Melchidec? Maybe it’s a nickname. Did you find anything else on Hwang Mijin? She was a part-time instructor, then promoted to associate professor. She went to Japan as a visiting professor last year before the semester was over. Myeongguk Industry paid for her trip… Detective Yun? Is that him? Detective Yun? It’s me, your chief. You forgot to salute. Allegiance! I think allegiance means coming in to work. What do you think? I think working outside is a form of allegiance as well. I know how loyal you are. I’ll take care of everything. Come back. You shouldn’t steal investigative materials and turn a subordinate into a spy. I’m not going back unless you promise me the right to investigation. Don’t come back! Don’t ever come back! Detectives Yun, Kim, Lee and Park are all going to be fired because of you. Why are you dragging them into this? That’s dirty! Yes, I’m dirty. I’m going to fire all your subordinates. You don’t have to come back if you don’t want to. Bye. Chief! Chief! Is the office safe? It’s the safest place in the world. No one knows about it. But even I found it. You had a reference. Just trust me. Okay, I’ll trust you. I’m the only one you’ve got now. I don’t think so. Wangpo! Yes? To your places! Okay! Kids! Come this way. Open the door. Ladies first. Fry them! What are you doing? Battery out. What brings you all the way here in full armor? Welcome back. Who are you? Jini. You said that this place is safe. You said that no one knows about this place. You told me to trust you. It’s okay. He’s in this business too. James Bong from WAPI… What brings you here? Go outside. We need to talk. No, I don’t want anyone else to be involved in this case. I don’t want you to be involved in this case either. So tell us why you’re here. I’m here to get the painting back from that thief. Please stop. From Thailand? Wat Phra That? Don’t roll your tongue. Did you steal it? Why won’t you answer me? That’s not what’s important right now. Just tell me if you have the painting or not. I don’t have it. Are you going to hand it over or not? Not right now. Give it to him! Why won’t you give it back? Are you a thief? James, the painting is in a secure place. You can get it back later. Where is it? If I tell you, will you go there by yourself? We have to go together, until I’m sure. Do you see this? I can’t go anywhere right now because of this case. Let’s go together after I’m finished with the case. I’m going to tell the police and the reporters that you stole a cultural property! I’ll leave it up to you to come with me or not. Hey mister. Call me a PI. That’s the rule in this business. I’m sorry, but we can’t go anywhere right now. We can’t let anyone find out about us. But I have to go. Then join us. I’ll be your client. I don’t care. What if it’s a million dollar case? That’s petty cash. Okay, I’ll be honest. This case is worth more than $10 million. I’ll give you a fair chance. I don’t want fairness. I want an unfair advantage. Okay. Welcome aboard. You shouldn’t handle him like that. He’s a mean one. I can’t even trust the person I have now. I don’t want anyone else to get involved. You’re so mean. James! James! You should’ve exercised more rather than using a taser. You were too dependent on the taser. Even a girl can beat you. Where’s Mr. James Bong? Mr. James Bong? When did James Bong become Mr. James Bong? Why? Do you want to switch sides? Open the Las Vegas case files. Come on, open it. Uh… He took everything. Who? How did Nakamura Hwang take the files? They’re password protected! When was he here? This is Jiwoo’s PIA office… Why did you take all the data? He’s getting suspicious of me. What are you talking about? You promised your allegiance to me. It’s me. Who is this? Let’s cut the chase. Who do we have here? It’s Jiwoo! Where are you? Where am I? I’m less than an hour away if you take a fighter jet. Do you even know how to analyze the data? No, I don’t. You’ve organized your porns very thoroughly. You’ve categorized them by nation, genre, and race. You have no use for any of them, except for the porns. I browsed through everything. Yang Duhui received a medal. Is that so? I smell something yellow, like gold. You’ll get hurt if you mess with them. Don’t take them lightly. So it’s a matter of who finds the golf first. I’m begging you, go back to Japan. They killed Kevin and Jang Shifu. Now they’re framing me for murder. We don’t know what they’ll do next. Of course. People are bound to die in a treasure hunt. I’m serious. I’ll be serious with you too. Turn this case and the client over to me. I’ll give you a 10% cut. Call me in 10 seconds after you make up your mind. If you don’t, I’ll side with them. Are you kidding me? Do you know who they are? Yes, I do. Hwang Mijin, the woman I ran into in Japan. He wants to keep all the gold to himself after making me collect information. 1. 2. 10. Open my private server. What? He took that too? You have a private server? Get out. Get out. Get out. Hey client. What’s going on? Nakamura has the exact same information that I do. Still, he wouldn’t know what they mean. He was my teacher. He’s much better than I am when it comes to using his wits. He mentioned Yang Duhui’s medal. He got the hunch. What is he going to do? He’s going to side with Professor Hwang Mijin. This is the bank note, right? I think so. It is. Aren’t you getting off work? It’s not time yet. You can get off early then. What? You can go. What’s this? They’re going to be more aggressive. The police are acting on it too. They were here. We can stop the police from coming back. Maybe no one knows. I can’t afford to take that chance. If someone finds the bank note, the gold will be out in the public. People will freak out and demand to know what happened. They’ll gleefully talk about how I stole the gold to build my business, and how my son’s running for the Presidency. It’ll ruin my son’s future. You’re the one who built the company, ‘Yangbuho’. Close this office. I’m not going to go outside. I think Kai talked to my son on the phone. I think he asked to meet my son. That man won’t listen to me. We still need Kai. I don’t need him anymore. Make sure I don’t have to see Kai again. 8 digits? I found it. This is it. Look. This bank note has 6 serial numbers. This one has 8. A forged bank note? Yes. That means… It’s the number. The latitude? 37 degrees north latitude. Namyangju Cheonmasan Mountain. My entire family’s there. In the charnel house. Bingo. Let’s go. Detective Do! Sir! – I’m glad you’re back. / – Sir! We can fix everything. We can resolve any misunderstandings and let go of any wrongdoings. I’ll take care of everything. Let’s start the disciplinary meeting instead of hurting people, okay? Who’s going to get hurt? Detective Kim! This is your cue. Uh… Nice work, everyone. Thanks. Nice work, Detective Yun. Why is everyone so depressed? Let’s go and get reprimanded. Let’s so, manager. This is going to be an informal meeting. I have the authority to reprimand you. Do you have any objections? No. No. Let’s get to the point. This meeting is… Let’s see… Assisting the escape of a criminal. Do you admit to this? He wasn’t even in the car when it happened! Shouldn’t the manager be held liable? Do you admit to it or not? What if I don’t admit to it? She’s going to get fired. For assisting the escape of a criminal. I admit. Sir. Don’t interrupt the chief. Do you want to get fired? Fire me. I can’t take this anymore. You used the government credit card for non-covered expenses. You violated the gun policy. You stole a bicycle… I didn’t steal it. Then change the wording to defraud. Yes, Sir. Do you admit to that? Yes. You’re all acknowledging this as witnesses, okay? Yes, Sir. Still, he tried to follow the rules. I can’t acknowledge this. Suit yourself. And lastly… You’re suspended from duty for 4 months. Don’t do any outside activities. Work at the civil affairs office for the time being. You’re getting an official reprimand. The rest needs to write a written apology. Okay. Let me ask you a few questions too. Who ordered you to open this disciplinary meeting? Detective Do, stop overreacting. Did that person also give you the evidences regarding Jiwoo? What do you take this organization for? Do you really want to get fired? Did the same person order you to delete all evidences that pertain to Jiwoo? What do you think you’re doing? Do you really want to get fired? You did do anything right until now. After all that trouble to catch him, you lost him. What do you have to say for yourself? I caused trouble, but I caught him. I lost him, but I can catch him again. But why won’t you let me catch him again? Is this your idea? If not, tell me who is stopping me! That’s nonsense! Sign this and stay put. Is it Hwang Mijin? What? Hwang Mijin is another main figure in this investigation. Is it her? Please give me permission to investigate Hwang Mijin as well. Don’t sign it. I’ll just fire you. Investigate him again. I’m worried. About what? Nakamura. We have to find it first. That’s not what I meant. They’re heartless when it comes to killing people. What are you going to do? I’m going to call the police. What is the matter with you? Do you know who Professor Hwang Mijin is? Professor? I guess you know her then. I don’t know. Hello, this is Police Foreign Affairs… It’s me. You changed your number. What took you so long to call me? I’ve been very busy. How’s business? Are you with someone? Of course. Where are you? Are you going to come over? Of course I will. It’s you. Then come out. We need to talk. Okay then. Where? I know where it is. Okay. My friend wants to have a drink. If you leave right now, I can’t promise you anything. What are you going to promise me if I stay? Uh… I’m planning on catching Jiwoo while meeting a friend for a drink. Who wants to come with me? Keep this in mind. We’re not just any other civil servants on a salary. We’re the police. I’m going through with this. I didn’t expect this would turn out like this. Aren’t you coming? You must be having a hard time because the mortgage loan interest went up. Yes. We can stop criminals, but we can’t stop bank loans. Let’s work hard. I’ll do my best, Sir. Sit up straight. No, I’m comfortable with this. Your leg. My leg was just about to go to sleep. Did Hiroki send you? He asked me for information, but didn’t pay me. He doesn’t know the rules of this business. How did you find out about this place? And my number? You know who Jiwoo is, right? He’s a top PI. He must be working on a big case. He became serious all of a sudden. So? I put the pieces of the puzzle together and came up with a bunch of names. Yang Duhui, Yang Yeongjun… They’re some big names. And Hiroki, and you… With all those information on hand, finding your phone number and address is a piece of cake. Why are you here, and what do you want? You’re even more attractive when you’re serious. Take him away. Gold. What gold? Come on, gold is gold. You’ll have to take responsibility for what you just said. No one who walked in here and mentioned gold made it out alive. That’s what Jiwoo told me. He told me that Jang Shifu died. You may think that’ll scare me. I have all of Jiwoo’s information in here. If we add our information together, I think we’ll be able to get what we want. Let me ask you one thing. Whose side are you on? That’s a good question. I’m on the money’s side. Sounds good. What are your terms? I’ll give you the password as soon as you wire the money. And I get 30% once we find the gold. I’ll wire the money. But if you don’t find it, you’re going to be dead. Life is a dangerous road to begin with. I’m only looking for one thing. The Joseon bank note. The bank note? By the way, are you married? I’m willing to get married as long as the man is not like you. A woman’s taste in men changes over time. The Joseon bank note… I don’t have anything. I need more information. There’s a woman named Jini. Her stepparents died in Las Vegas. The bank note has been missing ever since. Las Vegas, huh? Isn’t the weather nice? Are you scared? Why are you hiding? Did you wash your face? You look well. I found the location. Stall him a little longer. If you don’t want to meet me, then forget it. Bye. Why are you so impatient? I’d like to report a murder. You’re the only murderer I need to arrest. It’s Hwang Mijin. She killed Jang Shifu yesterday. On the 18th floor of the building you’re standing on right now. I confirmed the location. We’re coming in. Come to the police station for a witness account. We can arrest her if we have the witness and evidence. Evidence? They fabricated evidence to frame me for murder. Do you think you can arrest those guys for murder? Why did you bring me here? To report a murder case? To report a murder case. Hi there. You know the PI from Japan named Nakamura Hwang, right? You PIs have such silly names. Nakamura is in danger. He’s supposed to meet Hwang Mijin today. Maybe he’s with her right now. I need you to protect him. Follow the protocol and report to the police. I don’t trust the police. I’m the police. You’re different. You caught me. We’re almost there. Stall him a little longer. What are you trying to do? Why are you getting yourself into this? You’ll find out once you complete the picture. I’ll tell you what you need to do after this. See you later, friend. Huh? What’s that? What are you doing? He’s not here. Come over. He says there’s going to be a murder. I knew it! I think this is it. We take a picture of even the belongings of the dead once we’re on a case. Why? Because we’ll get accused if anything is missing. Can we find out where this is right now? Why? We need this. Not the gold? I was told that this is the clue to finding the gold. Says who? Do you think Jiwoo saw this too? Probably, since he asked me for this data. Does this mean that he doesn’t have this picture right now? He probably does, in this private server. If this is the clue, then it’s simple. Codes are decoded through numbers, shapes, writings, and material. Since we don’t have the original, we can’t confirm the material. Are you saying it’s the number? Let’s take a look at the serial number for the Joseon bank note from 1947. This has 6 digits. This one has 8. Decode it. It’s 30%. I’ll give it to you. Numbers usually mean phone numbers or addresses through conversion. 37421330… 37… 27… 130 east latitude, 27 north latitude… Is it latitude? Let’s start with the easy one. Cheonmasan. Cheonmasan! 8km to go. We’ll get there at nighttime. Do you think it’s there? If not, we’ll start over. How is this gold connected to my grandfather? We’ll let the police figure that out. Let me ask you something. What I need right now is the truth, not the gold. What do you need? You. Stop kidding around. What do you need? You and the gold. Don’t get greedy. You? Or the gold? Both. We just need to find the truth. That’s the term for this assignment. What was that smile about? Who does she think she is? Mona Lisa? Jini. I don’t think this is the place. What? It’s not Cheonmasan. Good job. Are you going to accompany me to Cheonmasan? I don’t know. I can’t be sure if it’s the right place. What? It took the North 3 days to take over Seoul after the war broke out. They removed the gold in the meantime. Why would they take the gold up north to Cheonmasan to get it away from the North Korean soldiers? What are you talking about? They took the gold up north? That doesn’t make any sense. The coordinates… Leonardo da Vinci said that when you design a map, flip one side over. 37 degrees north latitude. Let’s flip the numbers over. That makes more sense. Geomdansan Mountain. Where is it? Cheonmasan or Geomdansan? It’ll be easier to dig Geomdansan. Why didn’t I think of the Mona Lisa? What about Mona Lisa? It was the da Vinci trick. They wouldn’t take the gold up north during the war. It’s Geomdansan. Geomdansan? How much do you believe what Jiwoo said? I don’t believe him. Then what? Jang Shifu may still be alive, and Nakamura may not come here. Someone might die. That’s the thing. Wasting my time is better than risking a person’s death. Look at me. We’re being fooled. Maybe he’s keeping us here so he can run away. Did you wash your face? Isn’t that Nakamura? I don’t think she’s trying to kill him. Thank you for making time for me while you’re busy with your campaign. Don’t mention it. You attended the supporter’s night. And you’re a friend of my father. I wanted to meet you in person. I don’t even have the party’s nomination yet. That’ll be great if you do, but I don’t know if it’s going to happen. Are you offended? I have a feeling that you’ve come prepared. He’s meeting him right now? Yes. What are they talking about? I’m outside right now. I want you to eliminate Kai yourself. Can you do it? Yes, Sir. Your father killed too many people. You came this far. You should become the President. What do you mean, my father killed people? He’s still killing people to this day. Who is this? The person he’s trying to kill right now. He’ll know if you show that to him. You’re the only person who can stop your father. It says this is the place. Don’t just stand there, everyone. Let’s start digging. Excuse me. You guessed wrong. It was a 50/50 chance. There’s a 50/50 chance that you’re going to make it out alive too. You should dig one more meter. We dug 2m. You’re very impatient. Let’s get ready to leave. We should dig 3m at least! We came all the way here to dig your grave. Professor Hwang! It could be in Cheonmasan too! We can use that bank note as a clue to find more places. Why don’t we go to the police after we find the gold? After Kai made one phone call at the temple, both the police and Melchidec’s men came. We can’t trust the police either. That means I’ll never find anything out unless I find everything out myself. The truth won’t sink in the water or burn in the fire. The problem is, it’s hard to find because it’s hidden in water or fire. I know that finding the truth is harder than finding the gold. Professor Hwang! Stop! Professor Hwang! I said, stop! Professor Hwang! Stop! What’s this? What’s this? What’s this? Joseon… I struck gold! Gold! I struck gold! Will you look at that? She found it. She went all the way there without telling me. Eliminate Hwang Mijin. She knows too much, and she’s too greedy. She’ll be a problem someday. What are you going to do after we find the gold? Revenge. We should throw a party first. Stop sounding immature. Once we find the gold, I’m going to order 100 different dishes. I’m going to order Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and midnight snacks. I’m also going to light 100 candles. Why 100 candles? Because the night is beautiful. Jiwoo. Stop overreacting. Maybe we’ll just light two. I’m not in the mood to kid around. I’m still not sure if this is the right place. We can’t confirm unless we’re sure. You make it seem as though all PIs make their living by smooth talking. This is all we have. Get rid of him. Professor Hwang, I found the gold. You can stop being angry at me. Let go of me! Okay, fine. I’ll just take 20%. What about 10%? Professor Hwang! Run! Duck! Put your hands behind your head! You don’t know when to give up, do you? Do you think that’ll work? Don’t most cops in Korea carry blanks? Do you want to test and find out? Get down! Unless you want to fall down after you die! To the left! Watch out. Dosoo! Are you okay? I’m okay. Where am I? Get me out of here. Is everyone okay? Yes. Yes. You have to tell me what my crime is. Digging. Can you walk? No. Let’s go home. Get up.

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